Peta and Ian's Tasmanian Photo album

Photo's from the South West Cape Trip
Hazards of Bushwalking #1, wandering pancake salesmenMorning mist on the Ironbound Range
Federation Peak from the IronboundsLifes a Beach
MudRain Forest
Hazards of Bushwalking #2, thigh deep mudRain forest, South Cape Range
South Cape RangePrion Beach
View from South Cape RangeRiver Crossing Prion Beach

We had always wanted to do South West Tassie. So last Christmas we straped on the packs and did it. We flew into Melaluca Inlet, then spent 9 days walking out to Cockle Creek. We had absoultely marvelous weather, even though the area is prone to storms and even snow in summer. Mud was still appaling though.
The photos here are just a sample of the sights and conditions, and don't begin to give you the mind buggering feeling of 12 hours tramping through button grass plains, or the sheer exhilaration of getting to the top of the Ironbounds, or the fun of body surfing in icy cold, glassy clear water.

A good reference is "South-West Tasmania: a natural history and visitors guide" , Ken Collins, Heritage Books, Tasmania, 1990, ISBN 1 857111 00 X
Also "Bushwalking in Australia" John and Monica Chapman, Lonely Planet Publications, Victoria 1988, ISBN 0 86442 007 2 (probably new edition out)

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