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Greenworld Site for holographer Paula Dawson
CCP Centre for Contemporary Photography
Dave Sagg Always going to be doing something interesting. 
Brickworks Save the Brunswick Brickworks association
Weather What my weather is like today
Ruth Hutchinson Interesting Bendigo ceramicist
Megan Jones Canberra photographer shows Australian panoramas 
Terence Bogue Fine Melbourne photographer of objects
Alyssa Rothwell Promising CD-ROM artist
Zoe Beloff Terrific New York QuickTime artist
Scott Becker Chicago shockwave artist
Jane Prophet London-based network artist in post-human fashion
Pig Vision Eccentric ex-Tasmanian Swiss research artist
Harry Williamson Imaginative Melbourne musician
Dinie Besems Dutch pheromone jeweller
Bruno Latour French anthropologist of science
Jonathan Kandell Very American home page endorsed by Arizona Buddhist mafia

 Last edited 27 Apr 2003