Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms

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WALKING In caving, a passage in which there is enough head room to walk upright. cf Flattener, Crawlway, Stooping.
Cave - Parts of. Ref MM
WATER SINK (Looking for a definition)
Speleology term. Ref MM
WATER TRACING Determination of water connection between points of stream disappearance or of soil water seepage and points of reappearance on the surface or underground.
Survey & Mapping term. Ref JJ
WATER TRAP A place where a cave roof dips under water but lifts above it farther on. Cf. duck (-under).
Speleology term. Ref JJ
WATERTABLE The surface between phreatic water which completely fills voids in the rock, and ground air, which partially fills higher voids.
Speleology term. Ref JJ
WELL A deep rounded hole in a cave floor or on the surface in karst. cf Rockhole.
Cave - Parts of. Ref JJ
WET CAVE A cave containing a lake, often a non flowing (or extremely slow flowing) lake at water table. cf Dead cave, Dry cave.
Cave - Kinds of. Ref MM
WET SUIT A garment of foam neoprene that insulates a diver from the cold by allowing a thin film of water to penetrate between the suit and the body.
Diving terms. Ref JJ
WHALETAIL A descender consisting of an aluminium block with slots, knobs and a safety gate.
Speleology term. Ref JJ
WHISTLE SIGNALS In climbing, 1= Stop, 2= Up, 3= Down. The SUD acronym is used widely. 4 = OK/Safe, and 1 long blast = Help is also used.
Climbing and SRT. Ref GB
WINDOW An irregular opening through a thin rock wall in a cave. A similar hole that forms a cave entrance.
Speleology term. Ref JJ
WIRE LADDER A flexible lightweight ladder of steel wires and aluminium alloy rungs.
Climbing and SRT. Ref MM

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