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Personal Details

marco.jpgWell, now that I am married, I hope to have a tad 'more time' to dedicate to my web page unless my boss insists on other work. As it is - today was the first time I could actually do something on the web page in over a year!! This is my continued attempt at putting something together between overseas trips, work and washing cars on weekends which is now progressing to take up my weekends completely, so please forgive me! It's now been over three years and am still trying to get minor bugs out of the system, as well as a couple of the HTM pages in my 'Hot Links' list.
Click on resume to find out a tad more on what/where etc I've been doing over the past few years. Also, another thing that I intend to do (eventually) is have a nice couple of pages to dedicate to my friends (yes, unfortunately it will include pictures) with a little about them - well, actually just enough to embarrass them. I'll start off with my wife of course!!

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Interests and Hobbies

Eating !!

I love to eat, any food, all food. After my few recent spells in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand as well as Israel, I love Asian, Indian, Lebanese... the list goes on and on. Between my wife cooking and me fighting for the access rights to the kitchen, we always compile some goodies to get us through the dinner sessions.

Wasting Time On The PC

Anything that's PC related, LAN/WAN Network Design, fixing / destroying / upgrading, you name it... at reasonable prices. Managed to install a few GridPacks, Yagis and Omnis on the roof, so I now have a few 128Kbps links round Melbourne upto and including multiple 2Mbps - I might even put a picture of what it looks like on the page when I find it !!!. Also finding some time to play Settlers III, Star Trek - StarFleet Command and Star Trek - New Worlds. If there is anyone interested in playing via email, please let me know.

Washing Our Cars

I dedicate a couple of hours every Saturday to this task after the domestics. The mudguards are a bit of a pain though!! Not only do I have to clean my car, but have progressed to my wife's as well !!!!!! Yes Franca, that's yours. Also a coincidence, dad seems to rocks-on-round as well - so now I have three cars!! No need to update this bit - that stays the same. Sorry, I had to do it... I had to include the picture of the new mean machine I purchased from a good friend...

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Enjoying Life (for a change)

Now that little Isabella is around, time is virtually non existent to do the ‘little things’ I used to do previously. I’ll place a few of her happy snaps on the page later on. Trying to spread my little free time in on the PC (Avalon Hill War games), gardening, electronic projects and just some to spend with the wife. Had a bit of a holiday recently and went to New Zealand and stayed with an old friend and his wife I used to know in the navy (the friend silly, not his wife !!!) Had a great time but too short as usual.

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Page List

Home Page Links

·         Dedicated Isabella's Page with a few happy snaps of her at various ages (months not years !!)

·         Thunderbirds At present, this is a link to another site, but as I have 'more' time to spend on improving my pages, this of course will include more pictures, sounds etc etc. If anyone can email me with more THUNDERBIRD sites, I will be more than happy to include it here, or in my 'bookmarked' URL.

·         My Employer's site. This is a must, as I figured out that if anyone is interested in the world of Video, Data, Voice, TCP/IP, Satellite Communications and general IT type solutions, then this is a MUST SEE site. Of course it gives a blurb on the company etc etc, but at the same time it's quite informative on networks. Which by the way... I design, configure and implement here in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

·         My Star Trek page Now that I have completed the INDEX of the episodes, I can re-commence a better structured page, with more graphics, sounds and interesting stuff. From this page I will have a link to a 'Star Trek History', 'Federation Reference Guide' and eventually leading up to a 'Technical Manual'. As you can see, I have great plans for this site - but at the moment I lack time.

·         Documentation Links Page on various technical topics that I have put together in my spare time. A bit of background into the ever mysterious protocols that seems to be the buzz word / jargon that's going around in the increasing applications / use of the Internet; right down to how to cycle your nicads... This page will receive my utmost attention as I research and compile reports etc etc. Please bookmark this page.

·         My bookmarked sites that you will find interesting. Everything from advertising, data communications to yellow pages. Have a browse... I have actually split this in two pages because many people had trouble loading it all at once. The other page is fairly comprehensive as well.

·         This Web Layout and Design page is a guide on what to do, not to do, sample sites and a few other bits and pieces. There are many other sites that are guides, but I thought I would keep it to a minimum initially, and may expand on this eventually. See what you think - maybe I should take a 'page out of my own book' and apply it!

·         If you would like to send yourself a 'reminder email' on up and coming events, please feel free to try it out and pass on any comments to myself and even pass it on to your friends. I have found it to be quite useful - especially as I seem to forget dates!!!

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E-Mail Me!

I love getting E-Mail! Please let me know what you think about my home page and subsequent pages coming online; constructive criticism is welcome!

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I take this opportunity to thank WERPLE (MIRA NETWORKING) or is it (PACIFIC INETRNET now) for the continuing assistance they are providing as well as over the past few years. In turn, I have been passing on numerous bits of info onto other people wanting to create their own page(s). Although, I quickly have to put this request forward to anyone... how can I do 'animated GIF' files on my pages?????

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