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Just hours old, Mike has a little snooze. Two days later, down the beach, doing what he likes best (after eating).
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Mike sleeping, yet again Mike in his shopping trolly
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Mike being held by his proud brother Jack, Jacks best freind Keegan shows off his sister Bree. Mike in his (actually his brothers) car seat
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Mike sits with adoring brother Jack. Peta, Jack and Mike enjoy a big cuddle.

* Michael James (aka Muffin McGee), born at 1.10 am, Wedensday 31 March 1999 after 3 hours 45 minutes labour. He just missed April Fools Day, Thank goodness. At birth he was one week overdue, in stark contast to Jack. He weighed 3.985 kg (8 pounds 13) and was 45 cm long. Mike is perfectly healthy, with long feet and toes, in contrast to his chunky brother. It's amazing to have a proper sized baby, that knows how to eat of his own accord (and boy does Mike EAT), and you don't have to worry about breaking (much).

Mike can already hold his neck up for short periods of time, and is bright and alert for some time before falling back to sleep. He feeds well, and already is sleeping for 4-5 hours straight at night. His brother adores him, and wants Mike to sit with him to watch TeleTubbies. Jack is a little concerned when Mike shares his bath with him, because of Mikes lusty yells.

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