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Adding Machines

Here are some photographs of the two adding machines in my small collection.

Burroughs Portable Adding Machine

I don't have much information about this machine. It appears to be a Class 9 with 7 columns. Manufactured in Scotland in the 1960s. An identical machine appears on John Wolff's Web Museum with serial number "P 377642 S".

Front view with plastic cover on left.

Label on back, in bottom left corner.

Serial number under front edge, "P 396241 S".

Contex Adding Machine

Wooden case covered in a grey leatherette.

Case open, showing the cleaning brush and instructions for operation.

Top view.

Underneath view.

Detail of label on underneath side. Refers to US Patent 2,503,613 for its carrying mechanism, which was Filed in 1946 and Issued in 1950.


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