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At various times, in various places, the people responsible (if that's the word for which I'm looking) for making The Goodies available to the public have seen fit to present it in a fashion different to that seen on the original British transmissions. The main Australian broadcaster, the ABC, has, over the years, deleted portions of the shows that were deemed unsuitable for viewing by children. (The argument that if the show contains adult material, maybe it is aimed at an adult audience seems to have slipped over their heads.) Most of these cuts are listed here; in one or two cases, some material has been restored in screenings in the late 1980s, particularly in the cases of Chubby Chumps and Rome Antics, the latter of which originally was missing about five minutes, comprising many of Roy Kinnear's scenes as a poofy Roman emperor trying to pick up Bill.

I have not attempted to itemise the cuts made when The Goodies transferred to Australian commercial TV; since the cuts were extensive, and mainly to accommodate advertising.

One would have hoped that with the advent of commercial video tapes that we may have seen the last of the editing; but as events turned out, some of the videos contain worse edits than even the ABC inflicted (stand up Scatty Safari). These edits, which mainly seem to be due to the BBC being unable to get (or not wanting to pay for) copyright clearance for music, have also been listed here.

With the arrival of pay-TV in Australia, it was hoped that at last we could get uncut, uninterrupted episodes, even if they had a small logo in the corner. In the main this was the case, but in one instance (The Music Lovers) an episode broadcast on Foxtel's UK-TV channel was cut, again mainly for the lack of music clearance. Foxtel also managed to accidentally miss playing Earthanasia, and, now that they have gone into a second run-through, are breaking the shows in half for a series of cross-promotional adverts.

So, it seems that The Goodies is fated never to be seen complete and uncut as originally broadcast in Britain in the 1970s on any one channel or medium. But then, that would have been too easy.

The edits list has been derived, in the main, from a comparison of the episodes shown on Foxtel with those from the ABC. In two cases (The Baddies and Hype Pressure) the comparison is with versions from Britain's UK Gold pay-TV service, as the former episode hasn't been broadcast within living memory, and the latter not at all, by the ABC.

Note that when shown on commercial television in Australia, only shows from series 5 to 8 had additional footage in them. Almost all the earlier shows contained the cuts listed here - exceptions being noted in the text.

Edits made to the official video releases are also listed in this section, comparing them to both the ABC's prints and the Foxtel editions where necessary. The video releases are as follows:

The Goodies And The Beanstalk
UK: BBC Video BBCV 7008 (1983)
Aust: Hoyts Polygram BBC 7008 2 (1983)

The Goodies And The Beanstalk / The End / Bunfight At The OK Tearooms
UK: BBC Video BBCV 5370 (1994)
Aust: ABC Video (Village Roadshow) B00100 (1996)

Kitten Kong / Scatty Safari / Scoutrageous
UK: BBC Video BBCV 5391 (1994)
Aust: Polygram BBC 5391 2 (1995)
Aust: ABC Video (Village Roadshow) 17884 (1996 re-issue)

Football Crazy / Robot / Bigfoot / Change Of Life
UK: Video Collection VC 6008
Aust: Thorn EMI ZL 4 031

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The Goodies - Censored! was compiled by Matthew K. Sharp.
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