The GARMIN GPS 38 is the one navigational tool for the great outdoors that offers big features in a small, lightweight package - all at a truly affordable price. Mark your favorite fishing spot, tree stand or camp site or retrace your step back to the safety of your truck using our all new TracBack feature. The GPS 38 shows you exactly where you are, where you've been and where you're going.

The GPS 38 features easy, one-thumb operation and weighs only 9 ounces. There's a resettable trip odometer, graphic compas and highway steering guidance. And it provides up to 20 hours of use on a set of 4 AA batteries. The GARMIN GPS 38. The affordable way to bring you back.

MultiTrac8 operating system continuously tracks and uses up to 8 satellites for fast, accurate positioning.

User-friendly rocker/keypad system allows room for a large, backlit LCD display with easy-to-read characters and full-featured graphic plotting.

Innovative TracBack feature lets you quickly navigate your track log back home without manually storing waypoints.

Resettable trip odometer keeps track of your distance travelled.

User-selectable navigation screens for compas or graphic highway steering guide.

Ultrasonically welded, dry nitrogen filled case with internal antenna.

EZinit feature allows fast "point and shoot" initialization.

Waypoints: 250, nearest 9 automatic
Routes: 20 reversible routes with up to 30 waypoints each.
MOB and TracBack modes
Backtrack: Automatic track log navigation
Map Datums: Over 100
Coordinates: Lat/Lon, UTM/UPS, plus 7 grids including Maidenhead
Receiver: Differential-ready MultiTrac8 continuously tracks and
uses up to eight satellites to compute and update position
Acquisition Times: Warm: Approx. 20 seconds
Cold: Approx. 2 minutes
AutoLocate: Approx. 7.5 minutes
Update Rate: 1/second, continuous
Accuracy: Position: 15 meters RMS,
5-10 meters RMS with GARMIN GBR 21 DGPS receiver
Velocity: 0.1 knot RMS steady state
Dynamics: 3g's
Interface: NMEA 180, 182, 183 and RS-232 DGPS corrections
Antenna: Internal
Size: 6.15"H x 2"W x 1.23"D
Weight: 9 ounces w/batteries
Display: 2.2"H x 1.5"W high-contrast LCD
w/electro luminescent backlighting
Case: Waterproof, ultrasonically welded dry nitrogen filled
Memory Back Up: Internal lithium battery
Power Source: 4 AA batteries or 5-8 volt DC
Power: .75 watt
Battery Life: Up to 12 hours (normal mode), 20 hours (save mode)

The GPS 38 system contains the following:
1 - GPS 38 Receiver
1 - Wrist Strap
1 - Users Manual
1 - Quick Reference Guide

1996 PRICE US$ 148.00
+ shipping & handling

The GPS 38 main accessories:
Cigarette Lighter Adapter .... US$ 36.00
PC Interface Cable ........... US$ 27.00
PCX Software and Cable Kit ... US$ 89.00
Mounting Bracket ............. US$ 29.00
Carrying Case ................ US$ 12.00

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