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Tumilowicz h. Ostoja

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Welcome to the Tumilowicz family's genealogy site.
(also written Tumilovics and Tumilovich)






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A Polish family of the clan/crest Ostoja the Tumilowicz's lived in the Minsk area in what is now Belarus. That area has been controled by local nobility, Kiev, Lithuania, Polish-Lithuanian union and Russia. The descendants of the family now live in Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and United States.

Credits: This site is the result of research by Vladzislav Viarovkin-Sheliuta in the archives of Minsk. Many thanks also to George Tarnowsky for his help and to Joseph Tumilowicz of New Jersey for corrections, translations, additional documents and information.

Ostoja crest
"Ostoja" (Refuge)

The Tumilowicz's were very prolific and only a small portion of the family tree is displayed (older line starting at branch V).

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18 May 2013
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