The Goodies - Censored!


  1. Lips, or Almighty Cod
  2. Hype Pressure
  3. Daylight Robbery On The Orient Express
  4. Black And White Beauty
  5. It Might As Well Be String
  6. 2001 And A Bit
  7. The Goodies - Almost Live

6-1 Lips, or Almighty Cod
Duration: 27'56"
Broadcast intact by ABC

6-2 Hype Pressure
Duration: 25'28"
Never broadcast by ABC
British UK Gold version is complete

6-3 Daylight Robbery On The Orient Express
Duration: 28'19"
Broadcast intact by ABC

* At 10'00", one second of black in the fade out/in between scenes has been cut on the Foxtel version.

6-4 Black And White Beauty
Duration: 28'44"
Broadcast intact by ABC

6-5 It Might As Well Be String
Duration: 25'49"
Total material deleted by ABC: 0'01"

* At 4'54", the following section in italics has been cut. CUT = 0'01"

GG: Be like Betty Robbins. Give your family Kenny Cornflakes, the sunshine breakfast. And then you too, like Betty Robbins, could be the first woman to become Pope. And heavyweight champion of the world.
BO: You see, you sell them a dream, Tim, a dream.
GG: That's it. Picture the family, holding out their plates for more.
BO: The children.
GG: The husband.
BO: She's a wonderful mum.
GG: And a terrific lay.
TBT: That's lies, all lies. Lies!
GG: It's a perfectly reasonable appeal to the submerged yearnings of the average housewife.

6-6 2001 And A Bit
Duration: 29'00"
Broadcast intact by ABC

6-7 The Goodies - Almost Live
Duration: 29'10"
Broadcast intact by ABC

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The Goodies - Censored! was compiled by Matthew K. Sharp.
Copyright (C) 1996, Matthew K. Sharp. All rights reserved.
Script extracts copyright (C) 1970-1980 Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor.