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New Family Genealogy Book

Most of the old documents passed down from my grandfather were lost in Berlin in 1945. The portions of documents displayed on this page are copies from the Minsk archives located by Vladislav Viarovkin-Sheliuta. Most of the documenta are in old Polish and some in old Russian.

Many thanks to Joseph Tumilowicz of NJ for additional documents and the translations to English.

Some of the more interesting documents:

Consensus of King Jan III of Poland dated 13 January 1727
Land Registry Book Extract dated 15 Jan 1765
Will of Kazimierz Tumilowicz dated 8 Dec 1778
Extract of Grant of Privilege dated 4 February 1783
Extract of a Genealogical Decree dated 27 November 1808
Genealogical Decree dated 18 December 1835

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