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Jack11a Jack9a
Hands photos are so cute, thats Jack, cousin Molly and Me. Trying to get a photo of Jack smiling, still haven't succeded.
Jack12a Jack13a
Jack in the bath. He's not so sure about this water stuff. Jack can barely restrain his excitement at his first Bananas in Pajamas concert.

* Jack Francis, is now ONE. He had a picnic party for his birthday which was a roaring success. He has had his operation on his club foot, and it appears to be successful. Jack can't walk yet, but he crawls around at great speed, and hauls himself upright at every opportunity. Having learnt to smile Jack can hardly stop now, except when playing "puting things in other things" when he concentrates fiercely.

The photos are from around 6 months old however. Hopefully I will be able to put more recent photos on, including Jacks first bushwalk. Jack has since gone camping, and now has a spanking new bicycle seat for a host of new adventures..

For some early baby shots of Jack see here.

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