North Node in Cancer
(South Node in Capricorn)

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Through previous incarnations the soul has acquired an overemphasis of energy in the area of over dependence on worldly success.  Motivated by a strong need for the success, recognition and power that comes from achieving material and status goals, Cancer North Node individuals have suppressed and neglected their emotional needs.

In order to heal this energy imbalance of the soul, Cancer North Node individuals need to direct their energy towards reconnecting with others in a nurturing way.  Learning to understand the importance of emotional validation and fulfillment both in their own lives as well as the lives of others is a key process for Cancer North Node individuals to undertake in this present incarnation.

These individuals need to learn to release their need to control everything and everyone and allow time to get in touch with their feeling life as well as creating time for personal and family relationships.  Practising expressing their emotional vulnerability by sharing their feelings and insecurities with others as well as learning to empathize with, acknowledge and nurture the feelings and emotional needs of others is a beneficial healing process for Cancer North Node individuals.

A critical lesson that needs to be learnt in this lifetime is to let go of goals that are status oriented.  By responding to the needs of others in a nurturing and supportive way, Cancer North Node individuals will receive in return the support needed to achieve goals that are more emotionally fulfilling.

Many events in this incarnation will provide Cancer North Node individuals with the challenge of learning to effectively integrate the energy polarities of nurturing (Cancer North Node) and worldly responsibility (Capricorn South Node) in order to attain a true sense of internal harmony which will assist alignment with their spiritual purpose and path.


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