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Cheltenham VIC 3192

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15 June 1963 AGE: 37 years

Melbourne, Australia

Victoria - Licensed since March 1985

AUSTEL - Licensed since March 1990

Valid to 28-06-2004

Higher School Certificate
(Xavier College Vic.)
Leaving (Form 5 / Year 11)
(Xavier College)
Electronics Engineering Certificate
Associate Diploma Electrical Engineering
(RMIT Vic.)
Post Graduate Diploma In Science (Fibre Optics)
(University of Sydney)

Gilat Satellite Networks (Holland) B.V.
Jan 2000 - Present
NCSS Australia Pty Ltd
September 1996 - December 1999
AAP Communications Services (Contract)
June 1996 - September 1996
NATEL (National Telecommunications - Saudi Arabia)
November 1995 - June 1996
January 1995 - November 1995
Nilsen Electronics (Contract)
November 1994 - January 1995
Hewlett Packard (Contract)
June 1994 - November 1994
OPTUS Communications
(formerly AUSSAT Pty. Ltd.)
June 1990 - June 1994
Futuretech Pty. Ltd.
December 1989 - June 1990
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
March 1984 - March 1990
Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
March 1981 - March 1984

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Italian, French

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DECCA RM916A Radar maintenance
Electronic Technical Systems Phase 1
MOTOROLA Position Determining Systems
(Mini-Ranger III)


RADTECH Electronic Fundamentals Advanced Technology
COLLINS ARN-118 TACAN Bearing & Distance On-board Computer
HONEYWELL APN-194 Radar Altimeter
COLLINS VHF Transceiver Model 22
COLLINS VHF Transceiver Model ARC-164
AWA DMEA Distance Measuring Equipment (Australia)
KEARFOTT SINGER ASN-128 Doppler Navigation System
Micro-miniature Circuit Repair (Multi layer PCBs)


Satellite Basics & Introduction
Single Carrier Per Channel (SCPC) Equipment
Klystron / Traveling Wave Tube Operation & Repair
TV Principles & Video Measurements
Nokia 2nd Generation Transmission Equipment
Fujitsu ET2 Course
PCM/PDH/SDH (Theory)
Fujitsu FLM-150 Operation & Maintenance
Fujitsu FLM-2400 Operation & Maintenance
MNI Microwave Links Inc. RAMAC 15, 18 & 23GHz Equipment
Scientific Atlanta B-MAC Video Operation & Maintenance
MobileSat System Hardware / Software Operation & Maintenance


Network Management (JUMP)
J1000 Product Family Training
LAN / WAN Principles & Application Strategy


Instructor’s Course

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HP1000 / 3000 Series Computers
Data General NOVA 800
IBM Compatible PCs 80286, 80236, 80386, 80486 & Pentium II / III
SUN Workstations SPARC 4 / 5
SCPC Equipment
Fairchild, EF, RADYNE, Nokia & Mitsubishi Modems
Satellite CODAN transceivers
Gilat HUB & VSAT equipment
Varian / NEC / Siemens / Thomson Klystron & TWTs
Nokia MUXs & all associated voice/data cards
AT&T/NEC/Mitsubishi T-MUXs & all associated voice/data cards
ISDN MUXs (JTEC J1000 series, Ascend & Micom) Virtual Exchanges, Terminal Adapters
Network Designers Remote ISDN Workstation/Server ISIS cards
Fujitsu FLM-150E/2400 (Light MUXs 155MB & 2.4GB)
Plessey/Scientific Atlanta B-MAC Encoders/Decoders
GSM / MobileSat NEC Equipment (OPTUS)
Novell, LANtastic, IntelExpress 16/32 EtherNet LANs
CISCO/3-Com Office Connect NetBuilder Combinet / Retix / SHIVA / BayNetworks / routers / hubs
TAL Wireless routers (2001s, 2002RC/AP)
NCSS Wireless Networks (Comport, Netport & Linkport) upto 11Mbps
BreezeCom / RAD equipment
3COM Access Builder Asynchronous router, S200 Voice / Data VPN Interface
PictureTel Video conferencing equipment
Ericsson MD110 / 150 PABX NEC NEAX2400 PABX Networking


MS-DOS / UNIX Solaris / OS-2
FORTRAN, Borland C++, Visual BASIC, SQL 4GL / Sculptor
Novell NetWare 3.12/4.1, GroupWise 4.1 ARCServe 5.01g
Microsoft Office 97 (Prof), Office 2000
Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, Windows 95, 98 / NT 4.0
Micrografx Designer 6.0 / CorelDRAW 3.0, 8.0
Visio 4.5 Technical Professional CAD / NetVis 3.0
Norton Utilities 7.0 / PCAnywhere 9.0
Pathloss 3.0 RF Path Analysis
HEWLETT PACKARD Engineering Graphics System CAD / HP OpenView NMS
PROTEL PCB Design & Layout CAD
OrCAD circuit diagram generator CAD (SDT386+) / Printed Circuit Board (PCB386+)
Win98 Platform Schematic v7.20 / 9.1 & Layout

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Name of company:- Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd
Place:- Melbourne, Australia
Dates:- 10th January 2000 - Present
Position Title:- Technical Specialist
Reason for leaving:- N/A Still In Position


Support Account Managers and Technical Director in all technical aspects of managing sales campaigns, including

Technical Post Sales
Provide excellence in customer service, via the following:


  1. Winning tenders delivered on-time
  2. Contract clients renew annualised services business
  3. Customer expectations exceeded in the delivery of our Services Portfolio



Name of company:- NCSS Australia Pty Ltd
Place:- Melbourne, Australia
Dates:- 23rd September 1996 - December 1999
Position Title:- Manager - Network Services
Reason for leaving:- Overseas Opportunity & Further Development


The Network Services Manager assists the Technical Director and Joint Venture partners in the Radio Frequency (RF) network design and integration. The position involves communicating with clients and sales staff to co-ordinate and develop detailed functional specifications for RF network design and enhancements. The Network Services Manager provides technical support to the sales team in establishing demonstrations, pilot networks and in feasibility anaylsis of customer proposals.

Major Duties
Assist Technical Director in RF network design and deployment within the region (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Rim, South East Asia and Africa).
Assume prime responsibility for the operational health of the Australian RF Networks.
Assume responsibility for new connections to the Australian Networks.
Assist in RF / Data integration issues particularly where multiple protocols are required.
Assist network business partners with network design and deployment.
Manage IP class licence
Consult and advise VARs and customers on technical issues
Assume prime responsibility with RF Sub-Contractors on installation issues
Manage Hubs/Nodes located within NCSS Australia P/L (internet, X.400, Firewalls etc)
Provide technical assistance to the sales team for prospective networks, SLAs, RFIs, tenders, quotes etc.
Assist in preparation of sales proposals
Provide technical assistance in the preparation of requests for proposals related to network design.
Develop and conduct training for Value Added Resellers.
Create and maintain technical documentation.
Communicate technical information effectively to non-technical users.


Name of company:- aap Communications Services
Place:- Melbourne, Australia
Dates:- 24 July 1996 - 18th September 1996
Position title:- Wide Area Network Consultant
Reason for leaving:- Completion of Contract


To provide professional consulting in the developing and designing of Melbourne Parks & Waterways Wide Area Network (WAN), with trials being performed utilising various technologies. The focus will be on, allowing the network to function with a high degree of reliability, to allow the network to expand efficiently, to provide recommendations in the area of standards for hardware and software, and to recommend documented procedures pertaining to installations and support. To plan, initiate, co-ordinate and manage all necessary activities required for the efficient running of operation and maintenance functions of the WAN infrastructure with optimal efficiency.

Major Duties
Capability to expand the functionality of the network for MPW Staff Members, while maintaining adequate response times.
Generate weekly and monthly reports to customer's Executive & Director level which includes supporting results and drawings/plans/plots.
Maintain a manageable environment while keeping running costs down to a minimum.
Maintain a high level of access and reliability to Core Business Applications
System designed based on open and strategic technologies
Attend weekly meetings with customer to provide presentation and progress on numerous issues undertaken in the direction, status, monitoring and results of WAN trials undertaken.
Conform to a defined Standards-Based Architecture.
Customer data resources maintained centrally and available globally.
System designed to support MPW’s Business Processes.
WAN secured against unauthorised modification or access.
True TCP/IP infrastructure set in place.
Applications platform conform to a simple consistent user interface solution balancing functionality with cost, quality and risk.
Recommendation and provisioning of hidden costs, UNIX Host / Novell Servers reporting, standards for WAN hardware / carrier service / software, procedures covering monitoring and reporting of the WAN, and documentation.
Responsible for standardisation / implementation of varying technical needs of engineering tasks within the customer budgeted project.


Name of company:- NATEL (National Telecommunications)
Place:- Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Dates:- 17 November 1995 - 25 June 1996
Position title:- Senior Engineer - Operations & Maintenance
Reason for leaving:- Promotion and furthering telecommunication skills


To plan, initiate, co-ordinate and manage all necessary activities required for the efficient running of operation and maintenance functions at the project sites in conjunction with the relevant station engineers with a view to achieve full facility availability and continuity.

Major Duties
Co-ordinates all technical actions related to the every day activities needed to maintain the networks (PSPDN, Telex, SatComs, ITMCs)
Conduct regular reviews on the O&M procedures implemented at the Earth Stations and ITMCs and evaluate the effectiveness of these procedures to improve and enhance the performance of facilities.
Liaise with Royal Telecom, Saudi Telecom and other contractors.
Co-ordinate activities for regular update of maintenance schedules for the existing equipment and preparation of the same for new equipment.
Analyse daily and weekly reports from all facilities and initiate investigatory actions.
Initiate and manage procurement and delivery of spare parts in a timely manner in conjunction with Station Engineers and the purchasing department.
Co-ordinate and manage activities related with the subsystem level contingency plans and system level restoration plans.
Co-ordinate with SMW1 & SMW2 cable representatives for circuit restoration.
Manage preparation of project monthly report.
Co-ordinate maintenance downtimes (MDTs).
Manage staff issues, preparation of attendance and time sheets.


Name of company:- JTEC ISDN Pty. Ltd.
Place:- Melbourne - Australia
Dates:- 10 January 1995 - 16 November 1995
Position title:- Senior Customer Service Engineer
Reason for leaving:- To commence employment with NATEL in Saudi Arabia


Installation, maintenance, project management, customer support and pre/post sales support work utilising the company’s ISDN WAN products as well as full range of Retix b/routers which the company distributes. The ISDN products are used for data and voice networking as well as video-conferencing - therefore, the equipment is generally connected to the customer’s LAN, CPU, b/routers, PABX and video equipment. Maintain the efficient operation of the distributed computer and telephone network throughout Australia, co-ordinate contractors involved in the installation (external to the company) of new integrated voice/data networks. Maintain management and operation of the office’s WAN/LAN system. Other duties included pre/post sales support for non standard, customised software services for telex and email client/servers. Co-ordinated acceptance testing/commissioning of X.35 & X.25 to telex systems using packet assemblers/disassemblers and Telenet 4000. Other MUX products in the JTEC line include the J1200/1500/1600/1700 & J1800. Installation / configuration of various protocol equipment including X.26 and X.36 (Frame Relay), X.50/51 & X.400

Major Duties
Reported to State Manager and Support Engineers on aspects of international switching standards.
Assisted marketing/sales departments in determining the services to be offered to existing and the prospective new customer.
Development and revision of current traffic for packet switching, frame relay and new data services (ISDN, ATM etc.)
Provided technical support to a pre/post sales level on first contact.
Provided network design solution for company requirements.
Co-ordinate and manage activities related with the subsystem level contingency
Provided technical support on costing specifically in the G703, X.21, X.25, X.28, V.35, V.24 & international switching X.400, X.500.
Developed technical documents and reports for customer networks.
Investigate and rectify problems/faults on reported customer services.
Co-ordinated between Sales and Engineering departments to ensure demand of equipment and voice/data capacity committed for major sales can be attained and implemented with minimal delay and maximum efficiency.
Responsible for standarisation / implementation of varying technical needs of engineering tasks within the customer budgeted project.
Administered and operated on approved programs for customers’ equipment of the packet/frame relay/ISDN/SatComs under compliance of Telstra’s network requirements.
Provided establishments of policies and installation procedures for the evaluation and approval of customer equipment from various local suppliers.
To implement both operational, test software and hardware required for certification of customer equipment in the packet/frame relay/ISDN/SatCom networks.


Name of company:- OPTUS Communications
Place:- Sydney - Australia
Dates:- 15 June 1990 - 21 June 1994
Position title:- Network Engineer
Reason for leaving:- Promotion and furthering telecommunication skills


Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Satellite Earth Station complex, any associated international / local technical maintenance centers and interconnecting microwave / fibre cable links. This includes all ITU (CCITT) & European standards for voice and data transmission including packet, ATM, telex, teletext, frame relay E1/T1 etc.

Major Duties
Ensured fault free and trouble free working of the equipment and high circuit availability of the complex.
Organised the operation and maintenance on a 24hr basis.
Organised, directed and supervised routine, preventative and corrective maintenance of all earth station facilities in a most effective manner.
Controlled spare parts availability and/or forecast for future consumption; both component, modular and capital equipment with close association with the Network Planning department.
Provided technical support to the station technical staff.
Conducted overall management of facilities and staff. Normal duties included the preparation of daily/weekly reports, attendance sheets, timesheets etc.
Tracked and managed the movement of all materials including equipment, test instruments, tools and sparing etc.
Ensured unserviceable dockets are opened and closed in an efficient manner.
Prepared outage investigation reports in conjunction with the IOC, OTC and relevant section heads of respective departments.

Equipment worked on:-

CODAN satellite indoor/outdoor units (Remote location voice/data services)
NEC StarNet/VSAT (CommBank Data Circuits)
NEC Paso 18/50 (2/8MB links)
NEC DMR770 (34MB link)
NEC IntelSat Earth Station STD A & C All equipment including voice/data modems, exciters, receivers, HPA from IF to RF
SIEMENS CTR-200/210 (2/8MB link)
GTE Microwave links
NEC/VARIAN/MITSUBISHI High Power Amplifiers (600W-3KW)
MITSUBISHI C, L & Ku Band Earth Station equipment.
FAIRCHILD Satellite modems (70/140MHz IF). Models include SM240, 290 & 2900
FUJITSU FLM-150E/2400E light MUXs (155MB/2.4GB)
NOKIA MUXs (full range of voice/data DM2, DIU etc.) including GSM Base Stations facilities and associated fibre interfaces.
NOKIA transmission management TMS3 & TMS4 systems
NORTEL DMS 100/200/300 switch operation and maintenance
MNI digital microwave links (15/18/23GHz)
NEC/TELLABS Echo Cancellers
X.25/ISDN Advanced Implementation/planning/design/set to work protocols
Various test equipment calibration, maintenance & alignment
Microwave & Fibre link budgets LAN/WAN installations:- FDDI Networks, TCP/IP, SNMP, DOS, Novell to name a few

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To expand on my experience gained within the communications industry, developing a broader understanding of information technology and its impact on emerging global business issues.

My career intentions are to pursue a career path that allows my interpersonal, commercial and organisational abilities to be fully challenged and maximised while achieving personal satisfaction.

My immediate objective is to continue working as a specialist in the telecommunications field as a ‘systems/network engineer’, enhancing my project management skills while progressing to a middle management level.

Longer term, my current aspirations are to achieve a strategic senior IT management position assisting the broader business to achieve cost effective, efficient and innovative solutions.

Major strengths include strong sense of reality, coupled with sound business acumen. I am achievement oriented with the capacity to motivate others; can exercise judgment, have both an imaginative and logical approach to problem solving having grown from years of experience.

I believe I have the ability and qualities to effectively manage resources to achieve results. I can quickly adapt to new and challenging environments, establishing rapport with colleagues and sub-ordinates.

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Management and Human Relations Skills:

sphere07.gif - 0.5 K produced frequent oral and written reports / appreciation to OPTUS/Saudi Senior Management as to maintenance and safety policies. I also generated test results regarding satellite R&D Programs, the implementation of varied and numerous carrier interfaces and policy decisions regarding budgets and test equipment purchases / trials,
sphere07.gif - 0.5 K at the Optus Repair Centre, made presentations to Senior Management and other policy makers regarding internal repairs / competitive tendering, and
sphere07.gif - 0.5 K in the Royal Australian Air Force been tasked with, and accepted, personnel and technical leadership roles in project management / maintenance of both discrete and grouped Navigational Systems. I discharged on a random, recurrent and Australia wide basis, relief manning leadership roles as a member of Optus Earth Station Facilities which eventually led in my being a Senior Engineer O&M.

Effective work planning, implementation, management and milestoning:

I have made valuable contribution to Earth Station Planning and Design of the Australian National Trunks (STD via Satellite) service, installed and commissioned numerous high power amplifiers for new services throughout Australia. As a successful small business person in innovative circuit board design to user specification and manufacture, I have significant experience in client and time management and, both concurrently and separately, extensive exposure to time line dependent projects and the QA philosophy.

Knowledge of fixed telecomms networks / user equipment technology:

My six year Optus / AAP-CS / NATEL and now NCSS experience has provided me with an extensive and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of a population of sympathetic and disparate data/voice communication equipment covering protocols, data analysis and formats as well as the hardware aspect of each. I commissioned SDH equipment and 'put-in-place' network management platforms, had a maintenance responsibility from systems down to component level.

Background experiences:

sphere07.gif - 0.5 K commercial experience in tender specification, tender evaluation, contract writing and management,
sphere07.gif - 0.5 K representative body / common user committee experiences in technical advice and marketing positions which have generated and honed a strong suite of adroit negotiation, political and consultative skills
sphere07.gif - 0.5 K had extensive and responsible involvement in Federal Legislation concerning Optus operated MobileSat and GSM facilities.

Conceptual, analytical and creative skills:

My employment with Optus, Jtec and present position with NCSS were/are secured by my innovative traits and lateral thought processes. My system maintenance experiences have reinforced and enhanced my professional presentation skills and my drive and ability to identify and implement the creative solution.

Generation of new ideas / innovative procedures, tolerance of change:

My professional, technical and leadership / management experiences and achievements in a volatile and turbulent high technology environment attest to my high tolerance to change and ambiguity. I view incremental and discontinuous change as driving both technological and personal achievement and the catalyst for the introduction of innovative procedures, products and services. I believe that organisational and environmental change equals opportunity.

Achievement orientation:

In achieving goals, I am more opportunity than resource driven. I am capable of breaking rules that can be broken when success provides indemnity and brings kudos to the organistion as an entity. I will not let an apparent lack of resources and commitment deter me from ‘racing for the walls of Moscow’ when I believe that the probability of success outweighs that of failure. I am a thinker, planner, organiser and self starter who recognises the strategic need to commit and withdraw resources quickly.

Ability to work in a team environment:

My skills, contributions, achievements and rewards in both Defense and commercial scenarios attest to my ability to operate in team environments.

Computer keyboard skills:

I am fully acquainted with and proficient in the use of packages and programs relevant to my expertise. I have the inherent ability to rapidly acquire new information technology awareness and proficiency.

Equity Issues - Awareness, Understanding:

I believe in and operate on the principal that discrimination is an inherently unsound act of social attrition and dis-enfranchisement. I am aware of and understand the potential damaging organisational and personal outcomes.

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