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Tumiłowicz, Tumilovich, Tumilovičs, Tumilovičius a history/genealogy

by Joseph J Tumilowicz Ph D



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Related surnames: Bylina, Bernatowicz, Czarniecki, Daszkiewicz, Guzik, Michniewicz, Sikorski, Szpakowski, Szymkow, Tomaszewska, Trela, Urban and many others

The information in archival documents assembled here from eastern European sources probably constitutes much of what has been recorded about the Tumilowicz clan from approximately 1500 to 1900.

For those Tumilowiczes who could and chose to confront Russian challenges in the 19th century to their ancestral status as members of Polish nobility, the enforced registration of documentary evidence and its approval by the Russian heraldic senate preserved not only certain privileges, however temporarily, but also family histories and genealogies. Ironically, despite Russian nullification efforts, these determined persons would not be forgotten.

It is intended that this compilation of archival documents, their English translations, genealogies, brief historical references, and other relevant aspects will provide a useful resource and basis for a continuing record of the unfolding histories of members of the Tumilowicz clan.


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