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In the intensive care unit, Jack in his humidicrib with the cool eyeshades. Jack in his shopping trolly. Still in ITU.
Jack3a Jack4a
Holding hands with mum. Note nasogastric tube A landmark, Jack learns to suck (pity it's dads finger though)
Jack5a Jack6a
Coming home at last. A little man in a big seat Flop monster with his adoring cousins
Jack7a Jack8a
Home is SOOO boring after intensive care Flop monster shows his excellent co-ordination

* Jack Francis, born at 1.00 am, Monday 27 January 1997 after 7 hours labour. He just missed Australia Day, and a special spoon that Australia Day babies are given. At birth he was 5 and a half weeks premature. He weighed 2.55 kg (5 and a half pounds), was 41 cm long and had a head diameter of 30 cm. He also had a left talipe (twisted foot) and slight jaundice. Jack spent the first 5 days of his life in 'Newborn Services', which is an intensive therapy unit for babies. Jack was in the lowest risk bay, thank goodness, but it was heart breaking to have to look at your baby through perspex and feed him through a tube.

Jack made great progress. We were joyful when he was let out of Newborn Services and could stay with mum in the main ward. Shortly after he was allowed home, and of course we took him home on one of the hottest days of a record breaking heatwave. Naturally we didn't get much sleep.

* 4 Weeks. Jack is now almost over his jandice. He is 3.1 kg, 49 cm long and 34 cm around the head. Great progress!! His left foot is in a polymer cast to correct the twist. He is adored almost universilly when Peta or I take him for walks. We are notr sure what causes most comment, Jack himself ("he's so SMALL") or the baby sling we carry him in. Several people can't believe there is a baby in the sling, and one person gets a great shock when Jack breathed, she thought we were carring around a fake baby as some sort of fashion statement (this is a TRUE incident, dinks! The world is weirder than even I thought).

* 8 Weeks. Jack is now 3.7 kg, 52 cm long and 36.5 cm around the head. He can now hold is neck up for short periods of time, and is bright and alert for some hours before falling back to sleep. He has been to his first "Bananas in Pajamas" concert, which he slept straight through (suprise, suprise). He has now progressed to a plaster cast on his foot, but his progress there is excellent too. Jackdoes his first propersmile, but bestows it on his uncle, who does not appreciate it.

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