North Node in Virgo
(South Node in Pisces)

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Through previous incarnations the soul has acquired an overemphasis of energy in the area of ego dissolution.  An intense need to experience an ethereal state of oneness with their higher vision has led Virgo North Node individuals to neglect the responsibilities and details of mundane existence.

In order to heal this energy imbalance of the soul, a critical lesson for these individuals is to learn to direct their energy towards making their visions real on the practical level.  Virgo North Node individuals need to translate their vision of how they would like things to be into action.  This can be facilitated by creating a series of well defined practical goals with a detailed step-by-step plan of the constructive action needed to actualize these goals and then organizing themselves to take action.

These individuals need to focus on activities where they can be of practical service to others.  Areas such as voluntary work or being of service in areas where they feel a strong sense of compassion will help Virgo North Node individuals achieve the sense of spiritual connection to the universe that they so strongly desire.  Working on any kind of projects that require attention to detail and learning through experimentation (trial and error) will help to provide a practical perspective which will be beneficial in allaying feelings of anxiety and confusion that Virgo North Node individuals are so prone to.

A critical lesson that needs to be learnt in this lifetime by Virgo North Node individuals is to NOT fall into their past life pattern of withdrawal when faced with opposition from others.  Actively participating in life as well as learning to set routines for themselves, learning self discipline and learning to set boundaries for the needs of others will enhance the sense of stability and grounding so critical to providing the happiness that these individuals seek in this lifetime.

Many events in this incarnation will provide Virgo North Node individuals with the challenge of learning to find a comfortable point of balance between the energy polarities of practical service and differentiation (Virgo North Node) and vision and oneness (Pisces South Node) so that a true sense of internal harmony can be attained by these individuals which will help to align them with their spiritual purpose and path.


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