Perth branch bus trip

This years trip was on Sunday October 23. We had hoped in vain for a beautiful day. It was overcast, cold and when the sun did apear it quickly disappeared again. 19C and 20C for us in Perth is cold we were freezing and waiting for 27C or even 32C. Only then it is proper spring or start of summer. On Sunday 32C never came but the 29C was nice and we froze no longe, and were able to enjoy a nice drive through Perth hills and dales.

Before ten partakers had arrived in our yard Ilmars drove in the big bus. A few were a bit late but we could not complain, as few minutes after ten we were on the way. Ilmars already checked the route and how to get there. First up the Kalamandu mountain, the higher we got the wider the view and soon Perth was before us'. The city is known for its famous pubs and parks and I have there several colleagues from firebrigade days.

The route goes from the city through the national forest of large water storage Manderingā Perth, where we are going now. Along the road sides, on one side of the second hill, deep Leu with fruit trees and small saimniecībiņām. The road goes bays pilots climb here in the spirit of the mountain, here again the spirit of the valley and around the corner. We are constantly running off to a dozen motorcycles (baikīši). Along the roadsides, on one side you can see where the last few days, firefighters burnt forest scrap for the summer is safer from forest fire, but the other side of the road beautiful blue Lašineltijas forest flowers. There already flits across the blue water into strips, then it probably will be soon at the big water dam.

The first dam built in par. century, but later it was added still almost twice as high. This water reservoir supplying all of the water through 72000, 760mm, 8.5 m long, riveted iron water pipes, gold-mining town Kalgūrijai located 660km distance which is farther than across the whole of Latvia from the West to the East. Water Rori built within five years from 1898 to 1903 Great water pipe on the way to Kalgūriju supplying water and other rural towns.

So here we got to stretch your legs and some have already hastened to buy ice cream, others walked across the dam look at the other end and back. Beautiful day, a wonderful walk, ice cream apparently also clean smeķīgs. It was pleased to see that this year the water level was quite visibly higher than I had seen it for several years after kārtas.Tad this year maybe Kalgūrijai and rural towns will be enough water.

Well then we do get into and drive on. Now through Mandēringu, near which I lived for almost forty years. Right here after passing to my doctor's office and our shop and pharmacy, and now we have John Forrest National Park. This is one of the largest natural parks in the Perth neighborhood and is located behind Grīnmaunta hill, which is as high as our Gaiziņš, Latvian. Now it is well cultivated with seats and tables where tourists relax on long walks, and also enjoy a fine pamieloties a bite. Here it is already the tavern. I did not know that it was there at all. New time, then both must be inspected immediately or the beer is good. Once we have dzesējuši thirst with a glass of beer we can again continue the journey on. But first Ilmars are placed in John Blumbergs batons on that he was unaware of their years of burden and behaves in the same way and even better, more agile than we who are either BRANGA younger than him. So when John has promised to mend, they can be omitted from the trestles and the journey continued.

Now through the erstwhile railway Midland and now on the way to lunch Poles 'Krakovje' football club restaurant. Midland, the 1950s, was the last city of Perth region, and almost counted as a rural city. There was a railway junction and a major railway workshops which employed several thousand people, trained by good craftsmen, and delivered the railway wagons and trains corrected. Back then we had still had coal lokomotīves.Midlandē was also an army workshop, where it was employed in a number of Latvian immigrants. Well then, through the Midlands and at the Poles.

Rita had already taken care of us and to the Poles declared. So when we entered the restaurant we already had a table booked. There were themselves only have to choose what we eat. Either choice almost the same as the menu Vanadzes club, only with more choice. Saliva flows, the full benefits of reading alone. I'm nežēlojams potato pancake eater, then immediately even before the food they ordered and the master hunter's lunch: sauerkraut with pork and potatoes. We redundant that time we all ordered the pancakes. Then the main course were both pork and meat wrap kāpostlapā and a large dumpling and roast desa.Nu unfortunately being nezinātāji we ate and ate and still could not eat everything, then had to take another bag to your home. When Rita had paid our bill, even walking along the bar each other was even more must be taken home by the Polish beer bottle. Well then, though: pieēdušies, finished drinking, then just to the house side. Even so notorious that the song could not sing.

So Ilmars took us and brought as a professional šoferis.Līdz by bus stopped us in our yard and the door opened, I just nobliņķšķināju eyes and looking around almost no one is no longer in the yard. Well to say the journey was nice and warm and sunny weather, just as we ordered lunch better not even to prepare themselves, then now was to say thank you to Rita and Luis for a good layout and hope something similar again next year. Thank you!

Jānis Purvinskis


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