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Tim Reese's Home Page has 11 links to Electron Tube Vendors and 40 links to Electronic Parts Dealers that cater to Tube Audio.
The DX Zone has over 15 links to tubes and parts suppliers
Welborne Labs (CO) - Prices lists for tubes and other parts from many manufacturers
Thomas J. Bruckner Electron Tubes for Industry, 179-9 US Route 64 - S251 - Rockaway NJ 07866, USA. Contains a huge range of tubes and accessories with price lists.
Triode Electronics sells tubes and various parts and there is heaps of infomation available on tubes and amplifiers.
Antique Electronics Supply sell tubes and a huge range of other "antique" electronics stuff. 6221 S Maple Avenue, Tempe, AZ USA


Micronetics has in-depth stock of Audio, Industrial, Transmitting, CRT's and speciality tubes from Philips, Eimac, GE, RCA, Ken-Rad, Ei, etc. (Switzerland)
MachMat tube sales. (Netherlands)


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