North Node in Gemini
(South Node in Sagittarius)

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North Node Sign
















Through previous incarnations the soul has acquired an overemphasis of energy in the area of self-righteousness.  An overwhelming need for independent pursuit of philosophical and spiritual enlightenment has led to neglect and lack of connectedness to other humans.

In order to heal this energy imbalance of the soul, Gemini North Node individuals need to focus on reconnecting to others by learning to relate effectively. This process can be assisted by practising and developing active listening skills and openness to the viewpoints and feedback of others.

A tendency to "pontificate" and overlook or dismiss other viewpoints only serves to drive people away and further disconnect Gemini North Node individuals from other humans.  By cultivating a more receptive and less judgmental attitude, these individuals are more likely to create the rapport needed to achieve the appreciation for the knowledge that they so strongly desire to share with others.

A critical lesson that needs to be learnt in this lifetime by Gemini North Node individuals is that a self-righteous attitude regarding having "all the answers" stemming primarily from their intuitive faculties will not suffice to provide the answers that they are seeking in this lifetime.  These individuals need to further expand their perspective on life and their body of wisdom via input of information from others and cooperation with others in dealing with life's issues.

Many events in this incarnation will provide Gemini North Node individuals with the challenge of learning to effectively integrate the energy polarities of  gathering and exchange of information (Gemini North Node) and synthesis of information/wisdom (Sagittarius South Node) in order to attain a true sense of internal harmony which will assist alignment with their spiritual purpose and path.


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