Marco's Bookmarks (continued)

The below URLs are basically "page 2" of the previous bookmarked sites of mine.

"The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life."
-Andrew Brown (alt.quotations)

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American History, Abridged
For democracy to work, you need a sense of connectedness, and it helps to know a little history. William M. Brinton has compressed 6,000 years of American and pre-American history (most of it the past 200 years) into a rich synopsis on the Web. To visit "An Abridged History of the United States" is to return to history and civics classes in high school, with a legal bent, without the pressure of quizzes. The target audience here consists ofteachers and other educators, but this should be required reading for many students, too. Brinton's prose is leisurely, authoritative, and expansive. You can read it online - with or without frames - or download the entire textbook as a zipped or StuffIt archive. Grade: A.
Australian Family Tree Connections Magazine
The monthly magazine for Australasian family historians helps researchers make FAST contact with others plus news of what`s happening in genealogy "downunder".
Calling All Guys
Guys who don't feel up to drinking their suds solo ought to sidle on over to Men's Health Daily, an online cousin of the magazine by the nearly same name (Men's Health), and a place where guys read about guy health matters, guy sports, guy work, and other guy stuff. Several interactive quizzes, polls, and calculators keep things interesting, as do the personal training tips that are guaranteed to give you abs of titanium. The site's slick, amusing, and carries a sensitive guy cachet that keeps it well away from the extreme guyness of, say, a beer-sodden issue of Soldier of Fortune.
Chip Rowe
Chip Rowe, a real writer with impressive credentials, has a new home.
CNN Interactive
The news company that brought the Iraq war into our living rooms is now bringing the weather to our computer screens. Some very nice Java and an interesting layout.
Comdex On a Page
The beast is dead but the droppings steam on. PC Week has put together a nice compact overview of Comdex. Keynotes, commentary, and major announcements all in one concise package. Nice job.
Cosmopolitan Online
At last, Nirvana. Cosmopolitan is finally online with those invaluable features such as the Bachelor of the Month and those famous Cosmo quizzes! Let's hear that happy squeal, girls. (And remember, in Cosmo's eyes, we're all girls, whether we're still teeny-boppin', granny-hoppin', or penis-packin'.) Don't miss reading your "Weekly Bedside Astrologer". Be sure to participate in the beauty giveaway, too. Oh, and don't leave out those weekly tips. Do you know how to discover if he's playing hard-to-get? That's the raison d'etre for Cosmo, providing all those essential need-to-know details. So rejoice, gals.
Cryptosporidium Capsule Newsletter
Data Communications
Data Communications Magazine. If you would like to subscribe or find out a bit about the magazine, just click here.
DC Thomson Publishing Co.
Electronic Telegraph
Emperor Mines Newsletter
The latest Emperor Mines Newsletter in now online at Emperor Mines Limited is a gold mining company focused on the discovery, development, production and processing of precious metals and minerals. These pages are an interesting read, and a worthwhile visit!
Entertainment News
Want to hear it first? Don't bother with newsstands. Check out Entertainment News and the world's gossip, TV, movie, and music news is at your fingertips. We were shocked that Burt Reynolds was bankrupt, relieved that Tommy and Pam have reconciled and bemused by the male runner-up in the Miss Australia beauty pageant. All the news and faster than hard copy. MuchMusic, by the way, is Canada's answer to MTV, except MuchMusic stills plays music.
Entropy Gradient Reversals
Now this is odd. You'd figure from the title, Entropy Gradient Reversals (EGR), that this little e-zinc would bring order to the universe. You'd be wrong. The word we'll use to describe it is "dichotomous". It's about the Internet, society, and Internet society, yet it's still hilarious. It's light, but serious. It quotes Alexis de Tocqueville and Samuel Johnson, yet literally shouts "holy shit!" at you - repeatedly, if you hit your back button. EGR's produced by Christopher Locke, a.k.a. RageBoy, who ranks somewhere between your uncle and Jerry Yang on the Net.fame.scale. To subscribe, e-mail clocke with "I Subscribe to Entropy" anywhere in the message, or do it at the home page.
Fairfax Market
The new competitor to Newsclassifieds is Fairfax Market, now containing all the advertisments from the major Fairfax papers, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, and the Financial Review. It works much the same way as Newsclassifieds.
Geek Girl
This online magazine is dedicated to rebellious girls everywhere. As the saying goes...'You go girl'! (Don't ask me what it means...I have no idea either).
Got Writer's Block?
What do you do when your pen is paralysed, when you're frozen in front of your computer screen with nothing to say? Next time you suffer from that debilitating disease known as writer's block (never happens to me, nah, never), stop by Writer's Block, a creative reference for wordsmiths of all types. While the site is more inspiration to get you going than an actual remedy for the problem, Writer's Block does make for a refreshing break.
Grab Your Manhood Online
Ah - the men's movement. Despite our reservations, Manhood (relax, it's an e-zine) proves to be intelligent and relevent. With issues like Family Court blues, midlife job redundancy, and prostate monitoring, it presents an insightful and uncomplaining look at life after feminism. The site even recommends reading feminist literature to grasp the change in roles. A good quality read, for men and women.
Hoard's Dairyman
The National Dairy Farm Magazine goes online with the latest news about dairy products, feed prices and other issues relevant to dairy farming. See graphs of the movement of cheese, milk, and butter prices over a four year period, and watch as bulletins like "Cheese blocks drop 21.5 cents to $1.48!" flash across the bottom of your browser. The site also offers online ordering of the magazine's publications, including books on dairy farming and architectural plans for building a better barn.
HotWired Network
Indonesian Observer
Internet World Online
Online magazine dealing with all things netty. Solid advice on everything from connecting to travel. Take a tour around this high quality on-line magazine.
Kaleidoscope of Australia - Front Page
LANlive Magazine
MAC User's Web Edition
One for the fruity lot! This magazine is one of the better efforts on the Web. Mac User's delight...
MAC Week Online
For all of the fruity people out there in computer land, here is a site that introduces Mac users to what is going on in the world of the golden apple. Everything from what the NeXT operating system will be (yes, there is another one coming... sometime!) right through to how much the company currently owes. Most events are well covered and the style is clean and fast. If you are a Mac user then this site should be in your bookmark file for certain.
Marie Claire Online
One of the finest women's magazines in print now has a Web space. Take a look at the latest fashions and ideas in the constantly updated online edition.
Mercury Center
Mercury Mail
I've always held that the key to the web's success would be the "concierge factor," that application that would help you to make sense of the Internet. That's exactly what Mercury Mail does, by bringing personalised content from Reuters, the Weather Channel and ESPN (in fact, there are 21news, 11 stock, 9 sports and 18 entertainment choices) straight into your email box at times *you* specify. The coolest part is the customised weather function -- merely enter in your POST code and a weather forecast will be returned to you. (This is an especially useful function in New York, where this week the weather went from balmy to brrrrrr almost overnight). Finally, the web brings me something I can really use!
More Reviews
Crank - ka-ching! Crank - ka-ching! That's the sound of our overworked and underpaid book reviewer giving it her all in her padded cell. This issue's offerings to you, gentle reader, are: "Dr. Bob's Painless Guide to the Internet and Amazing Things You Can Do with E-Mail"; The Book Lover's Guide to the Internet"; and "Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 3.2 in a Week".
Most New York
Add this one, the online version of the New York Daily News, to the list of decent information sources about New York. Most of the content, including news articles and movie and restaurant reviews, comes straight from the newspaper whose front page read "Ford to City: Drop Dead" in 1975, so the flavour is certainly New York. Check out Scandal Sheet to follow the latest soap operas starring city celebrities.
Mr. Smith Emails the Media
Let your voice be heard! This site features small links to the editors of dozens of different publications including People, US, Wile, Cooking Light and even the New York Times Magazine. Though it's heavy on the computer magazines for obvious reasons, there are also plenty of others arranged by category from Music and Fashion to Health and Entertainment. Fire away...but be aware that your missives may indeed be published -- so be sure to use your spell-checker.
MSN Magazine
If we were going to start an adventure travel Web site, we might call it, oh, Adventure Travel. But Microsoft got more creative. Its new travel site is named Mungo Park, after an eighteenth-century Scottish adventurer who disappeared in Africa, never to be seen again. Though this online magazine won't be completely up and running for a few months, the slick preview edition is featuring daily expedition reports that Include mind-bending descriptions of all the satellite uplinks and digital cameras they brought along. Hey, keep that stuff dry, guys!
Multimedia "Alice In Wonderland
This CD-ROM-quality story is complete with music and animated illustrations of the original Tennile drawings. We think books are still best, but this site could foment interest in a classic which may appear a little old-fashioned in its original form. The site is graphic intensive and the "Say Hi to Alice" is a little kitsch, but it's a high quality production.
My Yahoo
Net Snippets
Rearrangement Servant, or on the Internet Anagram Server.
Feast here, Web developers and lovers of Netscape: NetscapeWorld e-zinc has a wonderful collection of background articles and pointers on color, intelligent agents, Java and JavaScript, audio, plug-ins, HTML 3.2, and other nuts and bolts, along with the latest on trends in browsers and the Web. Need more? There are news items and columns, book reviews, FAQs, and technical information, too. A lot of the material pertains to Internet Explorer and other browsers as well as to the browser king. The time to frequent this site is now, while Netscape still rates at the top of most Web surveys. You can bet a lot of Microsoft employees check this out.
Netsurfer Digest Home Page
Network Computers
The next wave of computers have been dubbed "Network Computers". These are machines that have no hard disc and therefore no ability to store information locally. This means that they must download the required programs from a network, hence the name. The idea is that these "Network Computers" will be cheap to buy (supposedly under $1000), be very ergonomic and have the ability to download all that they need to run from the Internet. This makes them a very interesting little beast indeed.
New Scientist
This popular magazine is now in Web form. If you have any interest in the natural world or space then you will adore this site. You are required to register for access to the main area of the site but this is free and fast so don't let it stop you. To give you some idea of how topical this site is, the latest feature article is a special report on cloning... Interesting times.
Basically it contains the entire classified sections from 21 daily newspapers across Australia, all those owned by News Limited. Includes the Australian, Herald-Sun Melbourne. Features, motoring, Employment, real-estate, travel etc etc
Perhaps you are looking for a particular news article? This site is for you. Newspage is a high graphics site and so is not quick, however what it lacks in speed is more than made up for in content.

Try a search for a topical issue and you will find a ton of material returned. This is a great tool not only for students but for anyone with a particular interest. As with most search engines, the more specific your search, the fewer results you will get, however the results you do obtain from a specific search will be more relevant.
No Brainers, The E-Zine For Tired Brains
The world is full of no-brainer activities. They keep your mind occupied/dazed, allowing it to wallow unstimulated in its own juices - in other words, with no effort required. Such "activities" include crap TV (Pamela Anderson Lee and ice skating shows come out on top), big-budget low-plot movies (Judge Dredd, Broken Arrow) and the Net (My God, it's full of stars!). Try a no-effort party, or bungee jumping as a pastime (all you have to do is fall). The site acknowledges that no matter how exciting you really are underneath, now and then a no-brainer is necessary. Cheap, legal, and no worrisome hangover are the only requirements for inclusion. Five Columns, Every Monday This is a fascinating place to visit, a virtual soapbox with five essays published each Monday. All are well written, by anyone anywhere, and bursting with feisty opinions. They only need provoke thought (regardless of offensive material) to be selected for posting. This requirement allowed one keen fellow to postulate that women are not equal because they allowed themselves to be kept submissive throughout history. More challenging articles included "How to Survive being Homeless" (think of it as being "geographically liberated"), "Why Men have Nipples", and "An End to Romance?" Drop by and if you want, submit that rant you only reread at the end of a drunken night, so try this site:
Parent Soup Site
Finding this site on the WWW is like finding a bulletin board at your child's day care centre - not one of those disorganised, negleted bulletin boards where yellowing garage sale notices cover crucial information from the poison control centre, but an active, well organised board that bespeaks use, diverse interests, and a lot of traffic: harried mums and dads, short on time, looking for (and offering) answers and maybe a bit of R&R.
The latest Time-Warner offering, created in conjunction with Proctor & Gamble. Parenting, the site tells us, is "The most important job in the world," and the site allows users to customize the information depending upon what kind of parent you are: expectant, young, single, step-, or grandparent. Since I didn't fall into any of those categories, I entered "expectant" but the site then asked me to "click on your child's age." A glitch? Let's hope that this site gets better as it, um, gets older.
PC Magazine Online
PC World Annex
PC World's main site is great for articles on the industry, but when you're ready for something more radical, try the new Annex -- slightly more hip with slightly more lip. Rumor maven Rose Webstein (?) serves up industry gossip in her column "Rose Knows," while Annex grrrls Tracy and Shoshana engage in some hard-edged high-tech debate in "Agree to Disagree." There are also game reviews and a trade show calendar. Notice the cute list of site contributors, including one "Gil Bates."
Pointcast Network Homepage
Readers Digest
Those who long for excerpts and abstracts -- as well as new content - should click on over to the interactive counterpart of the tried-and-true print favorite. The design is clean (though I admit, I am so tired of the web-as-globe metaphor) and the site features plenty of current features and useful departments. For example, AT HOME gives advice on "how to do just about anything"; INTERACTIVE features bits from the "world's most widely read magazines". There's also a place where you can submit your funny stories to RD and vie for a chance to win $400. Good deal.
Reuters NewMedia
RiotGrrl has a colossal reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional female roles and this page is no exception. Read about how it feels to be a nude model, the fashion of actors as celebrities rather than professionals, and Schneider and Fein's "The Rules: Time Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right" book ("Shake your buns. Be quiet and mysterious. Be feminine."). Brash, lively, and relevant.
Romancing The Tome: English Renaissance Literature
There you are, reading the mellifluous works of Sir Walter Raleigh, Edmund Spenser, Elizabeth I, and old William Shakespeare himself, when suddenly you hear the gentle sounds of Renaissance chamber music playing in the background. How sweet it is to find graphics that appropriately evoke time and place. Oh, what joy. Oh, what ecstasy hath herein been discovered.
Skiing Magazine
Sky & Telescope Magazine
Slate - Table of Contents
Smithsonia's "Increase and Diffusion"
One of the classiest cultural magazines on the Web right now is the Smithsonian's Increase and Diffusion, a masterpiece that, like the museum itself, celebrates the richness and complexity of contemporary life with an appealing blend of scholarship and journalism. The first issue offers multipage, conservatively and beautifully illustrated stories, such as one about an archaeologist who works underwater in Hawaii to clarify "one of the most bizarre and fascinating stories in American history." Other features include an in-depth look at the American wine industry, poetry and the workplace, a profile of solo theater artist Brenda Wong Aoki, a multipart audio interview with ex-Los Angeles Laker star James Worthy, and a background piece on a luncheonette pivotal in the American civil rights movement. Let's hope the Smithsonian continues to fund this site. What a premiere!
Sofcom's Oz Net Directory
Stories of Word Counts of Powers of Two
This weird collection contains stories ranging in size from two to 1024 words, each incredibly different and all written by the site author. Designed to be accessed by e-mail subscription, they can provide an interesting, short Web read too, on a wide variety of topics. Serials are the most successful format. Another site highlight is the info on Moof the Dogcow, which Mac users have no doubt seen, though they may not have recognized it.
The Age
One of the countries great newspapers, 'The Age' has reviewed its Web space and is looking better than ever. For all your daily news needs take a regular look at this interesting Australian.
The Hollywood Reporter
The Inside Running
Provides weekly news and views on InterNet topics such as marketing, the web, technologies, legal, security and electronic commerce tailored to the Asia / Pacific and Australian Region. The resources are extensive and frequently updated.
The Netizen - Impolitic
The Pocket Internet
Two Irish developers use their wry senses of humor to select Web pages and snippets of e-mail and Usenet postings for this eclectic cybersampler. You might get a Monty Python script, an extraterrestrial view from a NASA probe, a look at the "Disturbing product of the month" (gourmet pet water, for example), a "wacky, wrongful or weird ad", sound bites from blockbusters and TV shows, audiovisual birthday cards, or e-mail humor. A funny e-mail section called "Words Not Yet in the Dictionary" should be highlighted and expanded rather than buried near the bottom of a page. George and Tad Dillon, the Brothers Grin, invite submissions and promise to credit contributors.
The Pointcast Network
Things You May Not Know About AOL
Eight million subscribers, just 200,000 phone lines, and flat rate pricing add up to busy signals and a horde of legal scavengers filing lawsuits against America Online for "services they are not getting". PC Week has a short blurb, but I couldn't find an online text of the lawsuit at the time I have included it here. You can also read AOL's response - promises of more modems, more customer support, and less marketing, or the lawsuit at
Time Magazine Australia
Turkish Daily News Online
Finding information, especially up-to-date information, about foreign countries can be a little tricky. If you are of Turkish descent or have family in that region, this is a site that you will love.

Full of news, announcements and even classifieds, this site has something for everyone.
Upholstery Magazine
UPHOLSTER ! is an on-line magazine with upholstery instruction for furniture, auto, marine and slipcovers. Also, resources for supplies, tools, and training videos.
USA Today
Web Week
Want information about everything from 3Com's 6.6 billion dollar offer for US Robotics to moving mainframe data on the Web? This is the on-line mag for you.

If you are one of the more serious net users 'Web Week' will give you all the information you could need on-line. If you have not seen or heard of this site before, get over to it right now...don't delay.
Welcome to Domination
Wall Street Journal
Welcome to the Whole Internet Catalogue
What's New In...
WinMag On The Internet
Here is the same thing but this time for PC users. Lots of topics and even more links.
Wired Style
Regardless of whether or not you can read the text in the magazine, Wired magazine's copy editors have taken their collective wisdom and downloaded it into "Wired Style: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age" (HardWired, 1996). The Wired Style site is, in essence, a billboard for the book, or in the site's own words, "a reference tool; a living, growing organism; a place for informed argument." Whatever. The book, it's not - that you still have to buy. There are a few desultory threads in a discussion area, some meager bits and pieces on usage elsewhere. Nowhere within these snappy, jumpy pages will you find the answer to whether or not "terminally cool" takes a hyphen.
Writers & Publishers, Click Here
The Writer's Marketboard offers a place for writers and publishers to find each other. (No, we're not implying it's a dating service, although that's another good idea....) Publishers have an opportunity to post calls for submission, announce contests, and search through writers' proposals for potential articles. Writers, in addition to checking out the publishers' postings, can also find agents. Both postings and browsing are free.
Yahoo Internet Life Magazine
ZD Net

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Australian Web servers - Interactive Map of Sites by State
BAAN Corporation
Cool Site of the Day
Electronic Library - Australian Information on the Internet - Australian Government Information
GNN Best of the Net Honorees


...and bacon. Spatch's homepage
Andrea Kamnitzer Homepage
Andrew Brown
Camberwell Internet Cafe
This is a relatively new site that I have collected (or should I say - was given by Arno Eisemann). The CIC company uses the TAL wireless router as a means of connection to the Internet, so if you're in the vicinity for a browse or want to buy something for the PC - drop on by. I'm sure Arno will give you a great deal.
Chavez's Home Page!
Colin Garvie's Homepage
Craig Whittingham
Dave's Not Here, Man
If you were too stoned to remember the Cheech and Chong movies, fear not. Have your memory jogged at the official Cheech and Chong homepage. Sounds, album info, current projects, and plenty of photos are all available. There's also a trivia multiple choice section that we were embarrassingly accurate in completing.
FHM Home Page
A slightly (OK, very) risqué site for the boys. A bit yobo-ish but still a touch of fun.
Gas & Fuel Homepage
Justin's Interesting Places Page!
Justin's Links from the Under
Kaye Vivian's Home Page
Mustang Web Page
Peter Lo Iacono's Home Page
QBIC Home Page
Road Runner`s Home Page : Acme
Road Runner`s Homepage includes cartoons such as Xmen Rugrats, Actresses including Ariana Richards and Alicia Silverstone. Lots of Pictures including Road Runners Revenge on Barney
Sheryl Eldridge Homepage
Starships of the Mind
The Phoenix Home Page
The Unofficial Pauline Hanson Web Site
Rocket hosts the very "unofficial" Pauline Hanson web site, where you can have your say as well as reading what others think.
Spectrum Home Page
The Quotations Home Page
It contains nearly 12,000 quotes from various sources, from the serious to the sarcastic, the scientific to the poetic. You can find quotations from Shakespeare, US Presidents, writers, actors and comedians of all descriptions.
XNet Home Page
Zub's Home Page


Exec-PC - World's Largest BBS
Merlin Australia - Home
On-Line Internet Service
Spiv: Bite Back
The Australian ISP List
Welcome to 6168
Welcome to Black Sun Interactive
Welcome To Interlog
Welcome to the EON-4 Project
AOL and Cyber Promotions aren't the only spam-ban-wielding antagonists in cyberspace. A similar dispute has arisen between ISPs in New Zealand. Xtra blocked all access from Voyager, essentially preventing e-mail and Web pages originating in Voyager's servers from reaching Xtra customers. Xtra closed the door "to protect Xtra customers from unsolicited e-mails, or 'spamrning' from Voyager," and claims to have lifted the ban "after getting an assurance from Voyager that it would not attempt to obtain information from Xtra's database in future," whatever that implies. Voyager ran an end-around anyway, rerouting e-mail traffic through its Australian parent's servers.

Chat Sites

A web chat site
Another web chat site
Mirabilis ICQ Chat Software
Mirabilis ICQ - Notice
Visunet Chat
WorldChat Showcases ActiveX Capabilities
WorldChat is a new network of chat servers built specifically on Microsoft's Conference Server and ActiveX technology. This barely international network of chat servers provides audio-based conferencing, whiteboard utilities, and a member search service. They are currently running 10 servers, nine in the US and one in Denmark. Chatters can hook up using either standard IRC software or proprietary clients like Microsoft's MIChat. The site is heavily Microsoft centric; you won't even see their home page without a browser that supports ActiveX, Microsoft's competition for Java. If you want to know how Microsoft stacks up in the server wars, give them a look.

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Australian Camera Clubs
The entry point for amateur photographic clubs. These pages contain photos, exhibtion info, web links and contact details of suburban camera clubs.
Black Star Photo Resources
Black Star was founded in 1935, well before the Web! They are the largest photographic agency in the world and supply images to all spheres of business. Need a new image? Black Star is for you.
Eye On The Mid-20th Century
This exceptionally organised site devoted to the life and work of David Seymour (1911-1956), political photojournalist, is the product of the International Center of Photography/Midtown. The lives of David Seymour and his friend Robert Capa were woven together by war, intellect, and the everpresent camera. Many wonderful photographs run side by side with the well-written text. Go, enjoy.
Kodak Company
Nikon Site
Find out about the latest in cameras and photographic technology at the Nikon site. Rather snazzy graphics there as well.
Tony Ryan
Tony Ryan, a talented photographer has a new site.

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Postcards & Flower Sites.

Blue Moutain Arts
Cartoon Postcards
CyberCheer Home Page
Internet Greeting Cards
The Electric Postcard
The NGDC Electronic Postcard Service
Virtual Flowers Homepage

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Consultants, 'Head-Hunters' etc

A lot of people are talking about intelligent agents these days, but Andersen Consulting offers a hands-on demonstration of the touted technology. LifestyleFinder asks a series of broad questions and then makes inferences about the kinds of web sites a subject would like to see. After learning stuff like the kind of music I listen to and the kind of home I live in, LifestyleFinder came up with the wacky idea that I must spend most of my free time doing water sports. The scary part is it was right. Andersen is using the experiment to hone its powers of induction and asks for feedback on the experience. In return, youOll get access to thoughtprovoking articles about how the technology could change the web experience.
Competitive Intelligence Guide
The home page for Fuld & Company explains what competitive intelligence (CI) is, why it's important for your company, and how you can hire Fuld & Company to craft your CI strategy. Now, many employees tend to be a rather competitively intelligent lot, but they shouldn't overlook the site's Internet Intelligent Index, a list of over 300 intelligence related links to everything from macroeconomic data to patent information. Those interested in finding out more about CI can order a copy online of founder Leonard Fuld's treatise on the topic, "New Competitor Intelligence."
Quasar Professional IT Consultants

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Cult Of The Anti-Cult boasts that it broadcasts "20 megs of unfiltered information" about "exploitative psychological techniques and those who use them." It offers a deluge of data composed of public and private records, research, and personal histories that expose the seamier activities of groups from the Unification Church, The Way International, the Transcendental Meditation movement to the latest craze in gurudom. While the site invites contributions from "true believers", most material appears to come from those whose lives have been shattered by their association with exploitive groups. With wit and bite they show that the guru has no clothes, and worse. Even if you've never had any contact with "alternative philosophies", it's a neat site to check out.
The Satanic Network
This may sound like a very bad place.....a very, very bad place. However, it presents as a respectable religious page with links to teachings from one Anton Szandor LaVey. Indeed, it states that ".....does not in any way support the killing of animals or children....." well, that's a relief! You have to wonder just how Satanists got such a bad name.....!

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American Slanguage
As our friend from Philadelphia would say: Yo Goomba! American Slanguages presents phonetically spelled words and phrases that are particular to 27 cities and regions around the country - including, of course, Boston, home of the "tea potty" and "Have Id" University; New York, where "toy teen" is the number after 12 and "doily bold" catches the worm; and Chicago, where "Bob" is "Bab," and when you meet a friend you say, "How Air You?" Audience participation is invited, too. Add your own city and your own slang. Or just fuggedaboudit.
And The Wisest Was A Biblical Scholar
"In-ay e-they eginning-bay...." Yup, somewhere out there, there's someone insane/bored enough to translate the entire Bible into Pig Latin. Or so he claims - only Genesis, Job, and John are currently available for your reading pleasure. We loved the dry humor of this page so much, we backtracked and bookmarked Earl's home page.
Apache Dominates, Microsoft Gains In Latest Server Survey
Netcraft has released the latest in their ongoing round of automated Web server surveys. After accessing 603,367 servers, they report that Apache runs at 41% of all sites, dwarfing the shares of commercial servers and a hair up from the last survey. Second-place Netscape servers declined slightly from 13.75% to 12.96%, apparently at least partly due to gains in fourth place Microsoft's share, which went up to from 9.37% to 9.52%. NCSA server continues to lose ground, though it's still in third place with 12.63%. Details can be found at the Netcraft site.
Australian National Library
Board of Studies EFD
But Autumn Came And The Weather Worsened
When pigs fly, you say? That's not so far fetched if you live in Tornado Alley. Follow the stormchasers who follow flying pigs (hmmm, wasn't it a cow in the movie?) through wall, funnel, and cumulonimbus clouds. You can find all the up-to-the- minute weather info you can handle, and learn all about the crazed folk who chase storms so that you don't have to. Take some time to look at the photos.
Candle Flames In Microgravity
Censorship Most Important Issue for Internet Users
This according to the latest indispensible GVU's WWW User Survey. Fully 35% of the 15,000-plus respondents said that censorship was the most important issue facing the Internet today, with privacy coming in second place at 26.2%. In addition, more than 2/3 of respondents (67.6%) reported that they were not willing to pay additional fees for accessing Web materials. The survey ran throught October and November of this year. As usual, there are many, many more interesting results then we can report here, so we urge you to take a look at the site for a fascinating snapshot of our online culture.
Cybersight Social Research
Emergency Contraception
Fascinating Facts
Did you know that in fact, the 13th of the month falls on a Friday more often than any other day in the long term? This, and many other fascinating facts and myths about Friday the 13th can be found at this address.
Genealogy Home Page
This site is a comprehensive list of genealogy resources online. It contains very little information of it's own, but should be the number one stop for anyone looking up family history information, or searching for relatives on the Internet.
Genealogy Sites On The Internet
Ever wondered where you came from? Well, it may be time to bite the bullet and find out! A good resource for all your family tree needs.
General Reasoning Program Proves Theorem
This is kind of an esoteric item, but it marks a significant step in the development of artificial intelligence software. Some years back, the very first computer proof was done, when a computer exhaustively proved the famous four-color map conjecture after being programmed to do so. Recently, another computer discovered another proof, but this time the beast was programmed to do generic reasoning, not any specified problem. For the first time, we have a tool which can, to some extent, exhibit the same mathematical reasoning power that top human mathematicians use to crack difficult abstract math problems. With this proof, the quality of our artificial intelligence knowledge has taken a quantum leap. For the mathematically masochistic, the technical details of the Robbins Conjecture proof are at this site. Read the Press Release link from there for the non-technical info.
Happy Birthday Ben Franklin!
Give the man some respect, he's 291 years old and still something of a live wire. We all know about his shocking affair with electricity, and some of us may even know about his shocking affairs with members of the fair sex, but let's cut him some slack. After all, he was a scientist, an inventor, a statesman, a printer, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist, not to mention a raving revolutionary. Try to do that in the 20th century and you'll wind up with hernia of the psyche. So visit the Franklin Institute and wish the old codger a happy birthday. Send him a card, read what glad tidings were left by others, and tour the online exhibit about his life, "Ben Franklin: Glimpses of the Man". He'd have liked all this, don't you think?
Hebron & The Middle East: The Documents
This site contains the text of significant documents relating to the Middle East diplomatic process, including the just-signed Hebron accords, along with the American "Note for the Record". The documents here start at the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and continue forth through the September 1996 Palestinian accords and the recent Hebron material. Skip the pre-digested media coverage and check out how high stakes diplomacy is really documented.
Home Brewing
History of the Barber Pole
Ignobel Prizes
The Ignobel Prizes for 1996 have just been awarded. These prizes go to scientists who've published the weirdest, most way out research papers in respectable scientific journals.
International E-mail accessibility - World Map
Internet Statistics: Web Growth, Internet Growth
Have you ever wondered just how rapid growth of the Internet is? On the Internet Statistics: Web growth, Internet Growth page you can find out exactly how fast things are happening. One example - In January 1994 the number of hosts was 2.2 million, in January 1996 the number of hosts had risen to 9.5 million. That is fast!
InterNetSearch is a professional online research service. They research any topic on the internet for business or individual clients.
ISP Listings
IToois Research-It!
Lots of sites provide links to reference sources, but ITools goes one step further with a form-based connection to everything from an acronym dictionary and a currency exchange calculator to UPS tracking and post code lookup. The formbased interface means you don't have to go hopping around from site to site to perform searches at different reference services -- each query brings you right back to the form.
Janes Information Group
List of Usenet FAQs
Lynne Roberts
Lynne Roberts, a Ph.D. student at Curtin University in Perth, is conducting a survey on new Internet users. If you are new to Werple in the last month, Lynne would welcome your participation in this research. Further information is available at her site above.
Several websites are now offering interactive maps of various places, but few are as impressive as MapQuest. MapQuest's main service is an interactive atlas of the world. When you get to the main webpage, you're asked to choose from "Original", "Java" or "ActiveX", 3 different ways of viewing the map. If you're using Netscape v2.0 or greater, I recommend the Java viewer, which has a nice Windows-style interface. If you're using an early version of Netscape or some other browser, choose "Original". The ActiveX version should work with Internet Explorer v3.0, but when I tried it there were some problems. I suggest if you're using IE3.0, stick to the Java version.
More fascinating facts... Friday 13th
Did you know that in fact, the 13th of the month falls on a Friday more often than any other day in the long term? This, and many other fascinating facts and myths about Friday the 13th can be found at this address.
NetFrog (Interactive Frog Disection
Nomadic Research Labs
One Autumn Night, Along Came A Hungry Werewolf
In the Web-wide world of werewolf whereabouts, there are pages with decent art, decent prose, and decent data. But no one site really puts it all together, so here are three. The first has a litter of pies from all kinds of sources. The second teaches how to tell werewolf from normal person. The third has more info than you can count on your claws. Second and finally the Third
One In Nine US Households Use Web, A Quater Of Them Shop Online
A new survey of about 10,000 households by PC-Meter leads that company to estimate that about 11 million households use the Web in the US. Not surprisingly, 33.1% of households with annual incomes over $100,000 use the Web, as opposed to only 5.5% of those with incomes of $25,000 or less. Similarly, advanced degree holders hit the Web more (28.0%) than do those with only high school degrees (5.3%). Another survey reveals that 25% of Web users now visit shopping sites, with the number one shopping destination being Other top shopping sites include Columbia House, ZD-Net, CUS, and These fun facts and more can be found in the latest PC-Meter press releases, and details can be had if you subscribe to their market research service; or visit their other site at
One Look Dictionaries
No-frills in its design but eminently searchable, this site is arranged by categories such as science, medical, business, and computer. Users can enter straight or wildcard searches, or if no match is found, the search will be automatically expanded. There are also plenty of links to other dictionary sites, and the opportunity to contribute suggestions and new links.
Reef Aquarium : Marine Aquarium
David`s Reef Experience. A collection of information and resources about reef aquariums.
The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
If you have ever wanted to know just what happened to J.F Kennedy or what Area 51 really contains, don't head off to this site. If however you want a good laugh at the expense of some of the more.....fringe areas of conspiracy theory then check out this extremely funny and very timely site.
The Castle of Wales
The Crusades
The Laziest Little Pig Said He'd Build One of Straw
See Dick. See Dick build. See Dick build with straw. See Dick build a house inexpensively with straw. See the thermal performance of straw. See a modular house of straw. See Dick save the environment with straw and other waste agricultural fibers. OK, we're kidding about Dick, but not about the straw. Step by step, without a lot of hot air, this site strives to make you think that straw might be "the next great building material." If you've ever had to insulate walls or replace a roof, this site may alter your ideas about domestic construction. Rest assured, this is definitely not the last straw.
The Media History Project
Ever wanted to know the history of various types of media? This site covers it in extended detail. If you are researching the subject, you could do worse than this content-full site. To quote the creator of the site, "This project is the result of the efforts of numerous scholars working worldwide to produce hypertext and multimedia learning tools that could be globally accessible at any time."
There Lived Three Unhealthy Little Pigs
You think you know pigs? We suggest you test your knowledge by submitting to the Swine Gross Pathology Quiz. Kindly posted by Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicines Veterinary Pathology Class, the quiz features questions on interpretive diagnostic pathology. A charming supply of graphics will aid you in your swine diagnostics. Don't visit during lunch. Ick.
The Still Ongoing History of APPLE
Glenn Sanford presents the manic history of Apple Computer in broad strokes with six short, sharp synopses of the Woz and Steve's brainchild. Read along as Apple forges ahead or falls behind under the guiding hand of the company's notoriously woozy management. While there's certainly more to be said and read (a good "further reading" list for the interested is included), Sanford has pulled together an excellent thumbnail history of the people behind Apple, and has managed to compile decent, detailed histories for every machine Apple has introduced to the market. An opinion section adds depth to the history by offering comment and criticism from some of the folks who helped make that history. If you're an Apple a day kind of nethead, it's tasty eating.
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
The Uselessness of Pi and its irrational friends
UCSF Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Welcome Page

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space_li.gif - 3.2 K


Astronomical Society of Victoria
Canberra Deep Space Tracking Station
Digital Medicine
Medsite Navigator is a handy collection of pointers to a variety of medical sites for physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals. Its ambitious goal is to follow Internet technology in medical labs and clinics and "stimulate the creation of novel Internet-based applications for the biomedical fields." Patients and educators, too, will find useful resources here. "Destinations" takes you to search tools and clinical and research sites. Every week, "Discoveries" focuses on two important discoveries in science and medicine. One of the site's New Year's predictions is that it "will evolve into an advanced Java-based software program capable of navigating to high quality medical and scientific information."
Earth Viewer
Earthquake Information
The Galileo spacecraft is bringing back some fantastic pictures of Jupiter and it's moons.
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Hubble Space Telescope
Hunting The Wild Petunia, or Any Other Plant
The Plant Tracker is a no-nonsense botanical database covering all uses of common plants. From one interface you can search on either the binomial or common names, usage, growing conditions, or any combination of factors. In case you can't think of the term to search on, there are lists of term descriptions for the various medicinal uses, edible uses, soil types, moisture levels, etc. Amazingly, there really are 101 things to do with kodzu (well, more like 25 or so).
Mars Won't Die, But Spacecraft Will...
Mars won't stay out of the news it seems. Months after a NASA research team announced evidence for past life on Mars, a British team has come forward with supporting evidence and the claim that they actually had the story seven years earlier. Meantime, the Russian Space Agency recently flung the Mars 96 spacecraft toward the Red Planet, but fell a bit short - into the Pacific, to be exact. Exciting stuff, maybe, but both pale before the delightfully demented mind of Tim Burton and his retro-sci-fi flick "Mars Attacks." Skip the snaps of itty-bitty Martian microbes and check out the brain cases on these guys (beware the 7 MB QuickTime clip). Mars '96, Mars Attacks
Mars Pathfinder (CNN)
Mars Pathfinder (NASA)
NASA Spacelink
NASA Space Shuttle Web Archives
Nine Planets
Nineteenth Century Medicine To Die For
If you think health care is a horror show now, visit the International Museum of Surgical Science and see if you can survive their "interactive antique illness". It's the 1800s and you've got abdominal pains plus a few choices to make. If you end up making the wrong choices (like deciding to see the wrong doctor), you'll be joining more than 2,500 other cyberstiffs who made the wrong medical move. In addition to interactive death, the site features a short bibliography that might be helpful to people about to undergo surgery and a few links to other medical sites. The real draw here, though, remains the antique illness, of corpse.
Nobel Winners Archive
Admirers of genius will love the Nobel Prize Internet Archive. Its navigational features alone are brilliant in their simplicity and ease of use. Everything - or almost everything - you could want to know about Nobel laureates, their lives and accomplishments, and the prize itself is here. In the literature section, for example, you can link to poems and prose (a great way to try to answer for yourself the question that recurs in every field: "How in blazes did HE/SHE win?"). Among other features of this site are the Nobel Trivia Quiz, Nobel Gossip Bulletin Board, and a section on women laureates. You'll have to download clickable ads along with other colorful graphics, but once your browser takes a breather and you can focus on the content, you'll know that what you're staring at and clicking on is a painstakingly wonderful labor of intellectual love.
Online Amphibian Science Conference
In my continuing struggle to bring you the latest in amphibian news I call your attention to this noteworthy event. Instead of a costly full blown physical meeting, the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program (AMP) is currently holding what looks like a rousingly succesful virtual science conference on the Web (is this a first?). The science papers are organised into a series of virtual rooms (Aquatic Sampling - Neptune Room, Deformed Frogs - Hephaestus Room, Statistical Issues - Angst Room) and if you register you can participate in online discussion forums. In view of the recent plague of deformed frogs around the world this is a timely and interesting online event. In fact, if you've spotted any deformed amphibians recently, some of these scientists desperately want to talk to you. No kidding.
Ontario Science Center
The mecca of an inquisitive eastern Canadian childhood is the Ontario Science Centre, in North York, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. Web haJJis can experience interactive exhibits like the Stupid Mouse Race, Computer Crayons, and the Marvellous Exploding Zit. Like everything in the real complex, the virtual exhibits are fun for all ages. You'll need Shockwave to participate, but you have it already, no?
Periodic Table of the Elements
Called WebElements, this page starts with the periodic table in traditional form. You can further investigate the elements based upon their many different properties: general, chemical, physical, nuclear, electronic, biological, geological, crystallographic, reduction potentials, isotope abundances, electronic configurations, and ionisation enthalpies. This chemical bonanza joins the ranks of an increasing number of well done, special interest sites.
Planet Earth Home Page - NASA Information
Rocket Science
Science Texts
Thanks to National Academy Press (NAP), you can access more than 1,000 health, science, and technology books for free. This site seems designed mostly for researchers and others with professional interests, but consumers are welcome and will quickly find much of topical interest, including Auditorium Chat. NAP has collected digitised books in more than 26 categories in the Reading Room. Much of the dry prose comes from government agencies, but tax dollars have at least made it plentiful, far-reaching, and authoritative. Fresh Paint is a "What's New" with a calendar, reviews, and discussions of hot topics in science. If you want hard copy, go to Bookstore. (You don't really want to click through 300 pages online, do you?)
Scientific Oddities
The Human Genome
A huge undertaking is already producing amazing results. The National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Institutes of Health presents a wealth of information about the Human Genome mapping project. The pages have over 40 genes that have been identified with inherited disorders, and a search engine for many others. One of the links is to Science Magazine's Genome Issue. This series of articles explains the methodology, progress, and importance of the project. Uhh, you do know what a genome is, right?
The Premiere Place For Hubble Space Telescope Images
Who can resist the grea\Mst show in the universe? You can view and save hundreds of images with an out-of-this-world viewpoint taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. You'll find outstanding images with color and clarity that's hard to believe. You might use one of these images as wallpaper for your computer screen. If you're really impressed, there's also info on getting prints.
Volcano Page
You can access all the up-to-date forecasts and weather details from the bureau of meteorology.
Weather World
World Weather
Xerox PARC Map Viewer
Yahoo Astronomy

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Babylon 5 (1)
Babylon 5 (2)

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica
Chris Pappas' Battlestar Galactica Homepage
Dave's S:AAB Links
The official Independence Day site, glitzy graphics intensive, animated preview to the movie. Info on the cast, behind the scenes, sound clips and previews to download. Also features the ID4 Screen Saver.
Lost In Space Sites
Lost In Space - Downloads Page
Lost In Space - The Movie
Movie BBS
Robots and Space Toys
Science Fiction
Australiana - over 5M of movie reviews, books, authors, music, web links and art.
seaQuest DSV
Space: 1999
The Lost In Space Galaxy

Star Trek
Star Trek
Star Wars Trilogy: Official Website
Everybody over the age of 20 should be familiar with these films. Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi make up what must surely be the most impressive space opera ever filmed. While they are not, by any stretch of the imagination, what one could call Art House films they seem to have endured the last 20 years (Yes! That long ago and far away), remarkably well.
The Klingon Language Institute
Welcome to TrekMUSE!

Star Wars

Star Wars Home Page at UPENN
Star Wars Multimedia Page

Superman (Lois & Clerk)

Lois and Clark Pictures

TV 21 Home Page
UFO Self Test
UFO Series Home Page

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Alta-Vista (Australian Mirror)
The Australian Yellow Pages have opened a new site which is the official Australian mirror site of Alta-Vista, which many consider to be the best World Wide Web search engine in existance. It is functionally identical to Alta-Vista itself, and should be quicker to load and return searches because it's located in Australia. It even has Australian ads!
AltaVista: Simple Query quicktime
Country Codes
You can find a list of all country codes used on the InterNet at this location.
Excite Australia
Excite City.Net
Excite Home
First One-Stop Directory
JAVA'd Web Search
Avoid confusion when tracking information down on the Web and give Fusion a try. A Java apples queries six Internet search engines in parallel and presents results in a list with the accompanying URLs. You'll need Navigator 2.0 or later, though it seems the later, the better.
Just The FAQs
FAQ Finder allows you to search by category or directly for the FAQ of your choice. Over 1,800 links to FAQs around the world will let you in on everything from alligators to attorneys. It's quick. It's available.
There's been an explosion of web directory services -- from the granddaddy Yahoo! that breaks the web into categories, to other services that return lists of site reviews when a user does a keyword search. This subject directory, a part of the Readers Digest website, does both. At present, it contains over 110 000 sites arranged in ten major subject categories (from home and famliy to health and fitness) with numerous subcategories. Unlike other categorical directories, however, the layout of this site allows users to see subcategories while the main categories are still on the screen -- making it both useful *and* easy to navigate.
Lycos Pictures And Sounds
Lycos, the famous web search engine, has recently launched its "Pictures and Sounds" service, which searches not for entire web pages, but images and/or sound files relevant to the search terms you specify.
Luckman's WWW Yellow Pages
Search Engine Voyeur
Displays the search strings for twenty searches currently in progress on the Magellan search engine. Maybe you want to tap into the pulse of the web community by looking at what others are looking for. Maybe you've got searcher's block and need some good ideas. Hey, maybe you just like to watch. Updated every twenty seconds with twenty new search strings. -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Starting Point
A "metasearcher" that allows you to search the Web using several of your favorite search engines at once, via one central resource and keyword entry system. Very fast and very easy.
TAMI, the Australian Mirror Index
W3 Search Engines
Web Crawler
Web Wombat Search Engine
Welcome to Lycos
Welcome to the IMDb
Yahoo Random Link Generator
Random links to random sites around the WEB.

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Shopping locations for various goods for PCs, software and general electronic goods.

Alpine Australia
If you are in the market for a new car Hi-Fi, then you are going to love this well designed site. The content is great and the style is just right. If you, like me, are sick of all the discount price chain stores that give low price along with low quality and no service then check out this professional effort from one of the world's leaders in car sound.
Blackbird T-Shirts & Accessories
Bunnings Hardware Warehouse
Buynet Computers
Centari Systems
This company (based in Box Hill), is an authorised HP dealer, so you can stock up on all your preferred HP goodies from this one stop shop. One of the better dealers around!
Marketing giants like Colgate-Palmolive know who their stakeholders are, and the company's new web site caters to all of them. There's an area called Professional World geared to dentists, and other sections promote oral hygiene among kids. In addition, an Investor Relations link yields in-depth information about the company's financial performance. Investors and consumers alike may enjoy the Tour of Colgate, with "interesting facts about the company's history."
Corporate Software Australia
David Jones
As a physical store, David Jones sets new levels in quality of service and diversity of range. Their online presence continues this tradition. Upon arriving at the entrance to this site you will be presented with a choice - To Shock or Not to shock. If you have "Shockwave" installed on your machine and you feel like downloading a medium size file just to see an introduction screen, then choose to go the Shocked route. If you don't have that particular plugin or you just don't want to delay the purchasing spree any longer, click on the standard welcome area. (This is the course that I would take as the Shocked and unshocked versions are pretty much the same).
Dazza's Shareware
Dealer Net
Dick Smith Electronics
Engale Marketing's Star Trader
Need a quick fix for your Filofax? Those of us who organize their "professional and personal lives through loose-leaf pages" need go no further than this web site, presented by The Daily Planner, a NYC-based shop that bills itself as the "official carrier of Filofax products." I'll admit to being one of those who is obsessive about their page inserts -- some of which can be nearly impossible to find -- but this site, which uses navigational elements resembling the tabs in the organisers, can give a Filofax fix within two hours. Check back often -- the site is currently being configured to organize the wide variety of inserts "in a way which will be understandable."
Harvey Norman
Hickory Farms
Okay, it doesn't have animated cheese wheels, but this site offer users the ability to order the range of products that have made the company famous for the past 45 years -- from beef sticks and cheese balls to fresh fruits and nuts - in one homey, snow-capped web site setting. Plus, the site gives users a chance to request a mail-order catalog or learn about upcoming specials via email. Sadly, no virtual samples of those cheese logs.
High Point America (PC Store)
Jumbo Computers
Mail-Order multimedia specialists. A truly one-stop shop for all your computer needs here in Melbourne at very reasonable prices.
MIPS Processors
Mitre 10
Hardware bits & pieces.
Performance Sales
Pumpkin Masters
America's Pumpkin Carving Company has been selling its Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kits since 1986, and its new site is up for Halloween. Aside from.offering the kits online, Pumpkin Masters provides pointers from the pros on how to carve a killer pumpkin and includes images of its best patterns, like "Mr. Lips" and the "Jay Leno Moon" (the kits appeared on the Tonight Show, thus the homage to the host)
Rod Irving Electronics
Software Warehouse (Sydney)
Time Warner's dreamshop
The one place on the Internet where you can shop from more of your favourite stores and catalogues.
Harvey Norman
Internet Shopping Network
LaserBaud Electronic Products
Nick's Wine Merchant
I suggest you order some fine wines from Nicks Wine Merchants. A great gift idea for a loved one, or even for your office or weekend parties, you can also order online Nicks Bush Chocolates, perfume or even their famous Witjuti Drink! A FAST effective way to shop from home.
Patagonia, known for keeping mountain climbers and kayakers warm with its fleece outerwear, has a web site that leaves customers out in the cold. With no online catalog or ordering capabilities, Patagonia is far behind rivals like Eddie Bauer that already offer such services. The Guide Line, which lets visitors submit questions to Patagonia employees about outdoor activities, is nice but canOt deliver a response time faster than one to two weeks. Might as well send a post card to a friendly forest ranger.
Power PC Sales
Quill Corporation
The largest direct marketer of of lice supply products in North America isn't selling anything through it's web site just yet, but visitors can submit an order for any of the company's specialty catalogues. And if things are a little slow at the office, check out selected articles from Office World News about work-related injuries and office supply trends, or take in the top ten tips of the month. Among this month's food for thought: "If every fax owner switched to half-size fax cover sheets, we would save two million miles of unrecyclable fax paper." If Quill put its catalogues and product ordering systems online, we'd save even more.
Many areas of this site are still under construction, but the idea is simple -- to present rebate forms and information. Check the rebate exchange section to "see what your fellow Internet customers have to trade" -- on last visit included Roberts health club memberships, watch cereal forms from Life cereal boxes, and rebates for free boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Rebaters, rejoice! [Also visit their sister site, CouponNet , which is solely devoted to coupon swappings]
"What a ride!" this site announces on its opening page. While viewers will indeed find their visit a smooth, fast ride, large amounts of text and some fairly unintuitive department headings may detract from its excitement. I did enjoy the site's collector's area, which made me long for my antique Schwinn beach cruiser -- had I kept it, it would have been worth a mint today! However, where were the visuals? I would have loved to see images of vintage bikes and new merchandise in places other than the Catalogue section.
Sci-Fi Channel: Trader
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Sofcom Shopping Mall
In the midst of the year, it's the perfect time to visit the Sofcom Shopping Mall. You can purchase Australian wines, gourmet foods and perfumes for that special occasion, order gadgets galore, or just catch up on the latest consumer alerts!
Studio Italia Shopping
Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears and related stuff. All you need in the world of Teddy Bears. Ready-mades, kits, fabrics and general supplies. Buy your teddy bear - online.
The Fashion Page
The FriendChip
The next time you're in the market for a gift, San Diego based Chip Enterprises wants you to think about what kind of memory chip the beneficiary reminds you of and then send him or her one, mounted in a liquid-filled Lucite bubble. While the FriendChip goes snail mail, an electronic message is delivered to the recipient highlighting the qualities that make one deserving of comparisons to a given combination of silicon and circuitry. EPROMs, for instance, have a buoyant belief in the betterment of tomorrow, while RAMs possess charisma that could probably charm serpents. FriendChips come with a suction cup backing for mounting on the side of a computer (or for clamping that serpent's jaws shut, just in case your charms fall short).
The Weekly Freebie Compilation
As the name would suggest, a list of all the things that you can get for free. That's right FREE! Head on over and spend a day or two surfing your way to unlimited mouse mats and drinks coasters!
Victorian Arts Centre Shop
While you're there, also check out the Victorian Arts Centre Shop.
Web's Virtual Shopping Centre
ZD Net's Top Rated Shareware

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Software for upgrades and valuable sites.

If you are looking for serious image manipulation software and are willing to pay the high price that these items attract then may I suggest that you turn your attention to a standard of the design world - Photoshop from Adobe
Apple Computer Australia
Apple Users' Society of Melbourne
This is one of those most rare of beasts, an Apple user site on the Web. Ok, ok, maybe it's just because I don't look around for Apple software. Whatever the reason, this is one of the better local (Melbourne) sites for Apple users. It contains links to software archives and the like. They have meetings that won't cost you anything and you can converse with like minded folk. If you are a fruit user then get on down.
Concentric Network
Corel Site
Corel site
Now with the push of a button, CyberMedia's new Oil Change will take inventory of the software on your PC and scout the Internet for new updates, hardware drivers and fixes. When an update is discovered, Oil Change can download and safely install it at the push of a button.
DreamWorks Interactive
Electronic Arts
Freeloader Inc
Spending too much time keeping track of the coolest and most useful Web sites, only to bookmark them and never return to these sites? You need Freeloader 2.0! FreeLoader is a valuable, free service that tells you about the newest Web sites and downloads them (and your personal favourites) to your desktop for offline browsing.
id Software
Lako Vision
Phone: +61-3-95253899 or check their Web site. The price is a much more affordable $195.00 which makes this one of the must have products for anyone who needs to produce good quality Web friendly images.
Micrografx Software
Microsoft Pty Ltd (Australia)
Microsoft - technical papers on IE3
Microsoft - tips & tricks for IE3
Microsoft - trouble shooting guide for IE3
NetComm Limited
This is the home page of the Nintendo corporation. All of you who are parents will know these people as the ones that cost you a fortune evey Christmas and birthday. All the kids out there will know Nintendo as a bunch of very cool gamers. Perhaps the adults and the children can take a look at this site together, and explain it to eachother! I have a feeling that a lot more adults enjoy this type of thing than they let on.
Norman Software
Software and Virus Control.
Norton / Symantec
Peter Norton & Co. site
PK Ware
QUALCOMM Enterprise Software Technologies
Sausage Software - Download Free Clipart
Sausage Software Home Page
Sierra On-Line
Sim Ware
Spectrum HoloByte
Sony Interactive
Sound Source Interactive
The Integrator
In an example of software marketing to come, the makers of the popular PC math application Mathematica have made part of their package available online for potential buyers to try before purchasing. One hopes Mathematica's potential users are impressed by copy like "The Power to Do Integrals As the World Has Never Seen Before," but they'll no doubt appreciate areas like "The History of Integration" and "What Are Integrals Used for." As for the rest of us, if we're ever faced with integrating x-squared, we'll know where to click.
A 'paint' product that is worth looking out for is Ulead's Photoimpact range of software. The main product in this range is a photomanipulation tool called "Photoimpact". This software is full featured and well crafted for the novice graphic designer. The full range of Ulead products is covered on their Web site.
Visioneer Software (Scanner)
Software support
Welcome to Netscape
Welcome to the Creative Zone!

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Around The World In A Balloon
Of three balloon crews which recently made an attempt to go around the world, only Steve Fossett and his balloonmates are left, making good progress over Saudi Arabia at press time. Due to fuel constraints, he will probably not make it all the way around, but he is highly likely to set distance and endurance records. Sad, isn't it, that the biggest obstacle to completing the flight was not the wrath and fury of nature, but the evil banality of bureaucratic nationalism. You can get updates and a complete record of the grand adventure at this site. Send Steve some e-mail and tell him how much you envy him.
Australian Cricket
Australian Fishing Shop
Australian Fishing Tackle. Showcasing Australia's premier fishing tackle manufacturers, lures, reels, tackle, videos, books, holidays and more.
Australian Football League
I know that a lot of users love Football. I just don't know why! For all things oval, head on down to 'Footy Central'.
Australian Grand Prix
The Australian Grand Prix has caused a lot of controversy over the last couple of years. A lot of people have been expressing a lot of emotion about rights and motivations. I am not going to buy into that argument here, I simply want to point out that great interest, high emotional levels and lots of money do NOT make for a good Web site.
Bankstown Steam Locomotive Society : Trains and Model Engineering
This site is for anyone interested in trains and Model engineering. Listing of clubs and societies as well as hot links to other railway related sites. Worthy of a visit! Check it out Now!
Collingwood Homepage
Cricket : Shane Warne
Shane Warne Information: statistics, latest and greatest achievements. Features a great image gallery.
ESPNET SportsZone
Go Ski!
Lifestyle Guide to the Web
Official AFL Homepage
The official AFL homepage
THE cricket season is in full swing. This year cricket fans with Internet connections can keep up with the Australian and New Zealand cricket scene at the OzSports Cricket Page. It is constantly being updated and has links to alternative cricket coverages, including ball-by-ball commentaries on IRC and shortwave radio.
Port Power AFL : port
The Unofficial Port Adelaide Power Home Page. Port Power is the newest member of the Australian Rules Football League. Support the new players!
Sydney Olympics
What can you say about a sports site that counts the number of DAYS until the 2000 Olympics? Not much! It may be very, very early to start with Olympic concerns but if you're a sports fan take a look anyway.
Teams With Homepages
Teddy Bears
The teddy bear page! All about making teddy bears.
The 19th Hole Golf

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The best places to surf around that I have found...

Refreshing, funny, and therapeutic, Angry.Org), the self-proclaimed Crankiest Site on the Web, allows you - and, it seems, hundreds of others - to mouth off at whomever or whatever is making you nuts. You name it, people are kicking it: bloody Frenchies, Bill Gates, People Who Call Answering Machines and Leave No Messages, the Arbor Day Foundation, Channel 7 Australia. Search to see if you have a comrade in arms; you also can add your own tirade. Just let 'er rip. It feels great.
Australian Web Awards
Want to see the best that Australia has to offer the Web? This is THE site for all you aspiring Web Masters out there.
Bill Gates, Basketball Player, Actor
BaNana BaNaNa
Visit BaNana BaNaNa Today! The Most Fruity WebPage on the internet. BaNaNa BaNaNa has to offer a variety of java applets, animated gifs, links, Banana Awards, video games, and much more..
Birthday Registration Site
Boycott Brazil
This site was built by one John Gregory Lambros. John believes that he is the victim of a mind-control device that was implanted when he was arrested in Brazil five years ago. With claims of torture and infringements or rights (I would have thought that they were one and the same thing) this site is one of the more "offbeat" of this collection. Here you can read of his efforts to.....well.....boycott Brazil!
But The Pigs Escaped In A Hearse To The Wise Pig's Abode
Grim Rides, a Bay area hearse collectors' club, meets every full moon, and strives for grander plans on Halloween and Memorial Day. Everything you expect at this site is here: a FAQ; pictures; email addresses; news; etc. The well designed page is easily navigated. Check out the hearse with the flaming nose.
Celebrity Atheists
Charlie Brown, Restauranteur
Christie's International
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
What lovely joke has been perpetrated on the unsuspecting Internet community today? If you want the answer to this question then you just have to have a little look-see at the CIAC Internet Hoaxes page. All kinds of cruel and unusual (as well as mundane and boring) tricks have been played on unwitting punters all over the world. See if you recognise any of the fake problems.
Computer Virus Myths Homepage
Another myth page. Some people lament the passing of the more traditional myths in our society but how can they when we have so many more evolving every day?
Cybersight (real time)
Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
The central idol of this site is Timothy Leary. This should tell you something about it's contents! Containing the highest quality images anywhere on the net this site is not what anyone could call fast, but it's worth the ride. You'll find material on everything from Radical Politics to Shamanism. There is so much strange information here that you will probably want to bookmark it and come back when your feeling better.
Dr. Bukk's Fake Teeth
Each Pig Decided To Build A Haunted House
Richard Garriott, co-founder of Origin Systems, a name experienced computer jockeys may remember from the pre-Doom gaming universe, also has a rather interesting alter-ego: Lord British, master of the mystic arts, or words to that effect. Every two years, Lord British and his cohorts stage a massive haunted-house style spectacle at Garriott's whopper of a mansion. The Britannia Manor site has been set up to provide a tour of the haunted house production and the underlying story, a classic tale of good against overwhelming evil.
Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow
He Climbed Down The Chimney, Knowing He Could Walk On The Fireplace Coals
Here are two brief, first-person accounts of skeptics - both middle-aged men, to judge by their photos - who sought to disprove New Age entrepreneurs by walking barefoot across hot coals without hocus-pocus preparation. Their secret? According to Brian Wall, host of "Sceptic's Sanctuary", coals are poor conductors of heat - it would be much more difficult to walk across hot metal. In a page of "The Skeptic Journal", Steve "Blackfoot" Roberts also claims to have crossed coals without incident. Just another walk in the park, eh? and Robert's version.
Ferret Central
Not a whole lot needs to be said about this particular site. If you have a penchant for the furry little darlings then head on down. Beware, you may run into Geoff Harvey!
Frog Poetry?
You can't possibly miss this adjunct site to the Amphibian Conference where lovestruck amphibiophiles pay tribute to their favorite fetish. This goes far beyond mere poetry ("Ode to a Dead Toad", "Salamanderfrogilisticexpialidocious"). There are tips on frog fishing, frog music, frog art, frog employment, even frog beer. Don't forget to visit the Local Eateries section for, you guessed it, a guide to the best in frog munchies. The exotic frog dance on display here is most likely already illegal in several moist habitats. A frog riot of a site.
Geocat`s Chocolate Obsession
Chocolate information, chocolate reviews, chocolatey links and `100% chocolate free` links for those not so inclined to chocolate are found here.
He Decided To Convert The Werewolf To Vegetarianism
Apparently, the only hard thing the doggy featured at his site gets to gnaw on is really old tofu. This little Web site, devoted to "Molly, the Vegetarian Dog," explains that Molly is a special doggy because she has always been a vegetarian. The one shocking exception occurred when an adult fed Molly a meatball. The site's author claims that Molly bit the hand of the one who fed her (after wisely gobbling the meatball, of course). For Halloween, would someone please give this doggy a real treat and offer her a nice steak?
He Invited His Littermates In & They Asked An Oracle For Help
The alignment of stars and planets and the alliances of various evil and malevolent forces on Halloween night often fills those uncertain, less cynical souls with trepidation and general, unfocused malaise. For these frightened few, this site offers helpful, insightful, albeit porcine advice. The Joke Pig Oracle is just the thing to help cowering, hapless netsurfers hiding at home until the night has passed. Just make sure to consult the Oracle before it becomes a pleasant, thoroughly cooked companion to someone's morning eggs.
He Set Fire To The Casket & Tried To Cremate Them
Considering cremation? Look no further. The Internet Cremation Society screens services and lists one best value deal for each state, if available. Texans are outta luck (must be all that available space), but they can make alternative arrangements. We hear Alabama has some great deals. A straight job $765-$965; a scattering at sea runs $195 plus $2 a mile for travel. Win free membership or book ahead and save. Burn, baby, burn.
Hoping To Drive The Wolf Away, They Tortured Him With Voodoo
This site is morally reprehensible, encourages the worst sort of sadism and overarchingly is hilariously fun. A wonderful use of Java brings you an actual straw and burlap voodoo doll that you can burn, slash, and, of course, stick needles into. Let the throbbing drumbeats enflame your fantasies. Hear the screams of your accursed object. Then mail the disfigured doll to whomever you please. Your real sender info is included though, so no anonymous voodoo pranks are allowed.
Index Of Net Diaries
The Spot makes you puke? Semi-bored of Bryon? Lonely now that the loser upstairs has moved out? If you want a new fix of real people's personal daily or weekly traumas and observations, try this.
I, Re-arrangement Servant
This anagram maker/translator (the site title of which is itself an anagram for "Internet Anagram Server") is loads of fun and a big help for those who struggle with solving or devising puzzles. Type in a word or phrase, click, and you'll find yourself confronted with a list of every single anagrammatical possibility extant - hundreds, if not thousands of them, some wild, some eerily appropriate, some great, others having little to do with the way we speak or think on this planet. For example, Barry Golson, translates into "Born as Glory"...but also into "Rosy Bran Log," and even the ever-popular "Rob Roy Glans." Who is to say which is most appropriate? If your phrase is too long, you will be directed to send it via e-mail. There is even an Anagram Hall of Fame, which offers some of the bestever mixed messages: Clint Eastwood reassembles itself into "Old West Action," and Western Union becomes "No Wire Unsent."
International Sewing Machine Collectors Society
Sewing Machines, Rare Sewing Machines,Antique Sewing Machines, Toy Sewing Machines, Miniature Sewing Machines, Full -Size Sewing Machines, Table Model Sewing Machines, Treadle Sewing Machines, Restoration, Antiques, Antique Restoration,etc.
Keep Your Eye On The Web
It started with the "personal newspaper" once touted by Prodigy and other online services. Now, on the Web, starting points that you can customise to suit your interests are all the rage. The latest as-you-like-it freebie. Eye on the Web is designed to help both new and experienced surfers get a quick start on their information round-ups. Weather forecasts, horoscopes, sports scores, comics, news, and more neat stuff are accessible by means of gateway pages through this launchpad, a value-added asset for Internet service providers and you. The Site Map page, like this site's persistent navigation column, tells a lot with lists: Eye on the Web wants to be your home page, and if you want to save time, it will be.
Just when we thought everyone had learned their lesson with the "Good Times" virus hoax, along comes P-Trak hysteria. Lexis-Nexis has been inundated with calls from outraged citizens demanding that their names be removed from a database that callers believe allows online criminals access to personal information such as credit card numbers. It doesn't, but Lexis-Nexis was forced to issue repeated public denials and add a personal - information removal request form to their Web site. The e-mail is still circulating - don't get burned.
Surf & Art & Music & Love & Life & Death & Car Repayments - In fact just about the whole damn thing!
Moon Over Parma
"Moon over Parma/Bring my love to me tonight./Guide her to Cleveland/Underneath your silvery light./We're gain' bowlin'/So don't lose her in Solon./Moon ova Parma tonight." This infectious theme ditty from "The Drew Carey Show" may be in trouble. If you do nothing else this week, write a letter to save it.
NetGuide Live
Stepping out of the shadow of parent Tech Web, NetGuide Live has a new domain name all its own and wants to be your first stop for finding out what's happening on the web. The Grid guides you to live online events web-wide, while the What's Happening area shows new postings to your favorite sites. Of particular interest is the List Guy, whose lists of URLs related to particular topics are stored in a searchable archive.
New life in the ol' West
With Ken Burns' New Perspectives on The West, television combines with the Web to produce a stunningly rich and interesting educational resource. Beyond the eight-part documentary that aired earlier this month on PBS stations, visitors to this Web site can look closely at each episode's background material of photos, memoirs, and maps, all richly speckled with links to more historical and geographical information. Games, knowledge quizzes, and info about the making of the series also find a homestead, as does a submission box. Clear navigation tools keep you oriented as you move among a multimedia tour, a searchable timeline of events, and lists of people and places important to the history of the American West. Also notice one of the best uses of HTML frames on the Web.
No Longer Dreaming Of Torturing The Piggies
Have an unnatural affection for your teddy bear? Feel guilty when you find your favorite fluffy toy wedged under your bed, cold and dusty? If so, this page will not cheer you. See B1 jammed in a filing cabinet, or stuck in the door of Club 72, dripping in blood. See Wilbur mangled hideously on a ceiling fan, or watch the slow horror of his microwaved torture. Silly, possibly disturbing, but worth a look.
Nominate A Site For Netguide Awards
NetGuide has come up with a new set of awards to recognize Web sites and innovative Internet products. Yeah, so it's just another set of awards, but remember that NetGuide has the size and the clout to make them mean something. You can chip in your nomination at this site until January 31, and vote for nine People's Choice Awards from February 8 to February 21. I'm thinking of lobbying hard for "Site with Greatest Social Impact". Not that I think I am, but it would look good on my resume. "Hi, I've had great social impact. You want chips with that?"
Not Wishing To Be Homeless, The Pig Resisted
Contemplate this humbling statement: "To the pig, we are all pigs." The "PIGS, A Sanctuary" site describes how that institute cares for abandoned, abused miniature and Vietnamese potbellied pigs. Don't get the idea that you can adopt a house pet from this site. The sanctuary feels that, in general, house piglets are unhappy piglets and that keeping such animals as pets creates only misery for piglet and owner. The sanctuary offers an alternative, providing piggy with "access to an area where he can root, graze, and simply enjoy being a pig." Don't you wish you could look forward to that for your retirement?
Once Upon A Halloween
Some sites just make you go 'wow'. The Fright Zone dedicated to Halloween, is one. The site demands up front that you have or get the Shockwave, VDOLive, Cyberpassage, and Live 3D plug-ins, but you can get by without them. True, you lose the animated man-eating computer and you won't be able to view the VRML haunted house or the VRML monsters you've designed, but there's still enough left to make a worthwhile browse. The herbal lore, for example, describes the supposed effects of everything from lettuce (an aphrodisiac) to lovage (psychic cleansing, but oddly not an aphrodisiac) and the mini-pontifications on Halloween past and present make decent reading. The designers have crafted the site and its art with loving care, and it shows.
Penn And Teller Get Webbed
Those wacky ministers of the arcane, Penn and Teller, in keeping with the expansion of life (and everything close enough to fall into that category) onto the cyberplane of existence, have performed a magical act of major creation in putting together a Web site. To preserve their wholesome, family-entertainment kind of charisma, the site's banner sports the warm, fuzzy title, "Welcome to Sin City". Fans of the two-man comedy/magic/dismemberment act that has been amazing audiences both on television and on tour for years will be fascinated to get into the minds of the six-foot, six-inch Penn Gillette and the diminutive Teller, who remains mute during all performances, but not in person or on the Web site. Visitors will find biographical information on our two heroes, cruel tricks to play on dear friends, and links to other arcane sites, including one to James "The Amazing" Randi, fellow sceptic and psychic phenomenon debunker supreme.
According to cognitive psychologists, a seven-digit phone number tests the limits of human short-term memory. But now, thanks to PhoNETic, you can find out if an easier-to-remember moniker lies behind the digit strings in your little black book. Just type in your phone number, and PhoNETic creates a list of all possible touch-pad letter permutations, dictionary-screened if you want. PhoNETic also goes the other way, from letters to numbers, if you can't be bothered to search the touch pad yourself. And speaking of touch pads, ever wonder why the numbers on touch-tone phone are arranged with '1' at the top left, while calculators start with '10' at the bottom? Well, the webmaster here has, and he's happy to share his research. Most absurd, however, is that the link to PhoNETic at its parent site, the City University of New York Queens College Sociology Department home page, sits in the same list as "Cuban Affairs Magazine" and "Courses in Women's Studies."
Remember that guy who deposited a $95K junk mail cheque?
A joke check, deposited as an experiment, suddenly gets credited to Patrick Comb's account. What do you do with a hundred grand you know isn't really yours? Follow Patrick's journey through the dilemma of finding himself suddenly wealthy, bewildered, and beset. This is one guy for whom adventure is not an unknown. Read how he delivered a baby on the sidewalk on the way home, how Spalding Gray makes a fool of him, and other weird stories that can entertain you for hours and make you question your own behaviour in extraordinary situations.
Santa Clause
With Christmas every year being more and more commercial, a site to see is "Santa's Secret Village". I'm not going to say anything more about it, just go and take a look at it.
Scott Adams, Attorney-at-law
Slurpee Shrine
Wacky Web sites focusing on humdrum objects such as bowling balls or bananas are only funny if they are encyclopedically over-the-top, with entries that make visitors say, "Wow, this person is absolutely nuts and seriously needs to get a life!" The Slurpee Shrine doesn't even come close. With little more to offer than a list of Slurpee flavours, a boring Slurpee poll, and some random e-mail from Slurpee fans, this shrine to sugary slush is sacrilege to anyone who enjoys the sweet, candy-coloured pleasure - and pain - of a throbbing Slurpee headache.
Stupid Quest
The perfect follow up to a Melrose experience! Here the old saying 'Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer' is aptly applied. Take a look, perhaps you want to ask something about Melrose Place???
Surrealist Compliment Generator
Always wondering what to say to that special someone to make their heart melt? Now, there's the Surrealist Compliment Generator. Here you will find endearments you know your sweetheart has never heard before, such as: "You are as dazzling as a pregnant cow attired in electric sockets." Reload as often as you like, whenever you're in the doghouse - or, leave your own adulation for the benefit of all the other surrealist lovers out there. Ahhh romance...
Tales From The Highway
'Tales From The Highway' is how this site bills itself and that is exactly what you can expect. Strange but true tales of the people who hitch a ride on America's vast system of highways and interstate connector roads.
Ted Kennedy, Firefighter
That's Not The Way The Story Goes, Thought The Wise Pig
Is nothing sacred? Take the Three Little Pigs (only don't take them home, or the pig sanctuary people will get you). Besides this, our own version, there's the tale of the Politically Correct Three Little Pigs. These critters get threatened by a wolf "with expansionist ideas" who is both physically and ideologically hungry. The mean dude and his wolf pack build a "time-share condo resort complex for vacationing wolves" to replace the piggies' homes. Eventually, Wolf King dies of a heart attack, the piggies form a "brigade of porcinistas" and slaughter the remaining wolves, and the pigs build a democracy of, by, and for pigkind. Maybe someone should create a wolf sanctuary...
The 12 Sites of Christmas
Yes, it's the season when the desperation in parents' faces contrasts nicely with the rictus of avarice on the faces of their kids. What could it be but the annual holiday of commerce, Christmas. We thought we'd give you a break and have some fun with holiday netsurfing by putting together this little site. It's an update of a concept we first attempted in 1995, featuring some diverting and eclectic links which I think you'll enjoy. Have fun, and happy holidays.
The Blender-Phone: A Tool For The 21st Century
"It's fully functional as a telephone or blender, but a little more diffcult to use. Certainly more difficult to understand." Basically, instead of ringing, it blends. This is not a joke.
The Friendship Page
Over 30 pages of friendly and informative quotes, poetry, lyrics, pen-pals, philosophy and more! :-)
The Jelly Belly Homepage
The home of the great and powerful 'Jelly Belly' jelly bean. If you have tried these little suckers (no pun intended) then you will know just how addictive they can be. The site features a daily give away of some Jelly Belly jelly beans to the first 500 people to fill out the on-line survey. Be fast these beans don't last.
The Love Calculator
If you have ever wanted to know if a relationship will work out, just head off to this site and enter your name and the name of your intended, click on the calculate button and ZAP! you get a percentage figure which is supposed to represent the chance you have of a successful relationship with the other person. Strange but true!
The Meeting Game
You can find friends, relationships and enjoy laughter and interaction at any of the facilitated programs of The Meeting Game.
The "Northern Half of Korea" Plugs In
North Korea joined the Web this week with a page hosted - sound the trumpets of irony - in Japan. The site run by the Korean Central News Agency posts news blurbs and pics for the interested. Recent news includes a family's defection from South Korea, "a corrupt Colonial society in which the independence of the nation is trampled down and fascism holds sway." Why is North Korea taking this bold step? "To pursue a progressive idea, follow a world-famous great man, and sympathise with a superior social system is an intrinsic need of a human being."
The Odd, Indescribable Spleen
Do you like your pages profound? Do you like following a dark tunnel with no idea where you'll end up or what the hell it's about? Do you like psychoanalysis and heavy propoganda pulled off in an arty and spooky manner? If you like following the answers to esoteric questions about yourself to find new questions, then this page is you. There's even an ancient-style cheer for the revolution, crafted with propoganda and imagery in a peculiarly Fascist fashion. It's quite beautiful and worth an objective look, if you're prepared for something odd.
The Shakespearean Insultor
Finding your flame-thrower just doesn't heat up the way it used to? Well, you misbegotten tickle-brained wagtail, click on the Shakespearean Insultor's "Insult Me Again" button and gain access to the bard's barbs, including libelous lines from actual plays and disrespectful digs generated from Bill's bodacious vocabulary. And if the WERPLE newseditor starts using flowery phrases like Your means are very slender, and your waste is great (Henry IV, Pt. 2), you'll know where they came from.
The Society For The Recapture Of Virginity
Looking for a new you? Lost your cherry and suddenly your life's a tasteless fruit salad? Let Virgin Recovery System 3000 get it back in one nights Answer a few questions, like what you heard at that special moment (dogs barking, a party, mosquitoes are suggested), order the Virginator virginity restorer (a biorhythm restructuring wristband), the certificate, and the badge (wear your virginity with pride) and you're in the running to experience all the advantages of your virginity again - orgasms 200% stronger, food tastes better, low cholesterol, lower death rate, etc. Makes sex look dull in comparison.
The Vampire Pig Built One Inside A Homemade Casket
With a hammer, nails, wood, sweat, and a plan purchased from this site for the low, low price of $20, you can build your very own eternal resting place. Just imagine being buried in the product of your own labor. And best of all, until that fateful day, your homemade casket doubles as fine furniture. Now if you can only find someone to bury you in the backyard, you have it made.
The Werewolf Huffed & Puffed & Blew The Straw House Down
and spawn nightmares. The St. Petersburg Times (that's the one in Florida, not the city formerly known as Leningrad, Petrograd, and, well, St. Petersburg) has assembled a site closer to an encyclopedia entry than a survival manual, though survival tips do appear. Hurricane history, forecasting, a feature on hurricane hunters, a printable tracking map, a lesson or two in geography, and trivia are here for your edification before the next big one threatens. Train your curious eye on this informative site.
The Wolf Followed, Yelling "I'm Gonna Make Ya Give Up The Ghost, Pig!
Ghost Hunter's Gallery claims to contain the largest collection of ghost photos on the Net, complete with the stories surrounding the picture taking. The site's even good for a few laughs. Check out the text that associates the "An Imaginary Friend" images. Oh, wait - they're serious. Take a look inside the hunter's black tool bag to learn what equipment is used in detecting poltergeists. If you're seriously inspired, you can even join the International Ghost Hunters Society.
Tupac Shakur's Murder
The Las Vegas Sun should he arrested for technology abuse. The newspaper's Web site has been using cutting-edge Shockwave/QuickTime animation to illustrate Tupac Shakur's murder. From what looks like a traffic helicopter's view, a little white cartoon car pulls up next to a little black cartoon car. Click. The flash of a gun. Click. The black car pulls a U-turn and drives away, while the white car disappears around a corner. The only thing missing is a RealAudio soundtrack of gangsta rap and gunshots.
Wacky Packages
Web's Worst
William Clinton, Investment Advisor
"Wolf, Try This Pumkin With A Variety of Fillings," He Said
Zug's Pumpkin Drop is brought to you by the guys who last year ran the PumpkinCam, a vegetable with multiple electronic prostheses. This year's prank is to test the gross-ability of variously filled pumpkins surreptitiously dropped from an eight-storey parking structure. They filmed each test and turned them into easily downloadable QuickTime movies. Try the extra-heavy mayonnaise movie or the nacho cheese drop. Be afraid of the pickled sausages. Marvel at rice and tomatoes. And don't miss the chance to reminisce about Clive, the original vomiting jack-o-lantern.
Zen Stories To Tell Your Neighbours
This enlightening site presents a well-balanced selection of life lessons from the Zen masters of Asia. The stories themselves are short and sweet. Comments from readers are also provided. While you may find yourself ardently agreeing or disagreeing with the stories or the running commentary, it really is an ideal blend of yin and yang. Enjoy the ride.
Zonpower proclaims that in Cyberspace the destructive elements of government and the entire parasitical-elite class vanish. I don't know about you but I've been put down quite well over IRC by the parasitical-elite! (At least, that's who they told me they were). Take a look at the future of our society if you are feeling up to all the good vibes.

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Air New Zealand
Imagine flying all the way to New Zealand and missing its most beautiful sights. There is a way, however, to consider all options before you even leave home. Make your first trip to their Internet site...
Ashwood Garden Maze
An hour or so out of Melbourne going towards Portsea. Here's a pleasant way to spend a few hours trying to get out of the maze after you've visited the Rose Garden and other walks around.
ATM machines...
So, you're a stranger in a strange land, and you need some cash, pronto. Well, . there is no longer any need to go wandering the streets, hoping to just maybe chance upon a street corner adorned with an automatic teller machine. . Simply crank up the computer and let your fingers do the wandering, because this site, sponsored by the folks at Visa, will help you locate the nearest Plus-system ATM. Plug in state, city, and either street address or intersection and post code (if known), and three ATM locations - complete with addresses, hours of operation, and even a map - are yours. There is basic info about ATMs in other countries and in international airports, too. Now, if they could only figure out how to shove the money out through your floppy-disk slot....
Attraction by Category
Australian Resorts
Resort page giving information about 5 of the best resorts up north. Each site gives you the chance to look over the resort and obtain booking information. If you're lucky enough to be heading off on holiday, this would make the perfect first stop.
Backpacker Accomodation Ratings Guide
Ever thought how nice it would have been to know before you went? Get the low down on where to stay at this informative and fast loading site.
This is a great site if you want to 'poke' around the shopping centres in Melbourne prior / during your travels.
Climb An Online Mountain
Mountain Online is an e-zine about mountain and rock climbing resources and locations around the world. As one of the so-called "extreme" sports that have been generating much interest in the Generation-Xer psyche, it's only natural that the most Gen-X tool of all, namely the Internet should be used to inform and disseminate information on this category of sport. This free e-zinc offers articles on the mechanics of climbing-related activities, as well as expedition reports from the logbooks of past adventurers. If dangling from thin, nylon ropes next to sharp rocks at suicidal altitudes is the thing for you, the Mountain Online site will not disappoint.
Concorde Hotel Chain
Although this page starts off at the Concorde in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), you can always backtrack to the other locations around the world. I must say, that staying at these hotels has been a great experience and recommend them to one and all.
Dive Into Newly Discovered Yucatan Underwater Cave System
A recent expedition on Mexico's famed Yucatan Peninsula has reportedly uncovered the longest underwater cave system known to humankind. The 35-or-so-mile El Jacinto Pat tunnel system is being explored and documented by a team of adventurous divers, who have provided an interesting and fun presentation of stories, photos, and maps for your viewing pleasure. Great photos and maps that don't take forever to load add a nice touch.
Ease your air travel
This voluminous, nifty site serves two constituencies: air passengers and pilots. Type in the name or the three-letter code for the airport you're interested in (this site has information about 9,000 of them), and if that airport has a Web page, you will be linked to it and facts about land transportation, parking, terminal maps and locations, hotels, rental cars, and so on. And if you will be piloting into that airport, you also will get detailed AirNav stats for your flight plan: everything from significant obstructions on a flight path, direction and dimensions of the runways, and radio aids for navigating, to what kinds of fuel are available.
Electric Samurai Asian Museum
This Web site is an odd collection of art and photos culled, it seems, from a variety of collections on the Net. The Oriental Museum is where the art resides, categorised by country or artist or both - it's not clear. Three photo exhibitions focus on Mongolia, Japanese shrines, and China, in decreasing order of interest. Virtual Mongolia provides an overview of Mongolia with photos of people, history, and sparse but sublime natural vistas. The Chinese portion is divided into regions of that country and, with the Cyber Shrine pages, resemble a typical bus tour. You know: drive, get off the bus, snap your pictures, back on the bus, drive to next hot spot. All images arrive as small thumbnails and announce their size, which is considerate.
Flightcentre Travel (Cheap Fares)
Cheap fares etc etc.
Cruise Concepts
Cruise Concepts provides information for anyone planning to holiday or work on a cruise ship, but unfortunately very little of it is available at the company's web site. Links like "Secrets for Promotion" and "Jobs on Cruise Ships" are really fronts for the sale of audio cassettes and other items. The Last Minute Cruise Discounts button does list good deals for travelers who can sail on short notice, but you'll have to phone the company to make reservations.
Planning a trip? Then first plan a visit to the web site of this well-known publisher of worldwide travel guides. Whether it's a hotel in Hong Kong or a restaurant in Rio you're looking for, the site's Personal Trip Planner lets visitors custom-build their own travel listings based on destination, budget, and personal preferences. Years of information gathering really shows -- while some online guides list good restaurants in Tokyo, here you can specify whether you want to dine near the Imperial Palace in Hibiya or at the fish market in Tsukiji. The "Know Before You Go" section is a helpful compendium of links to travel tips, exchange rates, government travel advisories, and weather information.
Channel 9's Getaway program . Information stories from the current episode, as well as previous episodes, each has a full script from the show as well as places to write or call for further info.
GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Grand Canyon National Park Home Page (medium res)
Have you ever felt the urge to travel somewhere really different? How about Greenland? Find out all about the largest island in the world...
ITT Sheraton
Just Like Being There, Without The Heatstroke
If you've ever considered a trip to the Grand Canyon State, the official Arizona home page should be your first stop. This site is packed tighter than a rat in a rattler. The site offers suggested tours to fit any need and information on darned near every facility in the state. A convenient search engine is provided if you're looking for something specific. Weather information and a calendar of upcoming events are clearly and easily located. The Grand Canyon link isn't too bad, either.
A little insight to our wonderful city I call home.
More On Melbourne
NetSAAver Fares
Subscribe to this email list from American Airlines and you'll receive a handy list of new NetSAAver fares (for American Airlines and American Eagles flights) each Wednesday via email.
This site offers to help you find "the best possible rates" for a quality hotel room in major U.S. cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston and New York City. A street map locator helps you find your way through the city, and the site features discounts on even the priciest places, such as NYC's own Waldorf-Astoria. A$315 room is listed here for roughly $150.
Red Hill Inn House
Bed & Breakfast Inn House at Red Hill here in Victoria
Rhododendron Gardens
A trip to the Dandenongs here on the outskirts of Melbourne will find you going for lovely walks through one of the State's better Rhododendron Gardens.
Salamanca Inn
The Salamanca Inn in the heart of Hobart Tasmania - as we have stayed there - I recommend this Inn for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in Hobart. Right near the docks and all the touristy bits.
Sydney, Australia
Thinking about a holiday to Sydney over the summer? If so, take a look at the 'Sydney - All Day Long, All Night Long' home page. Includes information on all the sites to see and things to do whilst holidaying in this wonderful city!
Tamasha House
A pleasant 1.5 hrs drive from Melbourne for a unique English Style B&B.
Tasmania On The Internet : Tasmanian Directory/Index
A comprehensive directory of Tasmanian Content on the WWW and an extensive collection of other useful Links for Tasmanians and Tourists. A really nice site to visit.
Tasmania Tourism Bureau
The Met
Melbourne Public Transport System
The Spirit.
Victoria - Melbourne and South Central Regions
Thrifty Car Rental
Thrifty Car Rental for people intending to travel around Tasmania.
Victoria Tourism Bureau
Victoria Zoo
Western Port Marina
is the newest addition to my Information Page. Nestling at the gateway to magnificent Western Port Bay, the Western Port Marina Conference, Seminar, Wedding and Event facilities are without a doubt the most unique available! Book your next special event at this fantastic place, or just drool over the beautiful, scenic photos!

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The TV channels homepages and other TV related info...

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Australian TV Guide
Avid readers of the Australian TV Guide will be interested to see the new look and feel including the beautifully designed yet fast loading graphics.
British Broadcasting Corporation
Discovery Channel
Drew's Scripts-O-Rama
"the most comprehensive index of movie and television scripts available on the Internet".
Eye On The Net @ CBS
Melbourne Television Guide
You know how it is, you want to know what's on the box and you just can't find the damned TV guide! Well, despair no longer. This Web based version is always up (or so they say) and full of the latest goings on. If you want to know what time to set the VCR to record the latest Sienfeld then this is for you.
Channel 9 (Melbourne - Australia) Web Site
Orbit Satellite Television & Radio Network
SBS - Australia's National Multicultural Broadcaster Online
One of the country's most impressive television stations now has an equally impressive Web site. When you first load the page you will be given a choice of what area of the service you wish to view: television or radio. The site is sleek, black and has good content. If you are interested in world events, the best news on television (with the ABC running a close second in my opinion) or some of the most interesting films from all over the globe, then you will find the Web site just as informative, open and valuable as the television station it represents.
Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page
Scrnwrit FAQ
Time Out For Serious Fun: TV Series
The home page based on the TV program of the same name. Contacts and information from each episode.
TV Net -- Australia Television
Writers Guild of America

TV / Cartoon / Movie Themes

Comic Book Related TV Themes
Laugh-In Clips Page
Patrick Kenny's .AU Theme Page
TV Land Clips Page
TV/Movie Theme Page (midi)
Wave Theme Home Page
Waves of Radio & TV Programs, Cartoons & Movies
Waves (sounds & themes) from cartoons, TV Shows & Movies
WUArchive's Theme Directory

TV Serials etc

Australian X-Files
Babylon 5
Babylon 5 (another site)
Lost In Space - The Movie
Melrose Place Homepage
To all of you who stare at a monitor all day and then go home and stare at the tele all night, welcome to the Melrose Place homepage. This has been around for a long time and that is the exact reason it should be visited. It never ceases to amaze me that it has survived for such a long time. Just in case there is someone, somewhere who has not seen this, take a long hard look and consider what it's like to live in a Melrose world!
This is, as you would expect, a very slick site. Millennium is a new Television show from the man who brought us the X-Files. We don't have this particular show here as yet but if the site is anything to go by it should be another X'er boon. Take a peek at this chilling site...just make sure the lights are on!
VHI's Interactive HHGttG
The ABC Science serial QUANTUM.
Soap Operas
Internet Soap Operas. Hot links to cool live soap operas on the Internet.
The Burning Zone
Day-Glo colour is not something that I associate with virus detection but then again I am not a member of what amounts to a hip '90's Mod Squad! (Showing my age with that one!) This is the home site of the new series from 'Universal Studios'. When you visit this site just remember that you were told NOT to turn on your speakers...the music is great for about 3.2 seconds after that you wonder why it won't stop!
The Max Headroom Homepage
A virtual presence for a virtual personality? Well, if you are a fan of the TV show then you will love this site. Full of information about the show (and the movie) this is heaven for anyone who loves Max!
The Other 'Official' X-Files Home Page
The X-Files
The original scary TV show! The genuine X-Files site is a trove of information about the show and other related goodies. If you want to see or hear about past episodes or what is coming up then you have come to the right place... maybe. The truth is still out there.
The Official X-Files web site. Here you can find episode guides, cast biographies, and plenty of other information. There's even a web chat server for you to talk about the series with other fans and link to the IRC channel of the same name.

Welcome to ABC Online
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Edinburgh University NMR Home Page
Oxford Book of Disappearing Web Pages
Just when everyone is whining about sites whose URLs change just as you write 'em up. That goes double for disappearing Web pages. The Oxford Book of English Verse is no longer at the Columbia University's Bartleby Library site, but plenty else dating from before 1920 is.
Stott's Correspondence College Pty Ltd
Study at home with Stott's!
The University of Nepean
The University of Sydney Home Page
Welcome to Georgetown University

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Software / InterNet Utilities...

Adult Check
Anonymous Email - 1
'Cypherpunks Remailers'
Anonymous Email - 2
'Anonymous Remailer'
Anonymous Email - 3
Anonymous Email -4
A more serious look at the darker side or anonymous remailers can be found here.
Apple - Quicktime
ASAP WebShow
View Business presentations on the Web
Astound Web Player
Play Astound and Studio M projects
Background Colours with Netscape
Browser Tuneup Software
Carbon Copy/Net
Access other PCs from the Net
Corel Office for JAVA Available For Download
This product has a lot of buzz associated with it since Corel wants to be the first to release a serious business application written in Java. Theoretically, this office suite should run on any platform that supports Java, breaking the Windows/Intel monopoly on business software. In a fit of marketspeak fever, Corel calls this release a pre-beta (c'mon guys, it's buggy alpha code, you're not fooling anybody and just embarrassing yourselves) so don't expect to run your business with it. However, for Java pros and interested bystanders this is a must-see download. Lots of technical and marketing info can be rooted through at the site.
Cross Platform Palettes
In regards to the different pallets of the PC and MAC systems, the main thing to remember when designing graphics for the Web is that you should use a common palette. This is a palette that contains only the 216 shared colours of the PC and MAC.
Dazza's WIN95 Shareware Collection
Domain Name Template Generator
Download a Quicktime Player
Download . corn
The latest site from clnet. Choose downloads of software applications from categories for the Mac or PC user (this smart site knows which you are when you log in) in categories such as business and education to kids and games. One fun and unexpected feature: online interviews with the authors and developers who create the software we use every day.
EarthTime Lite 2.0
Tell time around the world at a glance
View formatted Envoy documents
Finger Program (seebbea)
FTP Directory:
GIF Wizard
Tired of spending precious time resizing,reconfiguring, saving and reloading while trying to code your HTML pages? GIF Wizard lets you reduce the size, color palette, etc. and check the outcome -- all without leaving the site.
HP JetAdmin and JetPrint Software for Windows for Workgroups
Hierarchical Directory Service
Homepage Submission
Iconolog : The Art of Virtual Litter
Indexing the entire WEB
Internet Accelerator
GO AHEAD GOT IT! is an Internet accelerator program that works by... "...the main features of Got It! are the Fetcher and Pruner. The Fetcher is an intelligent agent which learns by watching how you access the Web, it can download the sites and pages you want after hours. While the Pruner intelligently manages the Got It! data cache by removing unwanted files."
Download your copy and see what you think of this cutting edge product.
Internet Development
KEYview v5.0 email utility
Is the one essential utility for email and Internet users. View or convert documents from over 200 different file formats including HTML, graphics and multimedia - without needing the original creating application.

KEYview transparently plugs into your Web Browser or network email system. For a free info kit contact or visit thier web site.
Macromedia: Shockwave Center
Making WEB Pages
Microsoft's IE3 Bug
The good folk at Microsoft have found that they have a big bug in their Internet Explorer version 3.0 and 3.01. The bug relates to security concerns. If you would like to learn more about this, bug then head off to the Microsoft bug death page.
MPEG Archive
Net Ferret
More a 'Software of the Week' than a Web of the Week. This site offers some of the finest Internet utilities that you could ever need. NetFerret is a company that has been on the Web for some time now. They produce software tools that increase the end users ability to fully realise the Internet's potential.
NET Software Restrictions 1
NET Software Restrictions 2
Netaddress Offers Free E-mail
There may be no free lunch, but these days there's free e-mail. In this case, you get your freebie if you can endure some advertising. You read your free e-mail anywhere via the Web, or have it forwarded to the POP mailbox of your choice. Filtering rules can be applied to store, forward, or delete your mail. They even have a feature which will collect your e-mail from several ISPs and forward it to you. Sounds pretty useful, and as the site says, "Hey, what do you have to lose? After all, it's free!"
Netscape Guide To Commercial Development Tools
This new site from Netscape lists about 70 commercial development tools, and is of definite interest to Internet programmers and content developers. It's divided into three sections. Core Components lists tools for developing Java, CGI, graphics, and multimedia applications. Application Building and Integration lists HTML editors, JavaScript tools, and database connectivity tools. Deployment and Management lists site management and performance measurement tools. These are commercial tools for serious developers with serious bucks to spend. Netscape also announced a bundling deal with several of the tools in one package, called SuiteTool. Read the press release for more info.
Netscape Releases Beta of Audio Servers
If you've ever wanted to own your own radio station but held back because ofthat pesky government license requirement, this software will be of interest to you. Media Server and Media Player will in combination deliver audio over the Net. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this announcement is that about 40 companies have signed up to support the new broadcast standard, which Netscape and Progressive Networks (RealAudio) jointly developed. Beta copies are available for download, as is a fairly succinct FAQ document. FAQ, Server, and Player.
Netscape Plug-Ins
A plug-in acts as part of Navigator and runs from within it using the same interface. When a file is downloaded that needs a plug-in to run one of two things will occur - 1. The program will check that it has the appropriate plug-in for this file type and launch the plug-in within the browser to run the particular file or 2. The program will check that it has the plug-in for the file type, find out that it doesn't and will tell you that you do not have the necessary plug-in. This will be followed by a screen asking if you want to get the plug-in for this file type. Today there are plug-ins for all file types, if you want to learn more about plug-ins visit this site.
Norton Antivirus InterNet Scanner
Arms your computer with powerful Internet virus protection as you download software and files. It detects and eliminates viruses before they strike the system.
Norman Software
Software and Virus Control.
Overclocker's Dream - Great Tips
PC Computing Utilities
Pretty Good Privacy Web Site Features Cookie Blocking Software
Phil Zimmermann is the founder of Pretty Good Privacy, Inc., and he wants you to control your own fate. You probably know him as the government-hassled creator of the PGP encryption program. His company, founded last March, is just gathering steam, notably with PGP e-mail products and the much-needed PGPcookie.cutter application. The cookie blocking program enables you to control the cookies (essentially hidden footnotes) Web sites leave around on your machine. If you want anonymity when browsing the Web, look at this little gem. PGP will also ship an e-mail add-on called PGPmail4.5 which will enable you to easily exchange encrypted e-mail, especially from the ubiquitous Eudora mail client. Check out their new web site for the entire scoop.
RealAudio 2.0
Listen to live and rebroadcast audio on the internet.
RealPlayer Plus
Reminder Service
Here's a free service that lets you prepare an e-mail and have it sent to you on a specific date. Great if you can't remember the kids' birthdays or your anniversary. What we should really be seeing is this service integrated into gift registries. Instead of "Hey, it's your mother's birthday," the message might say, "Hey, it's your mother's birthday, and she's indicated a fondness for coat number 4728 -- so be a good son and reply to this e-mail to make her very happy..."
Remind U-Mail
A useful site that saves you from forgetting birthdays, anniversaries or other special events via a free calendar and e-mail reminder service. Very handy.
Restriction Program - Cyber Patrol
Restriction Program - Cyber Sitter
Restriction Program - Net Nanny
Restriction Program - Net Shepherd
Restriction Program - Safe Surf
Restriction Program - Surf Watch
Restriction Program - Web Track
Revised HTML documentation
Sausage Software Home Page
Security on the Net
Have you ever wondered what the little key symbol down in the bottom left hand corner of your Netscape browser means? (Internet Explorer users will see a lock in the bottom right corner). This key (or lock), means that you have entered a "secure" area of a site. The term "secure" is used to donate the fact that all data sent and received is encrypted.
Sendmail Cert Advisory & Web Spoofing Security Alert
CERT has issued an advisory for the sendmail program. It seems that it is possible for a user to gain group permissions of another user. The advisory has details and suggests that you upgrade to Sendmail 8.8.4. In a separate development, there seems to be yet another security flaw in the generic Web infrastructure. It goes by the euphonious name of "Web spoofing" and basically means that an evil hacker can listen in and modify the traffic between your browser and any Web server you are trying to access. Read all about it on the Safe Internet Programming page, an interesting and useful resource in its own right.
Site Search Engine Tutorial For Web Designers
How to design Web pages so that they can be found easily and accurately by the major search engines is one of the topics on a site hosted by Northern Webs from Sagle, Idaho. They also share design hints for GIF animation, disaster recovery planning and testing, and network design, installation, and troubleshooting. You may also want to check out the outline of their Web design process.
Nothing to do with the cartoon strip and everything to do with the Internet. If you are sick of struggling to find files or programs by searching with services like Yahoo or Lycos then perhaps it is time you took a look at Snoopie.

Snoopie is a file search site that looks only for files. If you want to find a program quickly, this is the best way to do it since you are not looking through a huge database of HTML pages as you would with a Web search engine.
Telix Utility
(for Windows 95 users) or TELNET 3.11 (for Windows 3.11 users).
Textures for HTML 3.0 Clients
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
The Icon and Image Bazaar
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
To Be, Or Not To Be: That's The MacOS Question
Be, Inc. is raising quite a buzz in Silicon Valley. Their BeBox, a nifty machine with the multimedia capabilities of the Mac and the flexibility of Unix, is generating serious feelings of hardware lust among the Valley hacker crowd. Be made headlines by dancing the acquisition minuet with Apple, which is seeking a boost for the aging MacOS. More recently, Be struck a deal with Apple clone maker Power Computing to ship the BeOS operating system on PowerMac clones. Now comes word that they are working on porting Linox to their hot BeBox. The Be site has many screen shots and a listing of where their roadshow will be doing demonstrations. Could Be be the Apple computer of tomorrow? You may want to put some money on that. Take a look and judge for yourself.
Tribal Voice - The PowWow Page
The Ultimate MacIntosh site is a very important resource for MacIntosh users. It contains a very detailed directory of all the major Mac related sites on the web. The sites are very diverse, ranging from the Apple Site itself, to You can find the latest information about the Mac operating system from Apple Computer's site to the personal home pages of Mac enthusiasts. The other site you should point to is ultimate
URL-minder Utility
This site will provide you with software to register your web page for other users to be made aware of any updates or upgrades to your site. I've actually used it myself on all my pages.
Used Software Exchange
Utexas MAC Archive
Another for Werple's Mac users. This site contains some very handy Mac files and seems to be reasonably accessible. Take a stroll over and see if they have something that you want. Who knows, perhaps they will have that file you have spent the past 3 weeks looking for.
VDOLive Player
View real-time video over the Internet
Vexing Virus Hoaxes
As if you didn't have enough to worry about from legitimate computer viruses, the Department of Energy's CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability) has established a page to warn all netsurfers of computer virus hoaxes. While allowing that such hoaxes don't infect computer systems, the CIA does point out that they do infect users' brains, resulting in paranoia as well as time and energy lost in battling so much smoke. Among the baddies described are PKZ300, Irina, Good Times, Deeyenda, Ghost, and a few other names that should be familiar to Internet users. Throw the Neiman-Marcus cookie story into this category as well. Read the history and a short how-to-spot-a-hoax tutorial. Remember, it may be a hoax, but it ain't no joke.
VR Scout
Display 3D VRML documents from the web.
Web Promote
Welcome to PKWARE(r) Inc.
Win95 Utils
Windows 95
This is one of the few sites on the Net that no one that runs a PC with Windows 95 installed should miss. A lot of Werple users have requested some information on sites that contain either programs to download or point you to program home sites, here is the mother of all Windows sites for all of your download needs.
Windows Shareware Archive
WIRL Virtual Reality Web Browser
Browse VRML sites.
Word Viewer Plug-In
View Microsoft Word Documents

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There still remains room for this topic nowadays unfortunately...

Awesome Page On The Imperial Japanese Navy
If your interests even only tangentially touch ships with guns, Japan, or World War II, you must go here. This is the best page devoted to a specialised topic I have yet come across.

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Could We Interest You In Some Pictures?
If you are looking for live pictures on the Net, the EarthCam site can help with searchable lists of live-cam sites in six broad categories, from business to weird and bizarre. View your heart out.
Voyager Web Cam
Voyager ISP's webcam which is using the TAL Wireless link for their operations

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Software upgrades, ftp, etc... etc...

Mira Dialup Internet Help
Mira Networking's FTP Site
Mira Networking's ftp site is huge. That is the only way to put it. Anything you want in the way of Internet software you will probably find here. Everything from the latest WWW browser right through to update patches for Internet Explorer are available from our FTP (file transfer protocol) site.

Spend a little time digging around in there and you will turn up some fantastic treasures. The best thing is that it's local and as such gives blindingly fast downloads.
Setting up a Home Page On Werple
Werple call record information form
Werple's Internet Software Downloading Page
Win95 setup for werple with the Internet Setup Wizard
Win95 Utilities

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White Pages(tm) Welcome V2.0

Yellow Pages(tm)

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Cosmopolitan Online
At last, Nirvana. Cosmopolitan is finally online with those invaluable features such as the Bachelor of the Month and those famous Cosmo quizzes! Let's hear that happy squeal, girls. (And remember, in Cosmo's eyes, we're all girls, whether we're still teeny-boppin', granny-hoppin', or penis-packin'.) Don't miss reading your "Weekly Bedside Astrologer". Be sure to participate in the beauty giveaway, too. Oh, and don't leave out those weekly tips. Do you know how to discover if he's playing hard-to-get? That's the raison d'etre for Cosmo, providing all those essential need-to-know details. So rejoice, gals.
Feminist Column
Health Girl
Health Girl, absolutely the worlds coolest spot for girl cybersurfers! Come inside for info, hot goss and valuable tips on healthy beauty, wellbeing...and sexual fitness!
League of Women
RiotGrrl has a colossal reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional female roles and this page is no exception. Read about how it feels to be a nude model, the fashion of actors as celebrities rather than professionals, and Schneider and Fein's "The Rules: Time Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right" book ("Shake your buns. Be quiet and mysterious. Be feminine."). Brash, lively, and relevant.
Wedding Directory
Women Organising for Change
Women's Web
Women's Wire

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