Caleb Christopher Quinton Murray-Myles

Caleb day one

Caleb Christopher Quinton Murray-Myles, nearly ten hours old

Born Saturday 16th January 1999 5:42pm


(13, 14, 34; Joshua 14-15), member of the Israelite tribe of Judah. After Moses and Aaron had led the Israelites out of Egypt to the borders of Canaan, the promised land, Moses appointed Caleb and others, including Joshua, to reconnoitre the land. All but Caleb and Joshua brought back a false and discouraging report on the walled cities and warlike inhabitants of Canaan. On the basis of the false report, the Israelites refused to enter Canaan, defying their leaders and God. God, however, put down the revolt and ordained that no Israelite over the age of 20 who had spoken out against him should live to enter Canaan. He also caused the immediate death of all who had gone ahead to spy out the land of Canaan, excepting Caleb and Joshua. Before he died, Moses distributed the lands of Canaan among the tribes, and Joshua and Caleb led in their conquest.

Uncle Thomas and Caleb
Megan Caleb & Thomas Thomas, Caleb and the new mother, Megan
wpe5.jpg (38835 bytes) Megan and Tim, four months before