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This is the start of a web page on the lineage of the Blackwell family in Australia. In particular, the descendents of the Blackwells who settled in Northern Tasmania in the 1800's. George Blackwell and his son George arrived in Australia on the 31st July 1855 aboard the great clipper ship the Lightning. George senior's wife Anne Francis (Margetts) and the rest of the family arrived two years later on the 21st August 1957 aboard the wooden barque Sir W.F. Williams. Included in the family was my g.g.grandfather Edwin Orlando Blackwell the youngest son of George senior. Is there a family resemblance?

In 1903, Andrew Kidd McGaw C.M.G. arrived in Burnie, Tasmania and took on the role of Chief Agent and Manager of the Van Diemen's Land Company. Born in Foveran, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on October 5th, 1873, A.K. McGaw was the son of John and Margaret (nee Findlay) McGaw.

Much of the work on this branch of the Blackwell family is being carried out by John, Peter and Mark Blackwell. Peter has been searching through the family past in the UK and is currently working on the Wotton and Throckmorton families. You can read some of the results of research into the first of our Blackwell ancestors to reach Australia at the Scholarly Technology Group site.

Some family names being researched: Blackwell, Throckmorton, Wotton, Fawssett, Langford, Neal, Wells, Blackman, Woods

For those interested in the Blackwell family, an excellent starting place can be found at the Blackwell Study Group Web Notebook site or the Australian and New Zealand version at Blackwell Genealogy.

My Grandfather, Great aunt and Great Grandparents taken around 1912 or 1913.

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Our family tree

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Daniel Blackwell was transported to Tasmania and information on his family can be found at the Daniel Blackwell : Tasmanian genealogy and convict history site.

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