North Node in Taurus
(South Node in Scorpio)

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Through previous incarnations the soul has acquired an overemphasis of energy in the area of over reliance on the resources and values of others.  Driven by an intense desire to bond and merge with a partner, Taurus North Node individuals have sacrificed their own needs and value systems as a means of empowering their partners and thereby receiving validation in return.

In order to heal this energy imbalance of the soul, a critical lesson for these individuals is to learn to empower themselves.  They need to shift their focus from defining their self worth via validation from others to discovering and living in accordance with their own true needs, comfort zones and value system.

Developing a strong relationship with the natural/physical world can facilitate the healing process:  Tuning into and spending regular time close to nature is a beneficial form of nurturing for these individuals, providing a calming, re-energizing and balancing effect which will help to dispel their unconscious need for intense, high adrenaline crisis situations in their lives.  Also cultivating pleasure via the five senses will assist in creating a sense of grounding and an awareness of their own inner strength, stability and support.

A critical lesson that needs to be learnt in this lifetime is to let go of past life behavioural patterns of exchange relationships.  The stronger Taurus North Node individuals become in supporting themselves and defining their self worth via their own value system, the more likely they are to attract a spiritually fulfilling partnership with someone who is also self-empowered.

Many events in this incarnation will provide Taurus North Node individuals with the challenge of learning to effectively integrate the energy polarities of stability and self reliance (Taurus North Node) and transformation and synergistic partnership (Scorpio South Node) in order to attain a true sense of internal harmony which will facilitate alignment with their spiritual purpose and path.


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