On December 9th, 2001 Garth Brooks fans were treated to a special performance of Lime Creek Christmas. The Nashville show took place at the BellSouth Acuff Theater. This setting provides the superstar the opportunity to get a bit more intimate with the audience, he explains. "I'm looking forward to it because for one, it's gonna be very acoustic, very stripped-down," he says. "This is my favorite way to do it because there's nothing in between you and me, so much less for misunderstanding can happen. The show also included incredible performances from Anthony Zerbe narrating the story and Beth Nielsen Chapman accompanying Garth Brooks with music and solo performances of her own gaining her a standing ovation from the crowd. When the show was over the crowd showed their appreciation with applause and Garth & Friends came back for an encore. Below are some photos from the show that I was lucky enough to attend. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the show.

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