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Here is some more information about my particular interests:

Activities of clubs and organisations (VSA, ASF, VSCT, FOBC)
Cave exploration, documentation, surveying, photography, research (Helictite Journal)
Collecting cave books and magazines (such as National Geographic)
Design and construction (solid state & valve) of electronic devices
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Nikola Tesla (Tesla coils, biographical, ANTS)
Test Instruments (design & construction, collecting old instruments and restoration)
Collecting valves (thermionic tubes) and valve data books
Collecting old Electrical Engineering books (pre 1950)
Digital logic (PC gadgets)
Audio and Hi-Fi
Designing, constructing and building: CD players, preamps, active filters, power amps, speaker cabinets & crossovers
Listening to good music:
Electric & Acoustic guitar (mainly rock, I have some Guitar Top n Lists)
Classical Piano (Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy)
Classical Guitar (Julian Bream, John Williams)
Synthetic Music (Kraftwerk, Tomita, Rick Wakeman, Herbie Hancock)
and many other styles... (but NOT Opera or Country)
Playing electric & acoustic guitar
Playing keyboards (a little)
B. Sc. Computer Science - Deakin University 1982
Systems Programmer at Telstra (1982 to 1997) and then IT Specialist in Middleware technologies (especially IBM WebSphere MQ) since 1997.
Personal Computers (Programming in Visual Basic, Various flavours of ANSI C)
Mainframes (Assembler programming, Operating systems, Security, File Systems)
Human Interfaces and user-goal directed Graphical User Interface (GUI) design
Security & Cryptology
Collecting old computer books (pre 1970)
Recreational Mathematics
Number theory & computation
Chaos & fractals
And in passing...
Philosophy of science, Artificial Intellgence
Playing Snooker and English Billiards (I'll play pool if challenged)
Down-hill skiing
Home brewed beer & mixing (and drinking!) cocktails
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Internet Humour

Feel free to accost me on any of these subjects.

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