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Join us! Leaders: A special invitation

by Tony Watson, BLAA Caving

Published in Australian Scout, September 2012, page 19

What happens inside a cave at night? Where does the darkness go and when does it return? Have you ever thought about these questions? Have you ever thought of ...

The list could go on and on but, to find out some of the answers, why not come away with us one weekend and see for yourself just what a unique group of Scouters these caving people are!

Currently, you may be a Section Leader, Group Leader, Commissioner, or parent helper and maybe thinking of a change of the role you play in Scouting. Or you may want to do something additional to the role you currently fill in Scouting.

Caving offers you the opportunity to extend your knowledge of this great world of ours; of challenging yourself - just to what extent is up to you. The satisfaction of seeing Scouting youth broaden their horizons, of challenging themselves and then to assist them to gain their Scouting awards is so rewarding. The team enjoy camping (Masterchef, eat your heart out when it comes to cooking!); learn photography in unusual places; learn the art of 'story telling' and almost a new language (just what is a "Gold Tail"? or a "doline"?) etc.

We are a part of the Scouting Movement and as such are trained volunteers, and in addition we are continually doing 'on the job' training as well as scheduled training specifically related to caving.

When driving through the countryside have you ever wondered why or how particular hills were formed? Why some rock faces are a rich red colour and others a dark grey? The formation of our world is absolutely amazing and it is difficult to get our head around the fact that a million or two years ago, that hill was underwater.

So, when you feel like a change in direction, don't resign from Scouting. Contact us and learn about the 'dumb-dumb stick', 'who's got the hat?', that possums l-o-v-e chocolate, that the darkness comes out of the cave at night - Yes! there's a whole new world just waiting for you to enjoy.

For further information contact Tony Watson (Branch Leader Adventurous Activities) on (03) 9704 7750

Caving for Scouts and Venturers

A note from our Booking Officers, Ian and Jenny:

From October 1 this year we are taking bookings for 2013. If Troops or Units are thinking of booking a Caving Adventure then ensure you contact Ian (for Scouts) or Jenny (for Venturers, Rovers and Leaders) within the first two weeks of October or you may find you are on a waiting list.

Ian: Barny.VSCT@bigpond.com
Jenny: watsontj@spin.net.au
Or contact Tony on (03) 9704 7750.

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