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Your Windows Vista and XP system is already equiped to write in Latvian

the commonly used fonts (Ariel, Times New Roman, Courier etc) are Unicode fonts. Unicode fonts contain the letters and characters for all the different languages including Latvian. Microsoft have also provide all the neccesary keyboard drivers including Latvian.

Select 'Regional and Language Options' from the 'Control Panel'. In the Input language section add Latvian. Set the Keyboard layout properties to Latvian Latin or QWERTY. Set the default input language to Latvian. The Microsoft keyboard driver works by keeping the right ALT key pressed down and at the same time pressing the required letter. Press a for ā. This works fine for lower case letters but is awkward for upper case somettimes requiring three arms or a friend. A solution is to use the Latvian IT Unicode keyboard driver.

The FREE Latvian IT Unicode keyboard driver for Windows 7, Vista and XP

uses the apostrophe ' key as a dead key. Press ' and then the required letter. Press ' then C for Č.
The driver is easy to install and use. The file LV_IT_U.ZIP is a compressed folder. Download it and unzip (uncompress) it to your computer. Then follow the easy to follow installation and operating instructions.

LV_IT_U.ZIP Latvian IT Unicode keyboard driver
Instalation.PDF Instalation instructions.
readme.PDF Operating instructions

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