About i DREAM therefore i AM

by Julie Peters

the author Julie Peters

This web version of "i DREAM therefore i AM" is derived from a paper presented at the second Health in Difference Conference, held in Melbourne in January 1998 to examine body-image issues amongst the transgendered and to help the health workers present to understand what it feels like to be transgendered.

The original "i DREAM therefore i AM" consisted of prose, poetry, and about 300 slides and had a duration of about 30 minutes.

I have performed "i DREAM therefore i AM" many times; mainly as a training piece for legal and health professionals such as the Victorian Aids Council, Gay and Lesbian Switchboard and the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria. And in October 1999 I performed it to a general audience in the Melbourne Fringe Festival under the auspices of `Hares and Hyenas Bookshop'. This group of readings received the Festivals' prize for literature.

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