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Indonesia related WWW sites:

Below we list a number of WWW resources with information about Bali, or elesewhere in Indonesia that may be of use to anyone planning a visit to the region. There are also some links to other places that you may find interesting...

Bali Villas: Looking for a place to stay? This site lists some interesting information about Bali, and offers accommodation deals (Note: Bali Villas includes the Bali Hotel Bargain Finder - a great place to find the best Bali accommodation deals on the web). The site contains a detailed map of the island, down-to-earth information on Bali as a tourist destination, daily weather report with 5-day forcast, details on Internet access, continually up-dated Insider Guides on food and restaurants, nightlife, and on getting married in Bali, as well as links to discounted air fares. Best of all is the Bali Travel Forum for posting questions and getting advice from recent visitors.

Bali Online: Eka Ginting has assembled a fairly comprehensive web site that provides information about Bali. Eka's site contains valuable information describing Balinese culture, and lists many events including ceremonies and temple festivals. There are also listings of hotels, including phone numbers etc.
Herman Jusuf's Indonesia Page: Herman has a WWW site that provides information and links to many resources to make it easier for you to find information on Indonesia, as well as other interesting news around the world. Notably, this site contains information about Herman's Indonesian language tapes.
Pete Loud's WWW site: This is a great site which contains a wealth of information about Indonesia, especially detailing some of the more remote and less often visited areas. He also provides a lot of free maps and links to other useful sites around the web. Peter provided the detailed map of Bali for The Online Travel Guide.
The Internet Travel Guide: Travel guru Peter Geiser has written some of the Web's most detailed and matter-of-fact accounts about travelling in places like Sumatra, Cambodia, China, Laos, Burma, Tibet and Vietnam.

Indo Surf & Lingo: For full details on all 27 Bali surfbreaks, plus the many other breaks in the other Indonesian islands, check out Peter Neely's website. The site also tells you how you can get over $70 worth of Free Bali Discount Vouchers for restaurants, shops, tours and hotels.

Frangipani's Bali page: A frequent visitor to Bali, Frangipani has her own site on our most popular travel destination - this one has plenty of personal experience.

FreeTimor: A site with plenty of information about East Timor - essential reading (includes related links).

Lesser Sunda Islands: A group of small-sized provinces that includes Bali, Lombok, Sumba, Flores and West Timor. View information about food, lodging, and currency.

Irian Jaya: Survey the map and cultural history of Papua, the western (Indonesian) part of New Guinea. Investigate lodging options and national attractions.

Kalimantan: The Indonesian state on the island of Borneo, this province is connected by land to East Malaysia. View the CIA map and learn about traditional Indonesian foods.

Sulawesi: The Indonesian province located between Borneo and the Lesser Sunda Islands (once known as Celebes).
Information about Asia, Indonesia, Philippines and The Netherlands: Visit John and Vicky's site for more information about Indonesia, as well as their part of the world, The Netherlands.

Bali: Ole F. Jensen of Denmark has created a personal Bali homepage.

Bali in pictures: A danish version and an international english version with many pictures.

Indonesia in pictures: Put together by Sydney-based freelance-writers and photographers specializing in Indonesia. Please check out our new website of Indonesian destinations illustrated with over 200 pictures.
Charles Gimon's Photographs of Indonesia: This site presents photographs depicting sights all over Indonesia. Well worth a look, as a preview to your visit or a reminder of a previous experience. This site offers some general information about several places in Indonesia including specific information on Bali.

Kurt Vlaminck's Bali: A full travel report on Kurt's trip to bali at the end of 1999.

R.i.c.o.r.e.a - S.m.y.t.h.e: A personal information site.

Werner Schmidlin's Bali: An Australian site about our countrie's favorite island!

Destination Indonesia (Lonely Planet): Plenty of info about the guidebooks here. The site also showcases a gallery of nice photographs by Lonely Planet authors and staff. Another useful feature is the often informative and   entertaining asides on independent travel in Indonesia.

Asian studies: This site has links to information on many countries within Asia, including; Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam.
Shoestring Travel: Another source of WWW travel information is Shoestring Travel, an ideal place to find budget travel information for a great many locations, as well as general advice.
Travelling in Indonesia Home Page: Try a visit to this site for more information about Indonesia in general.

Bali based dive operator: A dive operator based in Legian and a resort on the east coast at Tulamben (also in German).

Diving in Indonesia: Another Bali / Indonesia dive site on the web.

Bali Rafting: A web site for the adventurous!

Cruising: A site for cruise ship passengers.

SelectSurf: Surfing - one of Bali's favorite sports!

Hidden World Tours: Bali Beyond the Guidebooks

Indonesian Information Gallery: This site presents information about the Indonesian Toursim Network and their resources nationwide. It is a comprehensive WWW document that provides information about Indonesia that takes you well beyond Bali.

In Search of a Real-Life Dinosaur: An  article by Walter and Cherie Glaser, from the Sally's Place project, based on their research on the Komodo Dragon.

GORP - Indonesia/South Pacific: The "Great Outdoor Recreation Pages" features an impressive range of  articles, tours, books, maps, and links for everything to do with the great outdoors.

Indonesia Business Center Online: Planning to do business in Indonesia. This comprehensive WWW may come in useful. Take a look at the Internet offerings of some Indonesian companies.

Who want's to be a millionaire?

Currency Converter: How much are you worth in Indonesia? You may even be a millionaire!

Newspapers and other information sites...

ABC (Australia): News - look for regional information.

Yahoo: Online news of Bali (and Lombok).

CNN: South East Asia news service.

BBC: South East Asia news service.

CIA Factbook: Indonesia - Statistics and information on the geography, people, government, economy, transport, communications and defense forces.

Department of Foreign Affairs: The Republic of Indonesia government agency site is useful to find out about Visa services, press releases, public position statements, and news.

Other Places...

The Internet Travel Guide (the FAQ for Currently available are the following countries; Cambodia, China, Laos, Burma, Tibet and Vietnam - written by travel guru Peter Geiser.
InfoHub: A comprehensive site on travel related resources on the Internet. A comprehensive online travel guide that provides travellers with information on tourist attractions, entertainment, accommodation, recreation, traveller's aid, as well as special interest travel opportunities in each country (including Indonesia).
InfoNet: The Global Travel Guide, with links categorised by destination.
TravelSolutions: A good set of travel related links, and details about online air bookings and discount cruises (Note: Commercial services not endorsed by Bali: The Online Travel Guide).
Beyond the Black Stump - Pete Garriga: AKA Pirate Pete's WWWorld, "Beyond the Black Stump" contains many links to the computer industry, software, guides and FAQS for a variety of topics, as well as the usual sports, weather and anything else Pete finds interesting, such as; Atari 8-bit, Asia, Japan, Kids stuff, Search Engines etc.
Seniorsnet: This WWW site proves you don't have to be under 25 to travel and have fun.

Backpackers Online: Another site that describes itself pretty well.

Travel Page: The name makes this site's content pretty obvious.

Underground Travel: This one is for the independent types.

Visiting Australia or New Zealand?

You may be visiting Bali whilst on your way to Australia, or on your way home. Perhaps you have't quite decided if you should include Australia in your plans: what can I say? If you've got time, and wish to visit one of the world's greatest and most diverse destinations, you should take a look around here...
Springboard to the Net: If you are looking for a great place to start on the web, you couldn't do better than the Telstra Springboard. Plenty of links, categorised in an easy to find menu structure.
Surf More!!: An Aussie page with pics of ocean surfing, iridology, herbal medicine.
The Australian Government's tourism page: A government sponsored WWW site specialising in tourism within Australia.
The Australian Tourist Information Centre.: A site with some information for tourists about Australia. There are also links to related Australian travel sites.
Travelling Australia: A WWW site specialising in travelling within Australia.
Places to see in Australia: This Australian WWW site focuses on some of Australia's beautiful National Parks.
Tourism Victoria: A guide to the Victorian Snowfields and Ski Resorts.
NetTravel (NZ).: NetTravel is a comprehensive listing of tourist accommodation in New Zealand, including hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, hostels and camp grounds, and would be useful for anyone thinking of travelling to New Zealand.

Something extra...

No Shitting in the Toilet: Peter Moore has put together this wonderfully alternative, light-hearted look at travel, which tells you about travelling the third-world as it really is. Real experiences described by someone who has lived them - the good, the bad and the extremely funny!

The Wrong Way Home is Peter's second book, describing his overland journey from London to Sydney (with a stop-over in Bali - of course). Another worthwhile addition to the travellers library - full of experience.

Radio 3RRR: Used, sponsored and recommended by the author of this WWW document, 3RRR FM (102.7MHz) is Melbourne's coolest radio station. If you get the chance, tune into it.

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And a couple of excellent travel agents to finish off...

  • Flight Centre: For flights and great holiday deals from Australia and New Zealand.

  • STA Travel: For flights and package deals from anywhere.

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