Tales of Brave Ulysses

ulyss4.jpg ulyss1.jpg
Jack being a cute boy. Walking up to the Lycian tombs, more tombs in the background.
ulyss2.jpg ulyss3.jpg
Jack goes shopping in a Turkish market (a real one, not a tourist one). Jack helps Mark tighten a sail.

* These are a few images from Jacks trip to Lycian coast of Turkey (between Marmoris and Kash). He was 18 months old when these photos were taken. He loved his overseas trip, swimming, examining strange beaches, helping out on the boat. Poppa Tom wasn't so pleased when he turned the autopilot on at a critical moment when docking, causing us to nearly smash into another boat. The locals loved Jack as well, always wanting to give him hugs. He wasn't so keen on this. Otherwise, he was a very adventuous little boy, always wanting to go for walks and adventures, and wanting to stand at the prow of any boat we were on, staring out to sea. Hence his new nick-name, "Brave Ulysses".

Jack was fairly easy to travel with, as we were staying on his Grandad's boat. We took along some of his favortie books, and a few toys, but mostly we amused him with pegs, or bit of the boat itself, or swims and long beach walks. This had to alter his Grandad's sailing style, as every mooring had to have a "Jack beach". In Turkey, most of the beaches were pebble beaches, so we learnt to make "Pebble Castles".

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