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Looking Locally: Sea Scouts caving at Mt Eccles

by Jay Lulofs, linking Cub at 2nd Mornington

Published in Australian Scout, October 2012, page 35

2nd Mornington Sea Scouts went caving at Mt Eccles National Park near Portland over the Queen's Birthday long weekend. We went through lots of caves of all different sizes. The sizes of some caves were as big as 6 or 7 elephants stacked on top of each other. Other caves were smaller than an adults head. We were allowed to explore through little tunnels and lava tubes to see where they led to some led to a big openings called chambers. We were instructed by the Branch Activity Caving Team throughout the caves and also to walk up with them to Lake Surprise (a crater lake). They were all experienced cavers and they had been caving for many years and explored caves all over the world. Before it all started Ian Barnard from the caving team came to our hall and showed us a few slides of different caves and told us what equipment we would need. We also needed to learn some knots before we went: alpine butterfly, bunny ears, figure of 8 and a double figure of 8. Over the weekend we earned our Caving Proficiency Badge.

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