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The web sites below are the ones that I have been to and collected over the last couple of years or so. Some of these links might now be dead, so please email me to let me know which ones so that I can update the page. Some of the various categories will continue to expand as I visit them, so you might want to 'bookmark' this page yourself. The ones that are of 'most' interest are the Data Comms sites, as these are directly work related, so it gets my top priority.

Due to the 'popular demand' of many of you out there in the inability of downloading this page, I have split it into two pages. Please click next list of bookmarks to carry on, otherwise peruse below.

"The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life."
-Andrew Brown (alt.quotations)

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Advertising @ Bam!
Automated Resource Data Entry Network
Dubbed "ARDEN", this site is a database of resumes and home page links of professionals working in the advertising field. Be aware however, that there is a $15 monthly fee ("we know you can spend more than that in stamps alone each month") to post information. Prospective employers can search the listings free of charge.
CPM Calculator
Online advertisers willing to excuse us for tooting our own horn may want to take advantage of WDFMOs own CPM (Cost Per Thousand) calculator, a service that takes any two of the variables in the CPM = 1000 x (Cost / Exposures) equation as input and computes the third.
Junk The Junk Mail
Tired of endless "Publisher's Clearinghouse" letters? The Junkbusters Web site promises to reduce your unwanted junk mail and even cut down on those telemarketing phone calls. They offer various solutions, depending on your level of tolerance for junk.
Logotime Web Watches
If banners and bartered links aren't building enough traffic for your web site, maybe an attractive timepiece sporting the home page logo is the answer. So suggests The Lynx Marketing Corporation, which specialises in building watches with corporate logos to order. As part of its Web Watch Reseller Program, the Houston-based company will equip any site with a page for ordering watches featuring the site's logo. All orders are directed to Lynx and a commission is paid to the host for every watch sold.
Spam Routes Around Censorship
Sanford Wallace of CyberPromotions is nothing if not tenacious. Threatened by Court orders and lathe provider shutouts with losing access to millions of potential spamees, Sanford has turned to that tried and true Internet censorship remedy, the distributed spam network. Shortly before he lost his Sprint Net access, he reportedly hired 10 sites which will allow him to hook up a PC to their networks in return for about $1000 per month. This will allow him to spam from multiple IP addresses, making it harder for targets to filter out the offending sites. Will it work? Probably, for a time. It's a classic evolutionary race (see the Red Queen hypothesis) between the spammers and the blockers, and bears watching as proof (or disproof) of the famous aphorism that the Net routes around censorship.
Terrorising Telemarketers
With backgrounds only slightly less irritating than the subject, the Anti-Telemarketer Source offers scads of information on what telemarketing operations can and cannot do, and how to avoid, harass, and basically annoy callers as much as or more than they do you. Some of the suggestions are humorous, some sadistic, but all undoubtedly are effective. More useful, though, is information on the Telephone Consumer's Protection Act of 1991 and the restrictions it places on telemarketing firms. Here's when a telemarketer calls, ask to be placed on their "do not call" list. If they call again within a year, you can sue them for $500. There's an easy money scheme worth investigating.

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Air New Zealand
Imagine flying all the way to New Zealand and missing its most beautiful sights. There is a way, however, to consider all options before you even leave home. Make your first trip to their Internet site...
Airlines of the World
A reasonably comprehensive list of Airline Carriers around the world.
Ansett Australia - One of the world's great airlines
Voted as 'Best Travel Site' on the net. If you want a great Australian company, look no further. Fly, Fly away with me.
Boeing Aircraft Company
Cathay Pacific
Malaysian Airlines System
Minnesota Aviation History & Education Center
Qantas Airways
Qantas, the worlds leading airline, has one of the worlds leading Web sites. I don't know what the safety record is of the 'Net surfers who have ridden the Qantas Web waves but it must be pretty darn high! The people who brought you the stunning design of a dirty great big red Kangaroo on a tail, now bring you a very well thought out and executed site.
United Airlines Official Homepage

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Advantage Flea Adulticide
Budgerigars : Budgerigar Breeding
The Ultimate page on the Internet for Budgerigars.
Hollow Hills Weimaraners : Weimaraner Breeders
Dedicated to the versatile Grey Ghost" Breeding, showing, obedience, agility and non-slip. If you own one of these fascinating dogs, this site is a must visit! Also contains info on a huge range of other canines!

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A Site For Sore Web Pages
Web designer Amber Lamperti has free art for you to use for your non-commercial, personal home pages. There are Theme Sets that include coordinated backgrounds, bullets, icons, and horizontal rules to use in building an attractive Web site of your own. There are 15 theme sets and over 75 backgrounds, although some may be too dark to be practical. New images are added to the site on a regular basis. The price is right, so read the rules and take some home with you.
Art on the Net
Artful Paint Bombers
If it's on your wall, it's trash. On somebody else's, it's art. That appears to be the aesthetic at Digital Jungle's Graffiti from London. It's a combination gallery, newswire, and e-zinc on the London graffiti scene, with scads of photographs of legally and illegally paint-bombed trains and walls. In addition to the visual, the site features information on the various London crews, short histories of favorite graffiti sights, and latest news from the local gruff community. An interview with local bomber Ser sets the rhythm and rhyme of an artful subculture where the objets d'art are often erased within days of their creation.
Artistic Hyperbole
Ever wonder where the source of all the bombastic gobbledygook that describes an artist's "intentions" is located? We're betting its fountainhead is right here. Well sure, they're trying to sell art, and perhaps it's best they make it sound important and d-e-e-p, but really, there should be limits to the amount of nonsense a salesman can spew. Oh yeah, check out the artwork too, while you're there.
Arts Centre
Now that the Melbourne Art's Centre Spire is up and running beautifully. This site represents the creative showpiece of Melbourne's heart and makes for a wonderful introduction for an foreign visitors with plans to grace these shores. The site opens with a nicely done graphic depicting the spire against a field of gold. Below this the site navigation erect begins. The navigation for this site is presented in a novel way, for some reason the creators have decided against using frames (borderless or otherwise) and opted instead for what turns out to be an easily navigable "Buttons on one side, Info on the other" approach. This gives a pleasing symmetry to the areas that use it with large, clear graphics and just a smattering of informative text.
Czar of Digital Imaging
While the Web leads many artists to agonise over copyright and reimbursement issues, others take advantage of it to showcase their works. One such craftsman is Jean-Pierre D'Zahr, whose Web portfolio proves he lives up to his title, "Creative Digital Imaging Expert". D'Zahr displays cover art that he's created for SpaceLabs Medical, the Golden Globe Awards, Digital Zone, and a variety of other contractors who are likely delighted with his snazzy contributions to their corporate images. D'Zahr's versatility makes him difficult to classify, but it's a good guess that he will continue to be in demand. Many advertisers and public-relations firms would no doubt love to have such conceptual and graphic talent and skills. At times the punctuation of his how-I-did-it explanations in English leaves room for improvement, but if you're thinking of putting a digital portfolio on the Web, pay a visit here.
Electric Olive Stuffed With Rendered Art, Not Pimento
There's a lot of art out there, but this is really good. We can't easily categorize Ken Fair's rendered images. There are landscapes to abstracts, most in strict, slick, rendered-image style, but here and there there's grayscale and images built to resemble watercolor or chalk. Nice touches include artist's notes and the quickly loading thumbnail versions.
Gary Baker Australian Oil and Watercolour Painter
A nicely designed page that includes an interesting gallery of work by Gary Baker himself.
Heritage Editions : Publishers of Fine Prints
Heritage Editions publishes Fine prints and posters. A nice, elegant page with a Special Introductory Internet Special!
Internet Interactive Art
MIT wants YOU... providing you have an idea for an interactive art project that utilises the Internet as the medium and you'll commit to an eight-week exhibition schedule. You'll also be exhibiting in two places at once: MIT and their Listserver. Create your own world and see if it's up to snuff.
Israel - Jerusalem
Jerusalem City
Le Musee Imaginaire
It comes to you in six languages, but no matter how you speak it or read it, the subject matter of this site is fake. Fake ART, that is, as these are images of legal copies of masterpieces by more than 50 artists ranging from Cezanne and Renoir to Rodin and Van Gogh. Bear in mind that many of the works are barely passable imitations; but, of course, if they were more skilfully executed, they'd likely be selling illegally as "real"! Stop by and test your memory of the masterworks from your Art History 101 class.
Lyn Marshall Art Space
Mixed media contemporary art. Information about Lyn Marshall's art studio,including examples of paintings, printmaking, sculptural paper art and an artist`s profile.
National Motorcycle Museum
The largest collection of motorcycles open to the public in Australia.
National Museum of American Art
Short & Sweet
If you don't have much time but you want to feed your soul a bit of art, drop in on Pascale Abraham. You can be in and out of this 3-D illustrator's site in no time flat. It's offered in either French or English.
Sistene Chapel
Slendors Of Ancient Egypt
This elaborate and compelling exhibit presented by the Houston (Texas, USA) Museum of Fine Art has over 60 exhibits from ancient Egypt. Though the images are great, you must work around the poor graphic design of the pages in several places - red text on black, for instance. The page provides special information for teachers and students, and has,RealAudio and QuickTime VR files of interest.
Smorgasbord of Art, Culture & Everything
Culturekiosque, resembling an online newsstand, dishes out culture with European flair. The e-zinc-like pages cover the opera scene, classical music, archeological art, and cooking, in English, German, and French. That's not all you get. When visitors first show up, they are presented with an article on intelligent cyberagents. A tech section is in the works, too. Journalists and critics writing for major dailies and specialist magazines provide the content, which masterfully uses frames to keep the organisation simple and appealing. Did you know the composer Gioacchino Rossini (Barber of Seville, William Tell) was as famous for his gastronomy in his day as he was for his music?
The File Room Censorship Archive home page
The Lycanthrope Like It, & Soon Mastered The Pumpkin Carving Craft
As seen on Roseanne, the Pumpkin Masters have got the goods. Looking to "empower our customers and help them create fulfilling holiday memories and traditions", they provide step-by-step visual guides and patterns. Regular or deluxe (more candles, scoops, and stuff) kits can be ordered and the enthusiasm for the process is infectious. Join the pumpkin carvers club, or register and get a free pattern.
The Place
Victorian Art Centre
Take a Guided Tour of the Victorian Arts Centre without even leaving home! Located at the VAC is one of the worlds most recognised and established arts centres.
Web Museum, Paris

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A-albionic Research
Amazon Books
And The Book of Shadows
The Book of Shadows is a collection put together by a self-described computer science student/witch here in Australia. He includes a series of articles outlining his beliefs and the dieties he worships. In a really neat move, the author provides a number of spells, including one from Russia that is supposed to turn the chanter into the animal of choice. Also available is handy information like how to acid etch your athame (a double-edged ritual knife illegal in Massachusetts). If you're curious, hop on your broom and zip on over.
Artech House Publishers
Australian Business Bookshop
Australia's most comprehensive business book site; as well as Australia's first Ecash enabled site ! Go and visit - I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for, if not, they'll most probably get it for you.
Bookserve Bookshop
Book Reviews
Britannica Online
Dee`s Book and Comic Shop
Dee`s can help you with all comic and trading card needs including the hard to get. A really fun page for all ages!
Dictionary of Computing
Electric Library
Any person can pose any question in plain English and search across hundreds of full-text newspapers and magazines, national and international newswires, complete encyclopedias, thousands of photographs plus over two thousand works of art and literature. All updated daily via satellite. So stop travelling to the far corners of cyberspace for information, and come to the one site that has it all.
Epic Privacy Bookstore Opens
Many of you know EPIC as the electronic privacy organization which was formed to center attention on issues of electronic privacy and civil liberties in cyberspace. In that role, it has just opened a bookstore section which features an excellent assortment of privacy and related books at their Web site. It's a comprehensive assortment of books, ranging from the epic "Applied Cryptography" to fiction such as "Snow Crash", various technical journals, and obscure but tantalizing titles like "The Naked Consumer: How Our Private Lives Became Public Commodities", and "Computer Crime Techniques Prevention and Detecting Crime in Financial Institutions". Lots of good browsing for laypeople and technical pros.
Focus Publishing
Is an established Australian publishing house specialising in the production of books for corporate Australia. Focus publish some really interesting books associated with Australia eg. A Superb Century: 100 Years of the Gabba! Take a look at this great site and read up on this great country of ours!
IHS Australia P/L
Shakespear's Works 1
Shakespear's Works 2
The Werewolf Instead Read Them Some Stephen King
The Stephen King Library site, run by the Book-of-the-Month Club, offers netsurfers a chance to be thrilled and revolted by the severely twisted mind that brought us "It", "Carrie", and others in that kinder, gentler, family-values breed of movies and books. This is above all a commercial site, with ads, special prices, and ordering information for the vast body of work King has produced over the years, as well as assorted merchandise and paraphenalia appropriate for up-and-coming psychopaths. Stringing garlic around your monitor may prevent evil from seeping out of this site onto your lap, but we can't guarantee it.
Stephen King Library
The name says Stephen King but I don't know how much the author had to do with this commercial effort. This is like a book club online. You can join a book club list and have titles from Stephen King sent to you directly. The site will amuse little children with it's dancing skeletons and creaky doors. For adults it's about as chilling as a warm beer.
Thomson Publishing
Websters Dictionary - Online
Need to look up the meaning of a word but don't have a dictionary? Ok, so the idea that someone can own a computer with Internet access but not have a dictionary is a little extreme but..... This is a service brought to you by one of Americas oldest word books. Keep in mind that it is American and therefore won't be able to spell!
Web Book Guide
William Gibson's Yardshow
William Gibson is regarded as being the founder of 'Cyberpunk'. He is a writer of technology based Sci-Fi that centers on global networks and the people who use, work, live and play on them. This is a very shallow description for a writer of great depth and insight, it's just that when asked to describe Gibson's writing it is very hard to tie it down to one particular genre. Indeed, he is somewhat of an enigma. He writes of computer networks and advanced technology incorporated into humans yet he is in fact computer illiterate! He has managed to conquer the style of the techno genre without knowing it's intricate workings.
Yahoo Books

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After Dark Online
The flying toaster folks at Berkeley Systems, not wanting to blow their share of the screen saver market, have created a competitor to PointCast that delivers four different "channels":Data Broadcasting Corp. financial news, stories from USA Today, ZD Net computer and tech information, and - for paying subscribers - Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition headline stories.
AT&T 800 Directory
Aufhauser WealthWEB
The World's first Internet Trading Site
Camberwell Internet Centre
Commercial Services on the Net
Home Office Design
FedEx Home Page
Forrester Research
Pointcast Network Homepage
Arguably the Italian mama of all customised information delivery systems, PointCast uses the Internet connection to send information to an animated screen saver on your computer's desktop. Once you are up and running, headlines slide by, alerting you to the most recent news stories for the categories or industries you have selected.
The Burton Group

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Audi In Australia
Now, let's just settle down shall we? Here you'll find something to take the kids to the snow in. Then again, these cars have been known to win a few races in their time. Perhaps they are a little bit of a dark horse. Take the site for a test drive and see if they are all show and no go!
Yes, that's right! Autobarn is now on the InterNet! For the latest information on:-
sphere05.gif - 0.5 K Spare parts, accessories, car audio and mobile phones;
sphere05.gif - 0.5 K Autobarn catalogues and special offers;
sphere05.gif - 0.5 K Links to major manufacturers.

Drive is the auto section of the Sydney Morning Herald. It is one of the most informative sections of its type in any Australian newspaper. If you are looking for automotive information, especially if you are looking at buying a new or used vehicle, then you can not go past the review section of this excellent section.

The site is easy to use and looks great. The fact that it's fast loading is just icing on the cake.
Four Wheel Drives
In the continuing season of new 4x4 releases, the Ssangyong Musso four wheel drive has reached Merc Benz dealers in Australia. Ssangyong are Korean.
Holden Special Vehicles
One of the kings of Australian motoring goes up market. These cars can cost as much a Mercedes or an AUDI! Some say that they are worth it.........kick the tires and light the fires at the home grown giant slayers homepage.
Honda Australia
Honda Australia's newly established WWW site. The site is designed to provide an exhaustive resource of information about not only the local company's history, its current model range, dealer network, and customer service programs, but also Honda's global involvement in research and development, and new technologies.
Honda MPE Australia
Links to other Honda sites - including world beating motorcycles and the latest results from IndyCar, Formula One, and Japanese, British and North American touring car championships.
Hot Wheels
Lamborghini Website
Don't look any further. This site will still your heart and steal your wallet. If you don't have the required big bang bucks then perhaps you'll settle for a 'Lambo' on your desktop. Be warned, the cars are super-fast but the Web site crawls.
License Plates Of The World
Ever wonder what the "Je me Souviens" on license plates in Quebec means? Or perhaps what colour differentiations means on license plates in the income tax haven of the Cayman Islands? Well, quite frankly, neither have I. The License Plates of the World site has a staggering array of images and bits of information on the various plates that adorn vehicles throughout this disenchanted little corner of the galaxy.
Mercedez Benz - We Are Happy To Welcome You
At the pinnacle of motoring pleasure (for me at lest) is the Mercedes Benz. The Web site is no slouch either.
Toyota Australia
Volvo Car Australia
Well, even the name of the site sounds boxy! As the saying goes - "Boxy, but good". Volvo - you either love it or hate it.....make up your mind which camp you fall into at this (surprisingly) pretty site.
Who MotorSport
Formula E racing team, Australian Formula E (superkart) racing team. Racing Honda (HRC) RS250 powered karts, and ground effects carbon fibre bodies, these karts exceed 250km/h, and lap all Australian circuits faster than any Group A V8 or 500cc GP bike.

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Animated Themes Available (G)
THE diminutive cartoon hero Astroboy may be long gone from our TV screens, but his cute robot face still graces many Web pages. Whether you love the black and white '60s series or the hi-tech '80s version the page rewards you with a range of rare images. Avid fans can even download the Astroboy theme song.
Bad! Bad WebMaster!!! Bad!
For me this is one of the most consistently funny sites on the Internet. If you don't know it then head on off as fast as your mouse will move! These guys are irreverent, irrational and quite possibly irrelevant!
BrouHaha Online
Citizen Poke
Fade To Black
Laugh site
Looney Tunes
Lots of Monty Python Pages
Marine Boy
Morning Coffee
This is one of those strange sites that don't seem to have any reason for existing other than to spread a little bit of humor. This is a regularly updated site and it contains some pretty amusing stuff. Take a break with your coffee and check it out.
One Stuttered
We're guessing you already know which pig we're talking about. He's the pig that launched a thousand cartoons. Porky was bringing home Warner Brothers' bacon long before Bugs and was key to Daffy's rise to infamy. These two sites, one undoubtedly legitimate and legal, the other more doubtedly so, will have you blissfully listening to sound bites of the stuttering swine himself all night long. Maybe not legit: Pig.html
One Was A Vampire
There's a picture of a porcelain porker gussied up as a vampire at this page. There's very little else besides a contest to name the little sucker. But hey, it fits our story. As for the name, I like Ham Stoker.
Other Favorite Cartoon from the 60s
Ron Kurer's Toon Tracker Home Page
The Other Pigs Laughed at Him
What you say about a pig that saved your life? That saved your entire family in fact? That's a special pig, a pig that gets its own page. A pig that's the subject of my all-time favorite jokes. The other jokes to be found upstream from this page are fairly good renditions of old favorites. You may find a few they haven't heard at the barbeque - er, water cooler, yet.
The Simpsons

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The usual carriers & info...

Mat's GSM Page for links and information on GSM and secret codes for many mobile phones.
This is IntelSat's page. All information regarding the IntelSat series of Satellites and relevant SSOG / Earth Station Verification tests sought after can be found here.
Link Telecommunications WWW Home
Does Optus have a Web presence? Is it any good? Will you find a high level of content teamed with good visuals and easy download? YES
Sprint Site 2
Telstra Corporation Home Page

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People on the Internet use acronyms frequently - they can save you a lot of time. Mostly they are technical terms, but common ideas often have acronyms too .. this are often used on Internet Chat networks like IRC. ROTFL - "Rolls On The Floor Laughing" is a common expression of mirth! No amazing design, but useful and sometimes funny.
ADC / Kentrox
Advanced IC Engineering, Inc - Home Page
Also a good site for general reference material and design work ideas.
Amateur Radio (SST)
AMD Products
Another good source for chips, components etc etc.
AMP Networking
Andrews Antennae / Cables
Anite Networks
APC Automation
This site is mainly involved with Smart-UPS and power related computer hardware.
Arrive Computers
Ascend Communications
Australian Telecommunications User Group.
AUSTEST Laboratories
AVANTI Corporation
Deep-submicron and IC simulation tools.
Avirnex Communications Group
Bay Networks
Bay Networks / Wellfleet
Bell & Howell
Black Box Catalog Australia Pty. Ltd.
BP Micro
Device programmers.
Cardinal Technologies
Cascade Communications
Cast Inc.
VHDL simulation models.
Century Analysis Inc.
Internet Monitor and Network Analysis products.
CITEC's Frame Relay Network goes national with the potential to create oppotunities for new products and services.
Chronology Corporation
Timing Design for digital designs.
Clear to Send Electronics
Codan Web Page
Codan's satellite & RF products.
Computing Industry Database
Looking for something in a microprocessor? This free database lets you access 10 GB of articles, reviews, and papers on software, networking, and information technology (IT) topics. That's a lot.
Connectix Corporation
ConWare Routers
Cray Communications
Creative Pacific
C-Spec Corporation
DAS Alarm Systems
This site is at present under construction. A large Australian Alarm company - well worth a look even if it's for the office contact numbers.
Data Comm for Business
DATA Communications
Spread Spectrum technology.
Data Electronics
DAX Systems
Design Engineer Resource
Detection Systems
Alarm sensors, security devices both domestics and business.
Digital / DEC
Digital Link
dpi Data Products International
DPT Communications
Dr Spice
SPICE simulation
dtsx (SST)
Elanix Corporation
DSP, RF/Analogue and Comms System Simulation.
Electronic Manufacturer Data Pages
EMC Technology
Esperan Technology
VHDL Training and Tutorial CDs.
Exemplar Technologies
VHDL Logic Synthesis.
Fairchild Semiconductors
Farnell Components
FastComm Communications Home Page
Fore Systems
Fourthtrack Systems
Garmin GPS
Garrett Communications
Gateway 2000
GEC Electronics
General DataComms Inc.
Gerber editor and panelisation software.
Glenair Connectors
Global Village Communications
Harris Corporation
Harris Semiconductor Home Page
Hewlett Packard
Below are a few sites at HP, the first one being their stock standard Home Page and the second one being their support page and so on...
Crypto Control Framework
Hewlett-Packard announced a new framework technology designed to let governments enable and disable strong cryptography products. The framework is independent of the method used in a given product. The heart of the system is a small, tamper-resistant module with the cryptographic algorithms that remain dormant until activated. A policy activation token (basically some key bits) can be used to choose between the various CTypto algorithms stored on the module. The HP press release makes this sound like the greatest thing since public key encryption, but in reality it appears to be just another attempt to insert government control into private data exchanges. Look for legislative attempts to make this technology mandatory on all encryption products. Technology details are at the site.
Hewlett Packard Home Page
HP Support Page
HP Internet Advisor

Hayes Microcomputer Products
HT Communications
Hypercom Corporation
PCB Signal Integrity and EMC analysis.
IBM Corporation
IDS Breakout Boxes
IHS Canada Ltd
Industrial Micro Products (Aust.) Pty Ltd
Information Handling Service
Intel Developer Site
IntelsatWashington US
Intermec Technologies Corporation
ISDN (Bellcore)
ISDN (University of Texas)
Krakatoa HTML Parametric Search Engine (National Semiconductor)
LaRC LITE Inventory
LaRC LITE Inventory 2
LeCroy Test Equipment
Livingston Communications
Lucent Technologies
Main Street Express WAN Company
Maxim Electronics
Mayer Krieg & Co.
This is the company site for the Schematics and PCB generation software package it retails.
CD-ROM discports.
MiraLink Corporation
Mira Networking
Mitel Enterprises
Model Technology
Model Technology, VHDL Simulator.
Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards
Motorola Site 1
Motorola Site 2
MPR Teltech
National Instruments
Nbase Switch Communications
Netcomm Australia
NewBridge Networks
Nikkei BP
Olicom Data Communications
Printed Circuit Board CAD company - similar I suppose to AutoCAD and Protel.
Pacific Century Corporation Access
Performance Technology
Philips Products
Philips Web Page
PK Ware
Precision Circuits
Printed Circuit Board manufacturers.
Preferred Systems
Printed Circuit Board Design & Manufacture
Professionals On-Line
Proteon Data Communications
R.A.D. Site 1
R.A.D. Site 2
Radio One
Rokonet Industries USA
This site represents a good selection of alarm sensors for both commercial and domestic use. They have a PDF file that can be downloaded as part of their catalogue.
SCSI Corporation
SDCI Communications (SST)
Sharp Electronics Corporation
Shiva Home Page
Siemens Nixdorf
Sim Ware
SMI Communications (SST)
Spectrum Management Agency
The SMA is the Australian Commonwealth statutory agency responsible for the management of radio communications in Australia. Their mission and purpose is to facilitate access to, and use of, the radio frequency spectrum, so that its use can:
sphere05.gif - 0.5 K promote economic efficiency;
sphere05.gif - 0.5 K encourage technological change;
sphere05.gif - 0.5 K expand freedom of choice;
sphere05.gif - 0.5 K accelerate economic development; and
sphere05.gif - 0.5 K benefit the community generally.

SMC Data Communications
Spread Spectrum Techniques and Information.
A very good source of information on both Spread Spectrum and Wireless Communications.
SUN Site 1
SUN Site 2
Tektronix Inc.
Telco Systems
Here's a good reference page on the effects of moisture on radio propagation. In particular, it points out that even at 6GHz, rain loss is minimal since the wavelength (7cm) at this frequency is much larger than a typical raindrop.
Thomas Conrad International
Times Microwave Systems
Translogic Corporation
VHDL Graphical entry.
TriCom Electronic Components
UB Networks
US Robotics
V.35 Interface
Power products by Viewsonic.
VME Systems
Wang Australia Pty Ltd
Wavespan (SSR)
WG Homepage
Wiman Wireless LAN/WAN (SSR)
Communications / electronics rack cabinets.
Xilinx Corporation
FPGA and CPLD programmable logic solutions.
Xing Technology Corporation Site 1
Xing Technology Corporation Site 2
Xylan Switching Co.
Xylogics ISDN
Zenith Design Systems
Zilog, Inc.

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Maintained by Vyne Communications, the Professors Network (ProfNet) is a list of links to public information of ricers at universities, national laboratories, medical centers, corporations and government agencies. The parent site also offers the Experts Database, a searchable index of specialists in countless fields from member campuses, and QuadNet, archived press releases from universities and research institutions.

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And Went To The Prince's Royal Ball
What a wrong turn our heroes have taken. They're dressed in leather and - is that a ring in the wise pig's nose? He's ready for San Francisco's Exotic Erotic Ball, and tickets are still available for this always sold-out twisted tradition. Weirder than Hunter Thompson's hot tub, the host entity, the San Francisco Dungeon, offers erotic accoutrements and all the adult entertainment your piggy pacemaker can handle, for a fee.
The "nice pants" place, where images of khakis abound. It's a clever site that doesn't purport to take itself too seriously. Case in point: "Dress-O-Matic" helps you figure out what to wear; and "Ask Mr. Pants" is headless, though very ready to tour you around the site. Most fun? Visit "The Mission," an "inaugural interactive adventure" set in Gigantocorp Incorporated, where you can share your views about the worst boss you've ever had. Sure, it's just another corporate marketing site, but at least this one is fun to visit.
Fashion Australia
Fashion Australia magazine features leading fashion designers, fashion parades, fashion models, lingerie and all things fashionably Australia.
Later, They All Dressed Up In Fetish Gear
The House of Whacks, the fabulous Cindy Demarco's Chicagoland brainchild, is rich in good quality and imaginative rubber, leather, and vinyl (real vinyl, not the synthetic stuff) clothing and gear. Visit the Rubber Room, or just drool over the spunky pictures. Check out the "Mouth Mask with Breathe Thru Blow Up Gag". Could be you prefer liquid latex? Or maybe you just need a starter kit. Prices are high but so are the Smegg platform boots.
Perry Ellis Menswear
This frames-intensive site currently features a preview of the company's holiday clothing collection. View an outfit, then click to find out where to buy it, or rate it yourself. On a recent visit the site asked me to vote, via forms and email links, on a black, double-breasted leather pea coat "Hot!," "Getting hotter,""Warm," "Chilly", or"Cold Cold!". One can almost picture an eager team of web developers sitting with an equally eager client who says "but I want it to be INTERACTIVE!". But I believe that interactive should still be useful -- I sent an empty email, with no choice selected -- and got the message "Thanks for your input! Click here to SEE MORE outfits!" Great clothes, but this is really silly stuff.
The Fashion Page
The Pig Disguised Himself & Escaped To His Littermate's Casket
Milieux's Costume Site Web pages hosts one of the most complete sets of resources available on the Net for Halloween or all-purpose costume information. The site has links to manufacturers, museums, and historical information on various types of holiday costumes. Medieval armor and costumes are perhaps the most prevalent, fortunately for the Society for Creative Anachronism and others interested in barbaric periods of human history. From swords and armor to Superman's cape to Battlestar Galactica Cylon costumes, this site probably has a link.

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EXPO Ticket Office
Interact-96, Australia's Premier Multimedia Expo, which was held at the Exhibition Centre, Southbank, in Melbourne.
Melbourne International Festival
For all the information that you could ever want about the fabulous Melbourne International Festival. Lots of content and quite fast.
The Official Dubai Shopping Festival Page
Winter Festivals Past & Present

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Banks / Building Society

Advance Bank
The Advance Bank comes first in this list, because it is the first Australian bank to offer an Internet Banking service. If you have an account with them, you can download their banking software from the web page, and use it to get account balances, transfer funds and pay your bills. This puts them a big step ahead of the competition.
American Express Home Page
Amex: American Stock Exchange
ANZ Bank
The ANZ recently launched its revitalised web page, a vast improvement on the tired old one they had before. You can now find information about every conceivable ANZ service, as well as use their 6 calculators for such things as home loan borrowings, savings calculation, credit card interest, currency conversions etc. There is also a nice branch locator to find your nearest ANZ branch or ATM, and a search engine for the entire site.
Australian Financial Press : Web Personal Finance
David Koch brings you Australia's first independent personal finance site dedicated to your hip pocket - latest news, hottest tips and best deals in banking, investments, home finance, insurance, travel, tax, retirement...
Bank of Melbourne
Bank Of Melbourne Site
Best of Investment
Colonial State Bank
Commonwealth Bank
CBA have produced a worthwhile site, with plenty of information on their products and services. As well as all the usual information listed, there is also share price information, both for CBA shares, and their "Aussie Shares" promotion, plus a daily commentary on the state of the economy. The only problem is the large images which take a while to load.
Credit Unions
Credit Union Site
The Internet is ready for change, and that's why CyberCash is proud to introduce CyberCoin, the revolutionary way to spend pocket change online. CyberCoin works with your bank to deliver a secure micro-payment solution - so there are no worries about spending cash on the Net.
Koblas Currency Converter
Metway Bank
Metway Bank web site
National Australia Bank
Though the NAB recently improved the interface on their site, it still falls short of the other major banks. There are basically only two things that you can find out about: home loans and current interest rates. The site is completely non-interactive, and is really just an advertisement for the NAB, rather than an online service.
PriorityOne (AMP)
Receivables Management Group
St.George Bank
The Australian Stock Exchange
The Centre for Debt Management
The Rogue Market
An exchange on which shares in popular culture are traded. It's an ephemeral notion, but according to the site, the Market began in Italy in response to Mussolini's Fascist regime and the Morgan Bank's control of both the Italian economy and culture. Be sure to plant your tongue firmly in your cheek, as the Market now runs "on a nondescript computer in the New York City metropolitan area." True or false, it's loads of fun to trade shares of the leading figures of our popular culture in the Market, read satirical stories in the News, post rumors in the Rumor Mill; or create a profile in the Rogue's Gallery. On my first visit, I traded equity shares of gossip columnist Michael Musto for that of actress Liv Tyler -- but that's all I'll say about the deal. Stop by this site and be prepared for some serious time-wasting fun. Media outlets would do well to license this amusing bit of technology.
The Salary Calculator
Say your company wants to move you from Des Moines to Dallas and you want to maintain the standard of living to which you've become accustomed. The Salary Calculator compares cost-of-living indices in just about any two U.S. cities and tells you what you need to earn where you're going to match the standard of living where you've been. Indices are updated quarterly, but tax considerations don't enter the equation. Both the Salary Calculator and the Moving Calculator, which provides ballpark figures for an interstate move, are featured links at parent site The Homebuyer's Fair, whose sponsor, the Center for Mobility Resources, puts up a banner every time you've finished your calculations -- just in case you really are moving to Dallas and need some help.
The Weblink Investor Centre
Westpac Bank
Westpac's web site is serviceable, if a little boring. There is a list of recent news at the bank, which appears to be just tacked on the bottom of the homepage. Apart from that, the site appears to have changed little in the past year. You can find the usual details and not much else.
Xenon Labs: The Universal Currency Converter(tm)

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Australian Canned Food Information Service
About Australian canned foods, varieties, manufacturers, recipes & nutrition; steel canmaking, recycling, canning process, free educational resources.
Australian Vegetarian Society
A useful collection of information about the vegetarian lifestyle including a national listing of vegetarian restaurants.
But The Relentless Werewolf Pursued His Horrible Goals
Little pig, stay away from herel You'll get your throat slit and your intestines stuffed with your own blood. If anyone else happens to be interested in a graphic description of the process of "pig sticking", however, this is the place to be. It also includes Grammaw Amanda's boudin blood sausage recipe. How can you go wrong?
Electronic Cookbook Worth A Good Look
Online Chef is a fresh, new e-zine that will appeal to cooks, bakers, and food-makers of all kinds. Stop by and pick up a few tips from the pros about shopping for produce. Learn how to properly stock your kitchen. And get an expert's perspective on what kind of year 1996 will turn out to be for wine. What makes this site a particularly tasteful endeavour is its impressive interactive glossary and an add-your-own recipe catalogue. Another plus: while the publication is produced in Northern California, it is written from a relatively universal perspective. Very well done.
Epicurious Food
If you want news of a culinary nature (or perhaps you're just hungry) this is a great place to start. Good looking and fast loading, Epicurious Food has something for the chef in us all.
Food, Condiments etc
Geocat`s Chocolate Obsession Website
Try the `cyberchocolate` experience. Chocolate reviews, chocolatey links, chocolate glossary and 100% chocolate free links` are found at this site.
Hungry For Pork, The Wolf Demanded The Lazy Pig's Surrender
As true gourmands know, Chinese food goes way beyond eggrolls and fried rice. This page, part of the Shanghai on Internet site, provides a little historical essay on the development of regional Chinese cuisine and, best of all, comes replete with a long list of recipes. For our purposes, check out the the sad little critter called Roast Suckling Pig. Other dishes include Fried Pickled Pigeon, Braised Turtle Skirt and Duck Tongues, and Braised Black Carp's Hind Parts. Sadly, the link to Braised Guinea Pigs with Wine isn't functional.
Jolt Cola
LAZ Smith's Weird Recipes
Nasty Objects In Food
So this is how packaged goods look to Superman. The folks at Graseby Product Monitoring have made it possible for you to view some 75 lovely objects that their CDX quality management system has captured in the processing and packaging of various food items. Be sure to check out the green pepper that's been stuck with a thumb tack. Oh, and don't forget the potato chips packaged with a coin. The system detects metal, glass, stone, bone, rubber, mud clumps, PVC, and other foreign bodies so that assembly-line workers can presumably take the offending items out of the picture. Don't visit anywhere near meal time.
The Food Dude Home Page
Put together and maintained by an electronics student in Canada (who says he once did in fact study to be a chef, but never finished), the Food Dude page is dedicated to "anyone who ever felt guilty about that second helping and then went back for a third", which is just about everyone.
The Lunch Man Home Page
The Original OK Soda Home Page

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All Summer Long, They Played Games
Virtual Arcade is very slick. Open the door, walk down the hall, and choose among six rooms to enter with different games to play in each. The map keeps you oriented and the scrolling info console beneath the VR window is a brilliant use of frames. The site says to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer only but don't believe that annoying territorial hype: two other browsers worked just fine. All the games require either Java or Shockwave plug-ins though, so plan on going out for a drink while they download. They're all fun to play, though. A taste will leave you craving more game time as well as more bandwidth.
Another Games Domain
Avalon Hill Game Company
But The Third, Wisest Pig Constructed The Caverns of Blood
Eerie music, spidery lightning bolts flashing around blood-dripping text, bats flapping across the screen - this is what a Halloween site should be! Caverns of Blood dares you to enter the game and find your way among ten caves to the fabled cavern of jewels. Creative use of animated gifs and sound tracks as well as clear and useful instructions for both navigating and playing make this site a real treat and no trick at all. Be sure to check out the page on how the site was constructed. It includes a multitude of downloadable GIFs and MIDI files with info on all the authors.
CamTech's Quake Server
Castle Infinity
The Internet's first live multi-player adventure game. Find Castle Infinity Headquarters.
Also, have their own graphical client (surprisingly enough called "" - still being beta-tested) that you can download for free from the above site.
Chess Server
Play chess against an opponent across the Net live!
Chess Server FTP Site
By telnetting to a Chess Server you get a text-based interface to the server, thus any moves are shown in text. You can get graphical interfaces to the Chess servers by obtaining a client from the Chess Server's FTP Site. This allows you to have a graphical Chess board on your screen, a little more like real life. The graphical interface makes playing games a lot simpler, because there are a large number of commands involved with playing using the text interface (e.g. via telnet).
Do You Enjoy "Kicking Alien Butt"?
If you, like me, enjoy "Kicking Alien Butt" then this is the site for you! This site has undergone a complete reworking over the last couple of months and is now well worth a look. Morse Code your thing? You can send a friend a Morse Code E-mail message at the "MORSE CODE COMMAND CENTER". If you have seen the film and the old Web site, check out the new one and be amazed! If you have Shockwave then try out the Shocked area, it's a lot of fun (but not if you're an alien)!
DreamWorks Interactive
Electronic Arts
Entertainment Drive
Gamers Do Gaming
Both computer and console game afficionados can congregate at Arcadium for live chats, occasional scheduled forums with game designers and other gaming bigwigs, Web tours of game-related sites, and of course tips, reviews, and demos of all the hot new games. You can even launch right into a MUD or Net game from the hub.
Games Domain
Games Domain - Games Games Games Games
Happy Puppy
Hyper@ctive 2.0
id Software
Internet Chess Club
Java Games
You can also find board games such as Connect-4, Tic-Tac-Toe and the infuriating computer classic Tetris...
Jungle Jim
More Java Games
including PacMan, Asteroids and Poker!
More & More Java Games
JAVA and Quarto games are big time this year. The aim is to beat the computer and create a row of tour widgets with one common trait. It is addictive and will have you tearing your hair out before long.
MUD Connector
This link contains everything you ever wanted to know about MUDs, links to over 500 of them world wide, along with thier TelNet addresses and a bit of information about them.
This is the home page of the Nintendo corporation. All of you who are parents will know these people as the ones that cost you a fortune evey Christmas and birthday. All the kids out there will know Nintendo as a bunch of very cool gamers. Perhaps the adults and the children can take a look at this site together, and explain it to eachother! I have a feeling that a lot more adults enjoy this type of thing than they let on.
Nova Logic
On Games
Point (Directory Services)
You can find more WEB games at the major directory services such as POINT...
If you have ever played the game "Quake" by Id software, and wanted to find out more about the game, and playing it on the Internet (yes you can play it against up to 15 other humans via the Internet) this cool looking site is the place to go.
Quake Servers
Shareware & Freeware Win95
Shareware & Freeware Win 3.1
Shockwave Guide To Games
The Shockwave site itself is the best source of games using Macromedia Shockwave.
Sierra On-Line
Sony Interactive
Sound Source Interactive
Publishers of games, entertainment utilities and children's multimedia story books & activity centers based on popular movies and tv shows.
Spectrum Holobyte
SPQR: The Virtual Rome
Star Trek - CD Access
You can find out the latest results and prizes for Tattslotto, Super 66, Powerball and other games at Tattersall's web site. It also has some interesting facts and figures on Tattslotto, including, quite surprisingly, the exact probabilities of winning any of the Tattersalls games!
The Oracle of Elvis At Virginia
This is one of those 'six degrees of separation' games with Elvis at it's center. The idea is to fill in an actors name that you think would not be connected with Elvis. It's amazing just how this sort of games works, I tried for quite some time to come up with someone who was not connected and I couldn't do it! Try your hand at this imaginative concept.
The Suck Drinking Game
At home alone, alcohol in one hand, mouse in other, and you hate smug people who think they're cool like, say, Suck? Here's what to do: go to this site, laugh, and get drunk. Actually, you need several kinds of alcohol to play by the rules. Void where prohibited by age.
The Ultimate Game Cheat Page : PC Computer Game Cheats
This web site contains up-to-date cheats and hints on the latest PC computer games. Check it out. Advertising is also available for VERY low rates.
Virtual Cliffhanging
Wallbangers allows you to try your hands at a 5.9 technical rock climb based on the Widowmaker route at the Black Cliffs near Boise, Idaho. You control an avatar named Harvey and have a selection of hand positions. There is enough detail about hand moves and feedback on mistakes to actually learn something about climbing and the graphics are pretty game-like, at least to the Doom-familiar. No adrenalin (nor epinephrine - how many of you get that pun?) rush but pretty engaging nonetheless.
WebMap Stars
Welcome to Virtual World
Wired Online: Brain Tennis
Yahoo Directory Service
Yahoo Java Games
...and of course Yahoo has a category for Java games as well...
Zarf's List

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Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum
Global Garden gardening magazine
Gardens & horticulture.An authoritative monthly gardening magazine targeting Australia. Global Garden offers feature articles, views, clues, reviews and news on the art & science of gardening.
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden
The Melbourne Garden Site
The Melbourne Garden Guide is an online monthly magazine for gardeners. The good thing about it is that all the information is specifically tailored for Melbourne and Victorian gardeners.
The New York Botanical Garden

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Australian Bureau of Statistics - Site 1
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Site 2
Australian Employment
Australian Government
Australia Post Homepage
Australian Taxation Internet Tax Submissions
Australian Taxation Office Home Page
British Royal Family
Career Web
Everything they want you to know about the CIA. Find out what the nice folk at Langley are spying on this week. Who knows, perhaps you may find your own file on-line!
Commonwealth Government Departments & Agencies
Community Information Network
Consumer Information Centre
Dan Quayle
Every few decades a politician comes along who is just so unbelievably inane that he or she will be remembered years after the fact. One such polly is the venerable Dan Quayle. Find some of this mans more stupendous sayings on ''The Wisdom of Dan Quayle" page.
Dept Of Employment, Education & Training
Employment Opportunities
Employment Opportunities Australia
Employment Opportunities in Australia, in keeping with my commitment to upgrade the features of my internet site has now joined forces with the premier employment site worldwide, CareerMosaic.
Environmental Pollution Authority
What would a look at the CIA be without a peek at their sometimes brothers and sisters at the FBI. This spy site is at least more interesting than the CIA homepage, then again, they have more information than anyone else!
FBI Wiretap Capacity Needs, Round Two
It's no secret that the FBI wants to be able to tap your phone at the drop of a hat. The Bureau has convinced Congress to pass a bill requiring phone companies to build in the technical hooks to make this possible. The FBI has just released an interesting document outlining just how much wiretapping it wants to do. They surveyed their records from 1/1/93 to 3/1/95 to justify their wiretap needs (gratuitous factoids: 43.16% of 3,146 counties experienced wiretap activity during this period, as did 36.37% of 734 cell phone markets). The full document makes for interesting reading if only to find out how a wiretap is like a fire hydrant. The canine implications are obvious.
Federal Government's Workplace Relations Act
Flags of the World
Glen Eira Council
Greenpeace International Home Page
High Court of Australia : Legal
High Court of Australia - official home page, judgments, transcript, information on the Court, court operations, current justices, photographs, history of the Court, information for visitors, the building, speeches, sitting calendar, monthly business list.
Job Net
Job Search
Jumbo! Reports On US Government Downloads
Tony Heinz, webmaster of Jumbo!, decided to investigate how much time users from US government domains (.gov) spent from August to October at the online shareware emporium. He found that the feds spent over 5,000 hours at the site, equivalent to ten employees doing nothing but searching and downloading. NASA's Ames Research Center employs the biggest federal bandwidth suckers, who accessed over 25,000 pages over 950 hours, way ahead of numbers two (National Institutes of Health; 180 hours) and three (US Postal Service; 112 hours). The Executive Office of the President logged 4.8 hours, but with the campaign and all.... Downloads included Quake, Homer Simpson belching sound files, and business-related software and utilities.
Making Contact with the Commonwealth
Political Correctness : Bulkarses
A page against political correctness.
RTA Drives
NSW RTA homepage.
Supreme Court Decisions
The United Nations
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
United Nations Trade Point
The VicRoads website contains information about all Victorian services, including road safety, license testing, road construction and maintenance, and vehicle registration, in fact much of the information you'd get by walking into one of their offices.
Victoria's Government
Victoria's Premier
Victoria's State Community Network
Victorian Electricity Commission
Welcome to the Rainforest Action Network Home Page
Welcome To The White House

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Beautiful Backgrounds Extraordinary Image Maps
Backgrounds, Textures, Photo Manipulation Award winning site offering Backgrounds, Image Maps, Textures, Photo Manipulation (ugly mug shots) Lots of FREE stuff, Competition, ALL updated often. Great links to other Aussie stuff.
Illusionworks Homepage
Do you remember those 'Magic Eye' pictures that were common a year or so ago? Well, IllusionWorks has that type of thing by the truck load. If you enjoy going cross eyed and getting a headache then you should get a real blast out of the mind boggling array of visual illusions on offer here. Everything from the traditional 'Impossible Staircase' through to the more recent audio illusions. The best thing about the site is that it not only gives you a demonstration of the illusion but also supplies the scientific reasons for the illusion. Very educational and great for anyone with an interest in science or optical illusions.
Images, Icons & Flags
Iterated's Multimedia Galleries
Magic Eye 1
Magic Eyes 2
Magic Eye make those infuriating images that look like your TV when it's out of tune, but apparently contain marvelous 3D images.
More Fractals
MPEG Archives
Planet 9
Silicon Graphics
They say a picture is worth a thousand words... This is worth two! Have a look at the home of high end imaging and drool over all the lovely hardware!
Spanky Fractal Database

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AllerDays Allergy Information
The "interactive information center dedicated to seasonal allergies, particularly allergic rhinitis," (or hay fever to you and me) is nothing to sneeze at. The folks at Kansas City-based Hoechst Marion Roussel invite those with allergies to "take a break from the dusty, pollen-infested world and learn to live a better life." Towards that end, AllerDays provides Relief Info Plus, a compendium of tips on dealing with allergies, and informative articles like "Why we sneeze and what we can do about it."
Breast Cancer
But His Lungs Were Weak & He Was Out of Matches
The Tobacco BBS focuses, more or less objectively, on smoking, though most of the material leans toward the anti-smoking camp. Check out The New Republic's story, "Freedom's Smoke", which in the guise of a review effectively addresses the question of smoking as a disease. The meat of the site is divided into news, health, resources, documents, culture, and activism sections. Some link titles lend a taste of this potpourri: "Elizabeth Dole on Red Cross Tobacco $$: 'It's Legal"', "Nicotine Patch/Gum Dangers", "Find Mutual Funds That Own Tobacco", "Quitting Smoking Tips", and "Ancient Chinese Snuff Boxes". We could go on, but - huff, puff - we're out of breath.
Cigar Smokers' FAQ
Compute Your Body Mass
This is the authoritative - if not definitive - site for runners and other exercisers (and the sedentary curious) to determine if you are what now is called, in politically correct (and personal ads) code, HWP: "height and weight proportional." Type in your height and weight, and in a blink you will be told whether or not you're a blimp (or is that "avoirdupoisively challenged"?), and also what your ideal weight should be.
Down Syndrome WWW Page
DS Medical Interest Group's Health Care Guidelines
Dr. Weil Health Questions Answered
Drug Resources
This well thought out site bundles information and images to help you identify and understand drugs. Slang terms, paraphernalia, and pictures all work to help parents find out what their kids are involved in, or kids to know what is what. Drug Free America focuses on the negative influences of everything from cigarettes, steroids and inhaled household products to heroin and cocaine. It's an invaluable resource and educational for anyone curious.
Health Communication Network
Health & Medical information online. Free trial medline access & full text journal article delivery. Biomedical Literature on the web. Internet training for health professionals. Health Conference Calendar and Australian Health Directory.
Internet Health Resources
Monitor Your Pregnancy
A terrific service for concerned and curious expecting parents, the Olen Pregnancy, Ovulation, and Childbirth. Calendar lets you in on exactly what's happening, womb-wise, with your child a-borning. Just fill in a few important dates, click, and you are presented with nine months' worth of calendars that not only show you the approximate daily growth progress of your child ("nerve development begins"; "the embryo is beginning to develop a face, though it still looks: outworldly"), but also provide you with keen common-sense and health-care advice ("Your hormones are going crazy: back rubs and herbal tea help."). There are even suggested readings and links to pregnancy and child care Web sites. It's like getting daily fetal telegrams without having to tip the delivery guy.
Recovery Related Resources
The Global Health Network
The Global Health Network is an ambitious project put together by representatives from a number of health agencies, including the World Health Organisation and the Pan American Health Organisation.
The Safer Sex Page
The Visible Human Project
The project is nothing less than a complete 3D graphical representation of a male and female body. This is obtained by imaging of 1mm thick cross-sectional slices of human body and putting it all together in a digital model.
Two Sites Dedicated To Your Health
HealthLink, an online magazine that's truly a pleasure to read - interactive health quiz and all. If you'd like to get even more technical, try the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID), a great place to look up what's ailing you and the rest of the world; as well as NCID

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And Took Them To A Monster Museum
If you like Frankenstein's monster (and his bride), the Mummy, and Dracula, you'll love Universal Studios Monster Mayhem. Universal Studios has done good with ' monstrous sweepstakes (with a chance to become a monster on "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"), Monster Home Movies (scenes from great horror flicks), a cinematic monster hall of fame, Tricks and Treats (which will appeal to kids with the patience to wait for long downloads), and other ghoulish treats. Most of these pages have flashy color graphics, so a fast connection will make the chills run a little faster up your spine.
Australian Childrens Television Foundation
The Australian Childrens Television Foundation has made over 120 hours of television for kids aged 3 to 103! Find out about the shows. Win prizes! Go shopping. Step right in!
Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) Inc.
Australian Storytelling. Keeping Storytelling alive- 1997 National Storytelling Festival - Competition for Kids - Open Competition - What`s on next - Storytellers available - Stories and Resources.
Boys' Baseball
Boys Grow Best When...
College Pages
Education : Science
A web-site designed to teach kids 5-11 the basics of chemistry. It`s fun and educational! The site will keep growing!
From GrRLs to Women
Girl Scout Law
No More Nice Girls
Newsweek Launches Guide To Children's Software
Just in time for the holiday season, Newsweek launched this site featuring just about everything you could possibly want to know about children's software. Aside from regular reviews of new educational and entertainment software, the site features a database of over 600 programs and a forum area where you can chat about your tykes' favorite programs. There's also a frame-rich page with an assortment of columns with the now familiar big-media generic titles like "The Net: Childs Play?" and "Your Kid's School and How You Can Help". It's a fairly straightforward site dedicated to one topic which it does cover quite thoroughly. If you're in the market for kids' software, a stop here could be rewarding.
Pampers Total Baby Care
Parenting sites are the latest web rage (, are two of many) and Pampers has just launched this site that attempts to "baby" its readers with a huge dose of advertorial. While the site is great to look at, should we, as users, really view the "Pampers Parenting Institute" as an unbiased source of parenting information?
Restriction Program - Cyber Patrol
Restriction Program - Cyber Sitter
Restriction Program - Net Nanny
Restriction Program - Net Shepherd
Restriction Program - Safe Surf
Restriction Program - Surf Watch
Restriction Program - Web Track
Spyder Net
An excellent educational site that exists in Kuala Lumpur for kids to learn across the Net.
Tooma Host Farm : Relaxation
Get away from it all in the legendary mountains made famous by the Man From Snowy River. Tooma is an adventure-activity based host farm created for students/groups to develop motivation, teamwork and leadership qualities
Trishan's Awesome Page of Oz
An Australian kid tells of the exotic places, weird animals and interesting things he has seen. Written in a very easy to understand style with lots of quick loading pictures.
Uncle Bob's Kids' Page
Welcome To Alien Place!
Welcome To BoysTown
Wiseguy Kids Site
World Birthday Web

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Italian Language
Multilingual homepage. English & Turkish. Live chat, bulletin boards.

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City Net (City Page Worldwide
Free-Nets Homepage
USA City Link

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Australian Internet Video Guide
The Australian Internet Video Guide is the only place to find out about what's new and coming soon to your local video store!
Carnegie Hall
If your tastes run to the more theatrical then you may like to take a peek inside of America's most famous musical theatre, Carnegie Hall. The site is best viewed in 640 x 480 resolution and covers this stunning building in fantastic detail. The quality of presentation is very high and the content looks good too.
Cinema Sites Home Page
Hollywood Online
Home Box Office
This site is the Web version of a HBO (Home Box Office) documentary film that is currently in post-production. HBO is a company that specialise in creating human interest/arthouse documentaries. This Web effort is a faithful representation of their desire for realism.
Hoyts Australia Cinemas -Your Movie Guide
Mad Max Chronology
This page is dedicated to the Mad Max Chronology (you know, the one with Mel Gibson in it!)...
Mars Attacks!
From the very first page of this site you know that you are in for a wierd ride! Movie tie-in sites are nothing new, they are yet another marketing ploy by the big Hollywood studios to get you to fork over the folding stuff to sit in a dark room for a couple of hours. I would like to think that I am drawn to this site because it's funky, creative and cool however, I have a sneaking suspicion that it may have more to do with the thought of sitting in a dark room for a couple of hours!
Melrose Space
Movie related web sites are not new, we have Hollywood Online, Hoyts and Village, 20th Century Fox and Paramount with hundreds of smaller companies all vying for our time and money. However, it is a rare and enjoyable thing when an independent company like Miramax can outstrip their larger corporate competition with such a standout effort.
Movie Reviews Central
With the cost of movie tickets forever on the rise, many cinephiles pore over reviews before they spend a penny. If you're one of them, QUICKcheck is for you. It's a directory of current and recent Hollywood releases with links to 15 reviews in major American newspapers such as the New York Times and LA Times, and magazines such as Entertainment Online Weekly and People. Because of restrictions beyond the designer's control, some of the links here won't take you directly to an off site review - first, you may have to log on (such as at the New York Times) or search a menu (as at the Philadelphia Daily News). The idea behind QUICKcheck is sound, however, so bet on the advent of commercial competitors any time now. The Official Academy Awards Web Site
Time for the glittering, happy and excruciatingly rich to come out and play. In the movie world this is the highlight of the year and a chance for the best of the best to do some serious back slapping. The rest of us mere mortals get to watch it on telly while trying to get the cork out of that aged bottle of '96 Great Western. Or so it used to be...
Playbill On-line
The Film 100
"Film lovers are sick people" or so proclaims François Truffaut. He should know, after all he is on the list. This site presents the top 100 most influential people in cinema. I can see a lot of arguments coming out of this list! You will need to be a big film buff just to have heard of a lot of these names. Even though I don't agree with a lot of the inclusions (I couldn't find Ridley Scott anywhere!), this site is food for thought.

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[When you see her, say a prayer and kiss your heart goodbye.]
Alternative Australian Band
An Alternative Australian band who actually participate in their online presence, rather than it being a tool of their record label.
Australian ARIA Music Charts
Australian ARIA Music Charts has Australian Top 50 Singles Chart, Australian Top 50 Albums Chart, Australian Top 40 Singles Chart, Australian Top 20 Country Album and Australian Music Report.
Australian Music Charts Page
Australian Top 50 singles charts for every week, going right back to 1989. Click on any song and you can find statistics such as how long it was in the charts and even a graph of its performance over time.
Band Name Server
CD Universe
CD Universe is the latest CD retailer on the Internet, and their prices and shipping costs seem to be considerably less than those of CD World.
CDnow: Welcome
CDworld: The Largest Internet DISCOUNT Entertainment Store
Chopshop Inc. : drumming
A drummer`s paradise! Articles, interviews, master classes. One stop on-line shopping for all your drumming needs. Drums, Sticks, Heads, Cymbals, Instructional Books, Videos and more - all at unbeatable prices!! Delivered to your door!
CNET Radio
Sick of reading about the news? Why not sit back and listen to the latest events from around the world right off your desktop? Yes, that's right, off your desktop! At CNET Radio you can listen to all the day's news just by clicking on the link you want.
Columbia House Music Club
Columbia House never had a problem getting its "plenty-o'records-for-a-penny" promos into my physical mailbox,but in case they missed yours, you can now reach them online. The deal these days is $1.49 for 11 CDs when you agree to buy six more at "regular club prices." Nice to see that we won't be missing out on familiar old copy like "the savings don't end there" just because we're wired. Before you sign up, though, make sure you read the clause buried under three or four layers of links about the CD you'll be shipped every month that's yours unless you write to refuse it. I guess burying information under a bunch of links is the web equivalent of the fine print.
Complete Lyrics to 99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall
I refuse to say anything about this site. Just go and see it. Trust me on this one.
Dark is a word that has several meanings. It can mean the absence of light, or it can carry a more sinister, ominous meaning. Dark, in all its meanings, is probably the best way to describe the Enigma Site. If you enjoy the music of the band then you will probably feel right at home here!
Ginseng MIDI Online
Excellent MIDI music, great fun. Ginseng MIDI Online is a part of the greater Ginseng Music Online. It keeps an excellent (the best on the internet?) collection of MIDI files which are free to download and listen to. A new automatic playlist is added each week.
Internet Underground Music Archive Europe
Instant Karma
IUMA, Welcome to IUMA
John Lennon's Anthology
Lane Cove Concert Band
Luna Negra Music
Lyrics server
M/B Interactive presents Deep Forest
Melbourne Metro Nightclub Australia
One of Australia's best known nightclubs now has one of the industry's best Web sites. If you like getting down with some of the finest bands in the world in the best live venue in Melbourne then you are going to love this site. Containing news, reviews, past and future bands and some great design, this site has managed the fine line trick of juggling high content, good presentation and regular changes.
Microsoft Music Central
This is Microsoft's entry into the world of online music. Reviews and the like are what you get but does Netscape stop working when you visit it? Check it out, perhaps it would be best to take IE along for this ride!
MTV Online
Musical Information
Name That Tune
Net@Nite Radio Show
Live Online Broadcast. Australia`s National Computer Radio show broadcasts live on the Internet...tune in with RealAudio.
Nevermind : A Nirvana Page
Welcome to Nevermind - here you'll find heaps of Nirvana related information including videos, rare sounds, FAQ's lyrics, a biography and heaps more.
Online Radio 1
Online Radio 2
Put On Your Blue Suede Shoes
Hey, Elvis isn't dead. He's in Webland. That's right, it's virtual Elvis in virtual Graceland. There's an Elvis shopping mall, an Elvis FAQ, and even an "Elvisology". The last features the hip-swivelin' dude's biography, info on his records and films, and a trivia section. Hmmm, we thought it was all trivia.... Did you know there are more than 480 Elvis fan clubs worldwide? Well, now you do. For more facts that you could have lived without knowing, swivel your hips or mouse on over to this offcial Elvis Web site. By the way, the site's initial page asks you to "please expand your browser window to its maximum size." We couldn't possibly make up something that funny.
Real Audio
This is the home of Real Audio and, the newly introduced, Real Video. If you want to listen to anything over the Internet then you had better arm your PC or MAC with the software from this gang. The goods themselves are easy to install and configure, (not to mention free!), making it perfect for people who want to listen to music or news and not get a lesson in computer science!
Sheryl Crow Homepage 1
Sheryl Crow Homepage 2
Sony Music Online
Sound Source America
The DJ
If news is not your thing then perhaps you would like something a little more...well, noisy! This site gives you access to over 50 commercial free channels of pure listening pleasure. All you need is real audio to hear all the latest chart toppers.
The (unofficial) Elvis Home Page
The John Lennon Memorial
The John Lennon Page chat room
The John Winston Ono Lennon Page
The Lyrics to "Imagine"
The Official Rolling Stones Web Site
The Rough Guide To Classical Music On CD
For all of the classical music enthusiasts out in Web land, this is a good place to begin the online journey. Linked off this page id the 'Classical Music Introduction' page. This is a great resource for anyone looking to learn about classical music.
The Sir Cliff Richard Home Page
Cliff Richard music. This page is a complete database of all things Cliff. We have the latest Cliff news and release dates amoung many other things.
Triple J
UK Techno Record Label
A Web site for a UK Techno record label. All the artwork on the company's records (and the Web site) is done by the Designer's Republic, who were started by one of the two people who originally pierced the Queen's nose for the infamous Sex Pistol's album cover. Looks great with Netscape 3 - and has some really nifty Java applets for your enjoyment.
Ultimate Band List
If you want to know who sung a particular tune, or what year a particular album came out, it's worth having a look at this site. The list is packed full of information, discographies and links to official and unofficial pages dedicated to various bands.
Welcome to iMusic
Containing many links to groups that are online, this is one of the best known Web SItes for music. See if you can't find who you are looking for on this one!
Welcome To The IMUA
Take a look at what is supposed to be the Internet's first free Hi-Fi archive. The IMUA (Internet Music Underground Archive) is a very popular site and as a consequence very slow.
Worldwide Internet Music Resources
Yoko Ono

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