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Some drawings, cartoons, stories, and worlds I've created

After more than 10 years on the net I've decided to overhaul my home page now that I've moved my stuff to a server at with much more room to stretch out. I hope to gradually improve these pages over the next few months. That doesn't mean big, flashy stuff though. I'm fundamentally opposed to that. I expect my pages to always be compliant with almost all web browsers and display quickly and easily, even on dialup.

Anybody may use my stories, pictures, and 3D models freely unless they are using them to make money, in which case they should request the use, and give me the opportunity to share some of the money (I live below the poverty line).  But even if you don't use them for making money I would appreciate knowing where they are being used.  Drop me an email and say hi.  :)

Please email me at
(removing the "dontSpam_" part of the address)
Ensure that the subject is "Miriam - website feedback:" so that I can see it buried amongst all the spam. Sorry about the complication. I had to take the simple email link out of here because of the flood of spam from the spamming sociopaths who harvest email addresses off websites and are currently destroying the best communication system ever developed.