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* Australian Electronics Magazines 1939-2001
Historical information about popular magazines of the period, such as Radio & Hobbies, Radio Television & Hobbies, Electronics Australia and others.
* Valve Data
Data and Equivalents Service.Links to Valve Data: Search Engines, Programs, Miscellaneous Pages, Miscellaneous Text Files, Broken Links. My interest in Thermionic Vacuum Tubes. Australian Valve Manufacturers and Date Codes.
* Electronics related items For Sale
Original issues of Australian electronics magazines; R&H, RTV&H, EA, Radiotronics.
* Glenn Baddeley - Audio
LM4702. LM4780. Three of my Class A Power Amplifier designs. Articles on Compact Disc - The Inside Story. Audio related links.
* Directory of Australian Valve Suppliers
Introduction. National Franchises. Victoria. New South Wales. South Australia. Western Australia. Tasmania. Queensland. Australian Capital Territory.
* Glenn Baddeley - GPS Cables
Cables and Power Supplies for Garmin Global Positioning System receivers.
* International Valve Suppliers
USA. Europe.
* Links
Interesting Electronics Sites. Australian Electronic Component Retailers.

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Interesting Electronics Sites

* DiscoverCircuits has 26,000+ electronic schematics cross-referenced into 500+ categories which will help you find quick solutions to electronic design problems.
* Bill Bowden's Hobby Circuits is a collection of over 100 electronic circuits and Javascript calculators for the hobbyist or student, plus links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups and educational areas.
* Tomi Engdahl's ePanorama. The most comprehensive links to Electronics sites on the web. (Finland)
* Don Lancaster's The Guru's Lair. Lots of published articles about electronics and other musings.
* Douglas Selfs's The Self Site. Audio design and other stuff.

Australian Electronic Component Retailers

* Jaycar Electronics and Electus Distribution
* Altronics
* Dick Smith Electronics
* Oatley Electronics
* R.C.S. Radio
* Rockby Electronics
* element14 Australia (formerly Farnell)
* Futurlec
* RS Components (Electrocomponents plc)
* WES Components
* Radio Parts
* X-On Electronics Services
* Soundlabs Group
* Techtronics


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