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My name is Shane Steegers. This site has a list of panoramas I have done for your enjoyment. They java applets in order for them to animate on your screen. The java class file was supplied to me by Peter Wendelboe. The pictures are of around where I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
I have made them using a Kodak DC210 digital camera. I photograph approximately 16 to 20 photos to get 1 panorama. I take them off the camera and use Adobe Photoshop 5.5 to stitch them together and modify the size and rebalance the colour, contrast, brightness of the individual shots.
If you want more information on how I have made them, click on this link
The Maroondah Reservoir 

Mornington Panorama 1

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Mornington Panorama 2

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John's Hill Trig point (in the Dandenongs)

Heide kitchen gardens

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Hobart Tasmania
  The village of Ross Tas.

"The Hazards" Tas.
Mt Wellington Tas.

Lake Pedder Tas.

Projection Bluff Tas.

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Shane Steegers

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