North Node in Leo
(South Node in Aquarius)

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Through previous incarnations the soul has acquired an overemphasis of energy in the area of over identification with the aspirations of peers and community.  Motivated by a pressing need to feel a sense of belonging through being accepted by their peers, Leo North Node individuals have lost touch with their own individuality and creativity.

In order to heal this energy imbalance of the soul, a critical lesson for these individuals is to learn to take on the challenge of expressing their individuality and actively pursuing their own dreams.  This challenge can be facilitated by tuning into what brings them joy and being prepared to take the emotional risk of allowing this joy to motivate the creative process necessary to achieve their goals and dreams.

Getting in touch with and expressing their inner child is beneficial to the healing process for Leo North Node individuals.  Allowing their behaviour to be spontaneous, childlike, playful, adventurous, joyful will help them connect to the inner vitality which is necessary to spark the creative self expression needed to bring these individuals happiness in this lifetime.  Cultivating a variety of interests and projects which are creative and enjoyable will also energize Leo North Node individuals and assist them in this key healing process.

A critical lesson that needs to be learnt in this lifetime by Leo North Node individuals is to let go of past life behavioural patterns of detaching from emotional situations.  A conscious attempt needs to be made by these individuals to become actively involved in emotional exchange -  to relate to others in a more feeling oriented way by honestly communicating what is in their hearts rather than over reliance on impersonal, intellectual responses or total withdrawal from the emotional situation.

Many events in this incarnation will provide Leo North Node individuals with the challenge of learning to find a comfortable point of balance between the energy polarities of creative self expression (Leo North Node) and creative collective expression (Aquarius South Node) so that a true sense of internal harmony can be attained by these individuals which will help to align them with their spiritual purpose and path.


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