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By Wayne Reid

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A Crisis in Bali...

On Saturday October 12th 2002, a car bomb was exploded in the popular tourist village of Kuta. Over 180 people were tragically killed, and many people have been seriously injured. We were stunned by what happened in Bali. Words are not enough to describe the tragedy. People from all over the world as well as many Balinese and Indonesians were amongst the victims. 

The Balinese people who were injured in the terrorist attack lie in the hospitals facing a terrible time of painful treatment and gradual healing. Unfortunately, they also live in a country with no free health or welfare system. The medical supplies donated for their treatment are free, but the injured are be charged for their care in the hospital. This is just how it is in Bali. 

The people of Bali are not rich. Often the only member of a family sending money back to the villages had been working in the hotels, shops and nightclubs, or as a driver. Since September 11 the economy on the island has been affected by a downturn in tourist numbers. The events of October 12th have created even more unemployment.

People who want to contribute financially, but have been unsure of sending funds because they worry that every dollar of their contribution would not reach the injured Balinese, may wish to send money to the Crisis Care Foundation in Bali. This little organisation has been operating for years in northern Bali, providing medical care for the poorest of villagers who could not afford hospital or clinic care without the generosity of many benefactors. 

Anyone who wishes to send a contribution can put it into the following account, but please email the Foundation to let them know the details so they can check it arrives and is accounted for. The email address is The account details are:

Bank B.N.I.
PT. Bank Negara Indonesia
Persero. TBK Singaraja Branch
Address: Jalan Surapati No. 52A
Singaraja 81114 Bali
Account No: 062-000426874-901
Account Name: Crisis Care Foundation

If you have ever enjoyed the gentle graciousness of these people, or been moved by the pictures on television of the suffering and devastation, here is an avenue to express your concern in a tangible way.

All donations to this account will be used totally for the benefit of the Balinese people. 

Anyone who has used this travel guide must have saved plenty of cash while on holiday. Now it's time to give something back.

Wayne Reid (Thanks to Gloria, Kiwi and Ringo for the text above).

Other ways to help...

People in Melbourne (AUS) may donate to a shipment that we will send to Bali. Please contact urgently if you can assist. More information is available. 

The Southbank Rotary club  in Melbourne (Australia) has set up an appeal to create a new medical facility in Bali. In our opinion, this is the most admirable of the international cash donation appeals. Secure online contributions are welcome.

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BaliSOS is an organisatio0n of volunteers. Keep up to date with their web site.

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