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I haven't updated these pages very systematically, so if you find a link here that is obsolete or if you know of a link which you think should be added I would be very grateful if you email me about it. - Miriam
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special people's, organizations', and companies' pages

ElectraCitymulti-user virtual world (thanks to Jeff Sonstein who lent use of his server and Stephen White who gave his VNet multi-user software to the world) 
Cyberspace Technologies - Danny Stefanic, see also his Rubberneck Cubic Panorama - <chuckle>
The VRA - (Virtual Reality Association)

Cindy's Findme is the most incredibly useful code fragment I have ever found. It was written by Cindy Reed-Ballreich. It allows you to find the position and orientation of your viewpoint in a world. Insert the code fragment into your world and then fire up your world as normal. Bring up the VRML console (in CosmoPlayer press "/"). Now as you move around in the world, your current position and orientation are printed out in the console (the position is expressed as 3 numbers, and the orientation is 4 numbers). When you are happy with the viewpoint, copy it from the console into the viewpoint node of your world. Utterly brilliant!! Sure saved me a lot of grey hair.

If you have some old VRML1 files that you need to convert to VRML2 then get vrml1to2

Pictures of Steve Guynup's demos of teaching and performing poetry online. Cati Laporte has also put her snap-shots online taken from the same session.

The Web3D pages at - Sandy Ressler's online magazine and links directory about VR, VRML, and other 3D web technologies. This has become much more than an interesting place to read about things web3d - it is rapidly becoming a central repository of links to all manner of such info, people, and resources. And don't forget about the online chats held here every week on Wednesday at 9:30pm ET in USA which is Thursday 2:30am UTC time (better known as GMT) which is 1:30pm Thursday, Eastern Australian Daylight Saving time. Check here for the RealAudio speaking clock to avoid all the confusion surrounding time.

Vrml 3D Worlds by Richard Kapuaala (also known as Kahuna) Great stuff by a very talented guy - including free programs and a registry of worlds.
Our Computer - Bob Crispen's pages have lots of info and free programs, and his really neat VRML Works has heaps of great stuff including a really excellent FAQ on VRML.
Jeff Sonstein's home page - has a list of VNet multi-user worlds. Jeff's own vrmLab Town Square is one of the VNet worlds (see Stephen White's stuff at stephen's talker).
Texture Mapping in VRML - Cindy Reed Ballreich's definitive tutorials on textures
Welcome To Cyberspace - Chris Marrin's home page contains lots of useful help
construct - what a wonderful company! They have a lot of information, vrml models and scenes available for free download
stephen's talker - Stephen White's multiuser world uses a java client and server so no downloads!!
 Trapezium; A VRML Software company making online 3D work now - Chisel is an affordable, cross-platform, VRML tool written in java
 Kamil Dabkowski's Home Page - nice ideas
 Jed's VRML Stuff - Jed Hartman, with Josie Wernecke wrote The VRML 2.0 Handbook

VRML for Linux

libvrml97 mailing list
Gerall Kahla's page
XSwallow can make helper applications work as plugins for Netscape, I believe.
LibVRML97/Lookat - LibVRML97 is a toolkit for incorporating VRML into applications, and Lookat is a simple VRML browser based on the library. Both are open source.
Magician - library of java-opengl interface seems way faster than java3d ,although java3d has a nice glossy 3dstudio look! and there is supposedly a vrml browser being made off of it too!
VRMLView ?
kwrl ?
sced - a scene builder


3D Insects - Wow!! this is really inspiring stuff (although file sizes are rather big). Detailed, accurate VRML models by Alexei A. Sharov, Research Scientist in the Department of Entomology at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). I have always wanted to meet an ant face-to-face and crawl around on a spider... This will blow you away... very cool!

The Encounter at the ecafe - web broadcasts of LAVUG meetings
Virtual theatre - (VRMLDream) Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in VR was broadcast live on the internet in April 1998 coinciding with the VRML 98 symposium.

maddog's Studio - an incredible amount of info at his directory
Media Research Lab - particularly the Improv Project is worth looking at.
Biota/Artificial Life - working group on artificial life, specifically reflecting ecological & biological systems
Floops! - what can I say? The worlds first weekly cartoon in VR!!
Dilbert Comes to Life - the world's second VR cartoon strip!


Moving Worlds Specification  - the full VRML2 specification
The VRML Consortium - these are the people who are the force behind VRML - all specs are here
VRML Repository
VRML Repository: Documentation
The Annotated VRML 2.0 Reference Manual & The Annotated VRML97 Reference Manual (online books)
VR Architecture guide (rough draft)
Java 3D API - 3D extensions to Java
VRML 2.0 Proposal: External Authoring Interface Reference
FAQs  - (broken at the moment)
Open Community - a system for multi-user virtual worlds developed by MEITCA at Mitsubishi
Open Community ISTP - their protocol for communicating over the web
Scalable Platform for Large Interactive Networked Environments (SPLINE) - more on Open Community
JavaScript Guide - at Netscape
Java - at Netscape
Ultimate Spatial Audio Index - for everything anyone might ever want to know about spatial audio
 Floppy's VRML Guide - very informative set of pages. Tutorials, links, and free tools. Also VapourTechnology (where their tools are)

Working Groups

Working Groups - these are the groups who work out the new specs. See the list of Current Working Groups too.
Living Worlds - the specs for making multi-user VRML worlds
DIS-Java-VRML Working Group - DIS is Distributed Interactive Simulation - a way of making serverless multi-user worlds
VRML Humanoid Animation Working Group
Biota/Artificial Life - working group on artificial life, specifically reflecting ecological & biological systems
Metaforms - artificial life working group concentrating on VRML aspects
VRML Streaming Working Group
GeoVRML working group - to do with geographic simulation issues
VRML Widgets Working Group - sadly defunct, but still a wonderful idea whose time will come

mailing lists

www-vrml - the biggie for vrml - send email with text "info". You can find the archives at: www-vrml
vnet-interest - an interest group exploring Stephen White's lovely VNet multi-user VR server. Put anything in the Subject: heading, and the following two lines in the body of the message:
    subscribe vnet-interest
(You can also get this info at )

wear-hard - about wearable computing. Send e-mail with subject of  "subscribe"  to


VRCreator - by Platinum is an interactive modelling tool. There is an introductory free version, as well as the full priced version.

VapourTechnology - free tools on offer are:

Flamingo Optimizer - Polygon Reduction Tool
Converters - a nice list clipped from the brilliant Construct site
data fat munger - at Construct's site. It trims the extra digits of precision from geometry, but it's written in perl.
vwaif - Bob Crispen's does the same as DataFatMunger
shrinker - Richard (Kahuna) Kapuaala's program does too.
I wrote one too, which reduces file size and allows you to rescale the world. But it is written in ARexx. The main advantage of that is that it is very easy to understand and alter like BASIC. If you want it contact me.
vrml1to2 - convert VRML1.0 file to VRML 2.0 file (version 1.6)
vrml1to2 also comes with CosmoPlayer and you may use it independently.
avatarmaker - makes.... avatars :-)
Vrealm Builder of Ligos
SitePad - VRML code editor - particularly useful for extrusions ( download trial for 15days)
Vorlon - vrml syntax checker/fixer (Java application, understands H-anim)
Shadows - vrml syntax checker (early alpha)
Crossroads - 3D file format to VRML converter
LSX-MPEG Encoder - Ligos AVI to MPEG-1 or 2 - the free demo will encode up to 30 seconds of video.
LParser - lets you "grow" plants or animals using L-System genetic algorithms (mutation allowed too) You will need to scale them down though - it makes them too big. I have written a small Rexx program specifically to scale them.
IMCompress from Innovmetric supports reading/writing of multiple formats, including VRML 2.0
Life Forms Animation Software
Leveller - makes and interactively lets you alter height-fields, with lots of neat plugins for special capabilities


CosmoPlayer - from Silicon Graphics (SGI) - this used to be the most popular vrml browser but is starting to show its age now. In many ways is still the easiest to use and in some ways the standard by which others are judged. I still use it lots.
Blaxxun interactive - their very popular viewer, Contact, works with most VRML worlds and their own multi-user worlds.
Bitmanagement - Holger left Blaxxun and continued development of Contact.
Parallelgraphics - Cortona is one of the 3 most popular VRML viewers. Parallelgraphics also make many excellent VRML building tools. They also have their own multiuser VR system too.

Flux is the first specially developed X3D viewer. X3D is the ugly decendant of VRML. Unlike VRML it is written directly into the web page as XML.

Superscape's Viscape - a VRML browser which also views Superscape's proprietary format
Sony's Community Place - Virtual Society on the Web - this is specifically adapted to multi-user worlds.
FreeWrl - a freely available (with source) vrml browser for non-SGI Unix
VRWeb & VRWave - particularly VRWave VRML browsing for Linux
RealSpace, Inc. - Panoramas and VRML. They have been bought by Macromedia.
LiquidReality - a wonderful VRML browser written in Java... sadly died as soon as Microsoft bought it.


VRML Repository: Tutorials
Floppy's VRML Guide - very informative set of pages. Tutorials, links, and free tools.
Tutorials at SGI site
NEWFIRE - their Torch VRML plugin is very fast & there is also a nice article on designing 3D worlds
Primer: 3D Modeling for Speed
Westlake Solutions - they have some good tutorial pages on VRML & Java
VRML2.0 Moving Worlds Tutorial and Test Page
Kimbro Staken - tutorials
Vijay Mukhi's Computer Institute - tutorials on everything!
construct | the body politick - they have a lot of vrml models and scenes available for free download
construct | projects
construct | VRML galore
construct | stratus
Community Place: Authoring Tutorials
VRMLSite Magazine - VRML and Java
VRML Modelers - visit Bob Crispen's exciting and informative pages
Texture Mapping in VRML
Virtual Reality Universe: VRML Tutorials -
VirtualBeach - VRML
How to build your own avatar
Welcome To Cyberspace - Chris Marrin's home page contains lots of useful help
VRML Streaming Working Group - Don Brutzman - I haven't read this page properly yet...
VRML97 Course Introduction - a one-day (8 hours) course on making efficient, compelling worlds
An Introduction to VRML2 Animation Techniques for the Production Animator - by Michael Natkin of SGI
Rendering Revealed - Maureen Stone's tutorial on lighting in VRML
png boxes - vrml demonstration - - -
Microgoodies VRML Center - look in here for a lot of useful info, links and tutorials by Johnnie Rose, Jr.

RWX - renderware scripting file format is the 3D format used by ActiveWorlds, OuterWorlds, and City4ALL universes
eeps pages

VR Worlds (and objects)

Firstly check out Kahunas form to add your world to his list of links to worlds

Tracey Bezesky's Pond world (with the frogs)
The Tenochtitlan Web Site - this is where the example world used in The VRML 2.0 Handbook resides.
Mischek Bau AG - an amazing real estate world selling apartments in Austria - very cool
Inverse Kinematics - WOW! this is the way of the future! - jointed objects that work!!!
Jamko - a Japanese anime-style VRML girl whose limbs all move
3D Insects - Wow!! this is really inspiring stuff! Detailed, accurate VRML models by Alexei A. Sharov, Research Scientist in the Department of Entomology at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).
A Bonestell Tribute - Wow!! one of my favorite Science Fiction artists' work represented in VRML. However beware, the files are enormous.
walksphere - J. Eric Mason's small planet that you can walk upon.
NASA's real-world data on a VRML Earth- chack out Hurricane Linda and the world's vegetation index
Rain Garden 3D Presentation
Vacaville High School
Pioneer Joel
Cool Worlds - hosted by Netscape
World of the Week - hosted by superscape
World of the Week - is this the same?
VRML : Get Floops! - what can I say? The worlds first weekly cartoon in VR!!
Enhanced Viking Lander QTVR - stand on the surface of Mars!!!
construct | projects
construct | VRML galore
free models at SGI
Free VRML Objects!
VRML Models
VRML Humanoid Animation Working Group
The KnotPlot Site - mathematical knots as 3D objects
David's Math ZoO
Dilbert Comes to Life - the world's second VR cartoon strip!
Avalon - formerly at this is an enormous repository of tools and objects.

Irish Space Project - In 1997, with a group of volunteers, Len Bullard and Paul Hoffman led the successful effort to create a space adventure based on the real life adventure of an Irish famine ship captain of the mid 19th century. Known as the IrishSpace project, the result was a complete interactive VRML movie created for the Kerry County Museum in Tralee, SW Ireland.

Some of those who collaborated on IrishSpace: the Biota organisation brings together all manner of information and activities relating to virtual life. Creatures -- amazing examples of artificial life and artificial intelligence that you can buy as a "game" The Contact Consortium, help to organise the Avatars events, among other things. The project of ATR Human Information Processing Research Laboratories (ATR-HIP) was closed on 28th of February, 2001 Artificial Intelligence Research group at the University of Washington The Institute for Information Technology - Artificial Intelligence Resources The AI Lab at MIT -- this place has to be one of the most exciting in the world. The Knowledge Systems Laboratory at Stanford University The AI FAQs at Carnegie Mellon University


Interactive, multi-user worlds

Holodesk - an absolutely scrumptious new program and set of worlds by VRTelecom... Sadly, it seems to be dead. A great pity as it was wonderful and the example worlds were an utter delight.

stephen's VNet - VNet uses a java client and server so -- no special plugins and no explicit downloads!!

ElectraCity- was a project by Danny Stefanic and myself  to program the client and server in java, but Stephen White's VNet is available now and works on more browser-machine combinations than we could get our code to, so it now uses VNet.

VNet Worlds (this list & descriptions clipped from Jeff Sonstein's pages at

Matrix MU - shared behaviors in a java-vrml world
 Gamefield - Matrix - Niclas Olofsson's SeaWorld in Matrix MU
Wood Pusher? - a multi-user virtual world with shared behaviors, by Tim Redfern & Will Waller, Digital Media Centre, DIT, Dublin
Active Worlds - was AlphaWorld. This group of worlds is amazing. Avatars98 was held in here on 21st Nov 98 and it was fantastic!! Read about it on the Avatars98 homepage and see pics there and on Daphne's pages.
OnLive! Traveller - you will want to use a microphone and and speakers with this one -- chat is really chat - not type.
The Virtual Society on the Web - Sony's Community Place
blaxxun interactive - (was Black Sun Interactive) requires a 3Mb download for client software.
Welcome to blaxxun interactive... - entry to their online communities.
VanGogh TeleVision - Software - Worlds With In - multi-user (about 3.5Mb download).

construct's NTT exhibition world

OZ inc. - Oz Virtual (sadly, they no longer make MU worlds)
Black Rabbit - actually a MOO
Open Community - (see above, under documentation)
The Palace - actually a 2D chat world. For more info, see The Palace Guide and Information


Virtual i-glasses! - the 3-D capable HMD for virtual & augmented reality, electronic games, video & VR simulation
FTP Directory:
Chris's Homebrew VR Page
PowerGlove Serial Interface
FTP Directory:
Dave's CAVE pages
Display Products - miniature LED eye-viewer

miscellaneous VR links

Virtual theatre - Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in VR to be broadcast live on the internet in February 1998 to coincide with the VRML 98 symposium.
All interested in contributing expertise should contact Bernie ( ).

VRML - Welcome from The Mining Company - online magazine about VR & VRML

rtime - multi-user server game software ( download - their download page)
The Cup-O MUD Client
Help: Cold Help System

Real-Time Volume Rendering - MERL (Mitsubishi Electronic Research Labs?) are doing some 128x128 cubic processors.
Jan C. Harden works there and has put up an addChildren-removeChildren VRML example.

Kyoko Date -- DK-96 HOMEPAGE - the Japanese home page
Kyoko Date Info Page - pages about Kyoko by someone in France
REALDOLL - I don't quite know what to think of this... but when androids are real these people will be making 'em

Virtual Theatre
Mirror Experiment papers The Mirror

Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence

 Loebner Prize Home Page - the Turing test and the prizes associated with it.
 Alan Turing - Home Page
 Alan Turing: a natural philosopher
Artificial Intelligence
The Outsider's Guide to Artificial Intelligence


Biota/Artificial Life - working group on artificial life, specifically reflecting ecological & biological systems
Metaforms - artificial life working group concentrating on VRML aspects

Welcome to Zooland! - the most incredible resource of ALife links!!

Flock Applet: Boids in Java - Craig Reynolds, the guy who made the first boids
Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters - his latest(?) project

Technical Tierra

L-systems Software
Laurens Lapre's Lparser Links

K - Conrad Parker's home page
psi=-ALife=-Boids - his boids example on a painted backdrop

Steve's Home Page - the page before his aquarium page which demos fish schooling
InterActivity Resources - the magazine entry page. InterActivity Magazine Resources - article on herding behavior

Artificial Life Herding - David.Brogan's herding applet and its source
David Brogan Information Page

Artificial Life and Genetic Algorithms
MatFa's Boids - he has a program with source freely downloadable
Jürgen Schmitz - System Design another freely downloadable program
The Live Alife Page - many different kinds of ALife here

 The sites above are primarily about the VR end of things, the
sites below are more interested in the AI portions:

Wearable Computing

 Wearables Central
 XYBERNAUT: Advanced Knowledge Delivery Systems
 MicroOptical - Publications and Links
 "wearhow.html" How to build a version of `WearComp6'. By Steve Mann++ (many others have contributed; please see acknowledgements section)


Sullivan's Java - Java resources and info
Java Education - Introduction to Java Online Course
Software - java for Mac
Java 3D API
The Java3D Repository
Java3D Land
Java Telephony API
Shlurrrpp......Java learning Java : The Java tutorial for java programming
Westlake Solutions Java Demonstration
Java in a Nutshell Online Quick Reference for JDK 1.1
VRML / Java / Javascript FAQ
The Java Developer: How Do I...
Java Home Page
Download Java Development Kit 1.1.3
Java Education - Introduction to Java Online Course - from IBM

Java Development Kit 1.1.4
Java(TM) Media Framework FAQ

Magician - library of java-opengl interface seems way faster than java3d ,although java3d has a nice glossy 3dstudio look! and there is supposedly a vrml browser being made off of it too!



 JavaScript Mini-FAQ
 Microsoft Scripting Technologies
Cookie Central - everything you ever wanted to know about cookies (the computer type - not the edible ones)
Duncan's JavaScript Cookies: Page 1 of 6