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Rovers get down and dirty at Mt Eccles

by Nathan Pearson, Kulin Rover Crew and AJSL 7th Ballarat

Published in Australian Scout, December 2011, page 32

On September 10, 10 Rovers from across Victoria descended on the Mt Eccles National Park in South West region, 30 Minutes south of Hamilton. They were ready for a packed weekend of caving with the Victorian Scout Caving Team.


We started with the Tunnel Cave and quickly discovered the art of crawling, rolling and twisting your body to get around some challenging corners and into some tight spots. Our next cave, the 'North Pole' has a magnetic rock in the middle of the main cavern which attracts the northern tip of the compass no matter where you stand in the cave. Next we rolled and crawled to squeeze into a very small space called the 'Letter Box' where we discovered our bums are bigger than we thought. After successfully destroying a good pair of overalls we moved onto the 'Maze' Cave where we spent a good 40 minutes enjoying the cave and watching the movements of the nature in the cave.

After leaving the 'Maze' cave we moved onto the 'Air Conditioner', a rather cool cave where some Rovers went geo-caching. They searched the cave for the cache to leave a trinket behind. This cave gave us a good chance to relax on the rocks and have a cool down. After a big day of caving we retuned back to camp and enjoyed a hot shower before a well-deserved counter meal and some sport, watching St Kilda take on Sydney in the AFL elimination final. After the football we headed back to camp to finally have some much needed sleep.

The next morning we went into 'Smoko' cave where the caving team discovered a new part of the cave. We went into the root cavern where the roots have broken through the roof of the cave and are slowly making their way into the cave floor where they will then begin to grow and become thick. After an interesting and educational trip we returned to camp for final parade and headed home.

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