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2007 Calendar of Friends weekends
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2007 Calendar of Friends Weekends

February24 - 25Buchan, working bee
June23 - 24Buchan, working bee
October27 - 28Buchan, working bee and Annual General Meeting

Volunteers will be treated to a free barbeque held at 6PM on the Saturday of each working bee weekend, at Homeleigh. Meat and salads provided; bring your own drinks. Please let someone on the committee know if you are coming so that adequate catering arrangements can be made.


2007 Letters to members

Letter posted to members, 20th September 2007


G'day Friends

Great news - The interpretation sign for Wilson's Reserve has finally been finished. The roof was fitted and all woodwork painting was done. It is now fitted into the shelter.

Grants Last May/June FOBC applied for a grant to continue the wiring and conduting of Federal cave lights, prior to Parks continuing with the concreting of the path. There is about 100 metres of path conreting remaining, and hand rails to be repaired. Plenty of work for all FOBC members.

Working Bee Program for 27th and 28th of October
Empty the donations from Royal and Fairy caves.
Check on FOBC boards in Royal and Fairy caves, repair if necessary.
Check on condition of information boards at Potholes and Wilson's.
The major job is to continue the wiring and conduting in Federal cave.

Please contact prior to working bee for planning of what will be possible to achieve and also for catering. Contact Secretary Rose Tulk on 03 9458 2485 by Tuesday 24th October.

The $2 individual and $5 family annual membership fee becomes due at the AGM.

It would be good to see some new people on the committee. Please consider volunteeering for a position.

Accommodation: Camping in caves reserve is free. Normal rates apply at Homeleigh. Free accommodation at Caves House is available for this working bee. Prior bookings are necessary, please contact Rose Tulk on 03 9458 2485 by Tuesday 24th October if you wish to stay at Caves House.

See you there.
Regards, your Committee


2007 Executive Officer Contact List

PresidentDaryl Carr(03) 9457 1720 (H) 
Vice PresidentGlenn Baddeley(03) 9808 7248 (H) 
SecretaryRose Tulk(03) 9458 2485 (H) 
and Membership
Erica Baddeley(03) 9808 7248 (H) 
Co-opted officers:   
Newsletter EditorDaryl Carr(03) 9458 2485 (H) 
Parks Victoria liaisonGlenn Baddeley(03) 9808 7248 (H) 


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