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Have you ever wondered whats Garth's full name is or where and when he was born, this is the page that will give you those details and also a little information about his childhood and school years. Also you can read how he and his beautiful wife Sandy met many years ago in Oklahoma while he was bouncing for extra money at the clubs there.

Text Version Full Name; Troyal Garth Brooks

Date Of Birth; February 7th, 1962

Place Of Birth; Tulsa, Oklahoma

Garth grew up the youngest of six children and had a regular childhood just like any other child. It was when he reached college age that he thought he would like to try his hand at music, this decision did not sit well with his parents so they made a deal with him, if he went to college and earned himself a degree and still wanted to play music they would support his decision one hundred percent.

While at college Garth played his music any opportunity he had and like he promised his parents he earned a degree in Advertising. Well college was over and Garth was torn between Athletics and his Music, then came the deciding factor, on the radio Garth heard George Strait's song Unwound, it was from that moment on he knew he wanted to play COUNTRY MUSIC, he grew up listening to a wide variety of music including Kiss, Queen and James Taylor and he loved it all but hearing Unwound made him decide country music was for him to play.

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While at college he worked as a bouncer to earn extra money, and it was while doing this he met his wife Sandy Brooks. For those who don't know he was working his regular shift and a fight had broken out in the ladies room, well Garth & Sandy Xmas 97 Garth was sent in there to sort it out, upon entering the room he found three woman going at it, it was two against one, well Sandy was the one and she had started the fight so he was to remove her from the premises. She had punched a hole in the bathroom wall while in there so after leaving the premises Garth offered to take her home and from there the rest is history. Garth & Sandy lived just outside of Nashville during the period they were married. They have three beautiful daughters named Taylor Maine Pearl, August Anna and Allie Colleen. When Garth announced his retirement in October 2000 he also announced that he and Sandy were divorcing

after a long period of trying to hold the marriage together. The Brooks have now moved back to Oklahoma where both Garth & Sandy grew up and they continue to raise thier children together.