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I believe that these companies and individuals sell valves in Australia, but don't assume that this list is 100% accurate. If you know of any other active suppliers of valves to the public in this country, or you are a supplier yourself, or you have more accurate information than what is here then please let me know so that I can update the list.

The current list is categorised by state, and the entries are in no particular order within each state. This list does not intend to show any bias or preference, and I have no business relationship with any of them. It is subject to change at any time without notice.

Evacuated Envelopes, the on-line valve amp magazine, also have a list of Australian Suppliers, from where I have taken some of my information. They also have listed suppliers in many other countries around the world.

OzValveAmps has a list of valve equipment technicians in Australia. Some of these also supply valves.

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National Franchises


See Home Page for store addresses and phone numbers.
Electro-Harmonix brand valves, 12AX7/7025 $24, EL34/6CA7 $35, 6L6/5881 $39, contact your local store to confirm stock.

Jaycar Electronics

See Home Page for store addresses and phone numbers.
Sovtek 12AX7WA/7025 $25, Electro-Harmonix EL34EH/6AC7 $40, Sovtek 5881WXT/6L6GT $40. Contact your local store to confirm stock and prices.

Billy Hyde Music

See Home Page for store addresses and phone numbers.
Sovtek - 12AX7WA $19, 5881 $31, KT88 $68; Electro-Harmonix - 12AT7 $20, EL84 $28, EL34 $33, 5UGB $35, 6L6 $41 as listed here. Contact your local store to confirm stock and prices.



Lucas Miles Audio

Melosa Ave, Brighton East VIC 3187
Ph Mobile 0419 017 135
Audio modifications and upgrades to professional audio and HiFi equipment. A range of components and about 15 types of preamp, power and rectifier valves for sale.
Home Page


519 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy VIC 3068
Ph (03) 9489 4864
All the valves you need for your radio, hi-fi and guitar amplifiers.
Home Page

Australian Electric Valve Importers Pty Ltd

Factory 2, 22 Michellan Court (PO BOX 1001), Bayswater VIC 3153
Ph 0500 566 616, (03) 9720 8730,
Fax 0500 566 626, Mobile 0409 415 315
ACN 006 498 040
High end and professional audio. RF, RADAR and microwave. Valve pre (Audile) and power (SPARK) amplifiers and speakers (Lowther).
Email enquiries to Mohan Varkey at

Giles Audio

320 Tarrango Road, Yarra Junction Vic 3797
Ph & Fax (03) 5967 1502
Importer of Audio valves. Manufacturer of Pro audio valve recording equipment. Repairs and modifications to Guitar amplifiers, Hi Fi amplifiers, Recording equipment and Condenser microphones.
Email Enquiries to Ross Giles at

TMG Test Equipment

231 Osborne Avenue, Clayton South VIC 3169
Ph (03) 9558 0004, Fax (03) 9558 0879, Toll Free 1800 680 680
Replacement valves for test instruments.
Home Page

Resurrection Radio

203 High Street (PO BOX 423), Ashburton VIC 3147
Ph (03) 9510 4486, Fax (03) 9529 5639
Radio replacement valves, books, parts and restoration of old radios. Send DL size SSAE for catalogue.
Home Page

Retro Sound Amp Co.

PO Box 2496, Rowville VIC 3178
Fax (03) 9753 2200
Australia's cheapest & only supplier of Mail Order Valve Amp Supplies. Selling only the BEST available products including NOS & New Valves, Sprague Capacitors, CTS Pots, Grill Cloth, Covering Material etc. Specializing in all Amp Supplies, Sales, Service, Repairing & Modifications of Vintage Valve Guitar Amps, Effects & Parts.
Home Page

Rockby Electronics Pty Ltd

ACN 007 298 071
56 Renver Rd, Clayton VIC 3168
Ph (03) 9562 8559, Fax (03) 9562 8772
Electronic and Computer components. There are 274 types on their valve listing, with prices starting from $1.30 and most from $10 to $20.
Home Page

Trevor Lees Audio

10 Cotham Road, Kew VIC 3101
Ph (03) 9853 2522 or (03) 9853 4033, Fax (03) 9852 8296
Audio valves, high end audio equipment sales & service.
Home Page


New South Wales

Strand Electronics Pty Ltd

239 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag NSW 2068
Ph (02) 9958 5111, Fax (02) 9958 2446
Over 10,000 valves, receive and transmit at very competitive prices. Incl. KT66, KT88, 6E5, EM81, 6BM8, 6V6 etc and European types.
Enquiries to J. Meyer

Anthony Donovan

Peakhurst NSW
Ph Mobile 0402 893 954
Specializing in Valve Guitar amp repairs and valve sales. 6L6, EL34,6CA7,12AX7,12AT7.
Email enquiries to Anthony Donovan at

Farnell Electronics

Sales & Accounts 72 Ferndell St, Chester Hill NSW 2162
Sales 1300 361 005, Fax 1300 361 225
Thermionic valves on page 1223 of Feb '99 catalogue; Chelmer Valve ECC81 ECC82 ECC83 EL34 EL84 KT88 6L6GC 6L6WGC/5881 GZ34
Australian Home Page

Hadley Records

5 Egret Place, Tamworth NSW 2340
Vintage valves for sale.
Home Page, Vintage Parts Page


2 Burwood Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Ph (02) 6925 2449
Restoration, repairs and parts.
Home Page

Valve Electronics Pty Ltd

PO BOX 324, Batemans Bay NSW 2536
Ph (02) 4472 7623, Fax (02) 4472 7654, Mobile (019) 449 311
Valves, sockets, books, kitsets, circuits, information. Transformers, chokes & used amps. Repairs & rebuilds.
First established in 1981 as the Vintage Wireless Radio Co.
Home Page


Unit 6/4, Garling Road, Kings Park NSW 2148
Ph (02) 9831 6454, Fax (02) 9831 6466
Email enquiries to
Authorised repair centre for many brands of guitar and keyboard equipment. Yes, we also sell valves.


South Australia

Jay Bird

147 Port Road, Queenstown SA 5014
Postal: PO Box 2410, Port Adelaide SA 5015
Stocking JJ ELectronic valves and Hammond transformers. Other components will be added as available.
Home Page

Adelaide Valve Sales

Valve sales in Australia and International. Valves tested. Full listing on home page.
Home Page


Western Australia

Direct Components

PO Box 3254, Joondalup WA 6027
Ph (08) 9404 8488, Fax (08) 9404 8388, Mobile 0419 042 653
web site
Suppliers of Groove Tubes, Electro Harmonix, Sovtek, Svetlana, JJ/Tesla, Mullard valves. Sprague, Mallory and other capacitors. Guitar Amplifier parts.

PN Electronics Pty Ltd

Shop 3 / 16 Cockburn Road, Hamilton Hill WA 6163
Ph (08) 9335 7317, Fax (08) 9335 9785
Our Company has been repairing amplifiers for 25 years in WA and we are importing large quantities of valves, mainly for guitar amps but we also cater for other valve equipment on request.
Home Page of PN Electronics

Steve Savell's Vintage Radio Supplies

43 Vistula Terrace, Kelmscott WA 6111
Ph (08) 9390 0629
Thousands of valves in stock, parts, capacitors and near on everything for the vintage radio restorer. Radio sets for sale, hundreds in stock.
Home Page of Australian Vintage Wireless Parts

Tube Collector

7 Sapphire Court, Armadale WA 6112
Ph (08) 9399 5219, Fax (08) 9399 5042
A long-time tube collector who is willing to assist in obtaining hard to get tubes for almost any purpose. Also able to exchange tubes and parts on an equitable basis.
Home Page of Dennis R. Grimwood

Vintage Radio

Perth WA
Ph (08) 9452 8354, Mobile 0448 231 389
Large number of valves from the early 20's to modern types for sale at the cheapest prices in Australia. Included are many 'oddball' foreign types. Restoration service for any valve and solid state equipment. Qualified electronics technician of 25 years, all work guaranteed.
Email enquiries to Ron Pond at



No suppliers currently listed for this state




63 Yarrow Road, Rosewood QLD 4340
Ph (07) 5467 9568, Fax (07) 5467 9696
Everything from 1920s 4 volt valves to current Russian audio valves. Stock new and used (tested). Large range of valve and audio related books. Send SSAE 100mm x 200mm size for catalogue of valves, books, capacitors and sockets.
Home Page

Brian Smith's Wireless Workshop

12 Mansfield Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700
Ph (07) 4927 1272, Fax (07) 4927 0522, Mobile 0408 270 796
Vintage radio parts, 10000+ valves in stock, over 800 types on hand. Enquire for availability and pricing, a list is not available as stocks continually change. Valve testing service. Send $1 in stamps for 14 page parts catalog, including P&P.
Home Page


Australian Capital Territory

Turner Audio

Canberra ACT 2601
Ph (02) 6241 2760
Limited stock of valves. Service for all equipment which uses valves, especially audio and radio. Transformer rewinds. Speaker repairs.
Home Page


Northern Territory

Lede Electronics

27 Yanyula Drive, Anula NT 0812
Ph (08) 8927 0238
Professional audio component suppliers. Stock a range of premium valves, 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AX7, EL34/6CA7, EL84, 6L6G and 6550 from various manufacturers.
Home Page


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