A Play in a Day

A Play in a Day is exactly what itís all about: a show written, cast, rehearsed and produced in just 24 hours.

To the best of our knowledge itís never been done before in Australia!

The 24 hour production began at 10.00pm on Friday, February 14 when six writers, six directors and fourteen actors arrived at Vermont Secondary College. After a brief address, teams were chosen by pulling coloured balls from a hat (seems appropriate for a HATS production). To ensure originality, two themes were randomly drawn by the writers, one of which was to be the subject of their play.

The teams then assembled so that the writers could gain an understanding of the actors' individual skills.


Soon after 11.00pm, only the writers remained to write their plays throughout the night.

At 6.00am (now Saturday), the directors returned to discuss the plays; whilst we battled with a reluctant printer. At 7.00am the actors arrived as the weary writers turned home for a most deserved sleep. Throughout the day the plays were discussed, learnt and rehearsed. After lunch each play performed a technical rehearsal; which took far longer than was originally planned.

By 8.00pm all the plays were ready, and shortly after that the last of the audience arrived. At approximately 8.15pm the the tech crew grabbed a well earned drink of water and the performance got underway.

The order of the show was the same as the listing below, with an interval between 'Down Among The Dead Men' and 'Intolerance'. Incredibly, the final play finished within a minute of 10.00pm - exactly 24 hours since the whole process started!

The audience reaction was fantastic and I would not be the only one to be astonished by the quality of the shows. So much of this success must be given to the writers who not only produced wonderful playsso but in so doing inspired us all to produce our very best efforts.

Congratulations to the directors and actors who were able to fully realise the potential of these scripts and to breathe the first breaths of life into them.

A tribute to the efforts of the technical crew who worked tirelessly, and without a break, for eight or more hours.

Thanks also to the vision of the producers who made this all possible, and to the audience who willingly came along (and paid their money) for a completely unknown show - thanks for your faith in us.

After this, we might even do it again next year!

David Swann - Stage Manager


Writer : Simon Hall
Director : Vicki Smith
Actors : Tania Herbert & Amy Huva

Theme : Incriminate

'The Bank'
The Bank

Writer : Aaron Smith
Director : Meg Courtney
Actors : Jenni Dyson & Daryl Scobie

Theme : Innuendo

'Down Among the Dead Men'
Down Among the Dead Men

Writers : Michelle Napolitano & Alan Keaughran
Director : Mark Edwards
Actors : Rebecca Martin & Laura Paulsen

Theme : Incarcerate


Writer : Warwick Holt
Director : Erin Pater
Actors : Nicole Blyth, Sheona Paxman & Tanya Weiler

Theme : Intolerance

'Occupation for the Occupation'
Occupation for the Occupation

Writer : Adam Jones
Director : Frank Otis
Actors : Janine Meadley & Belinda Stopar

Theme : Invade

'A Dog's Life'
A Dog's Life

Writer : Michael Olsen
Director : Kim Edwards
Actors : Karen Fisher, Kim Hamilton & Damian Vuleta

Theme : Inhuman

Produced by Michael Olsen, Sheona Paxman & Michelle Swann

Stage Manager & Crew : David Swann, Laura Bradley & Michael McBain
Lighting : Andrew Toomath
Sound : Chris Collins
Publicity : Narelle Olsen, Sheona Paxman & Michael Olsen

"Wow! What a wonderful experience!" - Jenni Dyson

"I'd do it again in a heartbeat!" - Laura Bradley

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