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Milestones 1432 to 1859

According to the genealogies, the progenitor of the family was Marcin, a lietenant in the Polish army, who supposedly on 15th June 1432 (note 1) received a charter to the estate of Skarodna (Czernihow wojewodztwo) with 20 wloks of land from the Polish king Wladyslaw III for military service.

Grigory son of Stanislaw (the grandson of Marcin), having sold the estate, gave the sum received by testementary devise of 1580, to his sons Jan and Tamasz, as well as to the sons of the latter - Tadeusz and Juri. Tadeuzs, at the begining of the 18th century is the czesnik (cupbearer) of Smolensk possesed the estate of Godlewszczyzna (Grodno powiat); according to other sources it was purchased in 1688 from Jakub and Hanna Jankowski by Bazyl, son of Tadeusz.

In 1696 the Tumilowiczs bought land in the petty noble settlement of Swieprodowszczyzna (Nowogrod province) from the Stawbowskis and in 1707 Jan purchased the estate of Zyzma-Gimbuty-Melenkowszczyna.

In 1732 Bazyl sold Godlewszczyzna to the Kudrickis, but his son Jozef repurchased it in 1737; in 1782 the estate was sold to Antoni Kersnowski. Jozef bought for himself and his sons Andrzej, Leon, Bazyl, Jan and Diament the estate of Losznica (Minsk province) together with a hamlet of the same name; in 1779 the estate was sold to Pleskaczewski.

Leon, wozny of Minsk received a privilege to generalship on 7 May 1759 from Augustus III Sas. Andrzej and Diament received the rank of lieutenant in 1777. Bazyl's son Kazimierez received the rank of rotmister (cavalry rank) in 1778.

Jozef and all heirs in the male line in 1761, for service in the local militia, received from Prince Mikolaj-Kazimierz Radziwill, hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the feudal estate of Staoelbowszczyna. Prince Dominik Radziwill in 1808 resettled the Tumilowiczs in the zascianek Swierynowo (near Nowo Swierzen) on 12 wloks of land, on which the majority of the family lived in the course of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

In the 1795 partition of Poland the area where the Tumilowiczs lived became part of the Russian Empire and the Tumilowiczs had to battle in the courts to retain their noble status.

Recognized as nobles by the Russian Empire by a wywod (a genealogy) of the Minsk Noble Deputy Assembly on 27th November 1802 and confirmed by the Senate order of 17th December 1859 (recorded in the first part of the genealogical book of the Minsk gubernia).

Note 1 - The year 1432 recorded in documents is unlikely to be correct. It probably 1492. It is most likely that a 9 got corrupted to a 3 with re-copying of hard to read documents.
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