"'Infectious...you can't help but laugh at The Sheryls' antics".The Adelaide Advertiser The Sheryls on Ice

"Like the Doug Anthony All Stars with a Sex Change..." Nudge Nudge Wink Wink The Age review of Maiden Australia Show in the Comedy Festival 05.04.02

"An absolute pisser...wacky comedy reminiscent of (BBC's) Smack The Pony." Inpress Magazine

"Gritty Sexuality." The Scotsman

"Girlish giggles, with a dash of spice" The Age

"Good for a laugh" The Age

"Another fine example of Melbourne-born stagecraft." The Age

"Rejoice in chick power." The Herald Sun

"The best Sheryls show yet and I've never seen the girls look so classy." Inpress magazine

"The Sheryls are the real thing." Beat Magazine