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Everyone participating in underground activities is required to bring the following personal gear:

Use this as a check list as you pack your gear. Remember - if you don't bring all the required gear - you won't be able to go caving.

The team will supply everyone with a caving helmet for the weekend, and any other climbing gear required in the caves, such as harnesses, rope, descenders, wire ladders etc. The caving party leaders in the team are proficient in the use of climbing gear in a caving situation and will provide instruction for those who have not abseiled or climbed a wire ladder.

Gloves and knee pads are optional. They do provide protection against sharp rocks and give a slight improvement in grip. Of course they will soon get very muddy, scratched and worn in the cave environment. At Mount Eccles the rock is very hard and crawling around on the lava can be slightly painful unless knee pads are worn. Gloves are not required for abseiling as it is done in a slow and controlled manner in caves.

Some words about Safety

As a safety precaution, all long hair MUST be tied back. Plaited hair is safer than hair that is just in a pony tail. Long hair is dangerous as it can get caught in the gear used for descending. This can be a very painful experience and may result in an unwanted hair cut.

While caving, the Cave Party Leader is in charge. They are responsible for your safety and for the safety of the party in and out of the cave. You must always obey them as they know what to do in all situations. Failure to follow their directions could result in a serious accident. The Cave Party Leader is telling you what you can and can't do for YOUR safety.


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