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Internyet Moma
MoMA curator Barbara London delves into the underground art world of Russia and Ukraine searching for
innovative media artists.

She is accompanied by F.D.P. Henryz, her aide-de-camp, who provides audio, visual and technical assistance on
the journey, July 1 - August 3, 1998.
Artist: Barbara London

Larsen exhibit Victoria & Albert Museum
Explore the Sundborn cottage to discover the design ideals and influences that made the Larssons' creators of the
Swedish style.
Use of mouse-overs

Without Moving, Without Stopping Stadium Web
Quicktime shots of plaster casts
Cole's museum has a living analog in Munich's Museum fur Abgusse Klassischer Bildwerke, which houses heaps
of plaster-casts of Greek, Roman, and Renaissance statuary. Unfortunately, the Museum isn't public -- it's intended
specifically for curators and art historians, and the art is somewhat haphazardly displayed. Each copy sits on
castered pedestals and viewers can freely arrange the art depending on their interests (The museum's own
curators even push the statues aside on the way to bathroom). Artist Louise Lawler shot stunning QuickTime VR
panoramic views of the Bildwerke Museum, available at the art site Stadium Web.

"my boyfriend came back from the

Series of frames that fracture as thoughts develop about the war. Allusive, difficult to follow, but intriguing

Ausländer Micro Stuff Art
Using the written experiences of the artist's grandmother who fled St Petersburg in 1914, the work explores
cultural dislocation in the 20th century and what it is to be a foreign or stateless person.
Story and chorus are highlighted with different buttons. One shoe lies to the left. Four acts. Music is not so
thematically obvoius.
Artist: Andrew Garton
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