or all you fans of the Mazda MX5, this site will be closing down in the near future. My work and study commitments are unfortunately not leaving me enough time to keep this site going.
I plan to close it down by end of October, until then - enjoy!
You can read up on some of the history about the making of the MX5. Do you know how many awards the MX-5 has won during the years in Australia? Find out here and read about the Important Milestones in the life of the MX-5.
You can also find information and links to Clubs in Australia.
Don't forget to visit the photo gallery. I still want YOUR pictures!
If you are on the hunt for an MX-5 or need to sell, check out the Classified section of this site. You can find some great accessories for sale, or maybe you would wish to advertise your car for free? Fill in the forms under Classifieds!
Check out Tips for some great tips on maintenance and touring.

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