Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms

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ICE A mineral, H2O, which may form speleothems in ice caves as, stalactite, stalagmite, drapery, crust, flower, flowstone, helictites and euhedral (having well formed crystal faces) crystals.
Mineral, Rock and Chemical terms. Ref HF
ICE CAVE (1) An otherwise normal cave with permanent (ie perennial) ice in it. (2) A cave that only has ice in it on a seasonal basis. Note: A cave entirely in ice, or under an ice sheet, is called a Glacier cave.
Cave - Kinds of. Ref JJ
INDURATED Soils and sedimentary rocks which have become hardened or cemented.
Geology. Ref KG
INFLOW CAVE A cave into which a stream enters or is known to have entered formerly. The stream cannot be followed downstream to the surface.
Cave - Kinds of. Ref JJ
INFLUX CAVE A cave entrance that has a stream flowing into it. cf Efflux cave. See also Inflow & Outflow caves.
Cave - Kinds of. Ref MM
INORGANIC Of non-biological origin.
Biology - Flora & Fauna. Ref MM
INTERSTITIAL MEDIUM The spaces between grains of sand, fine gravel or detritus filled with air or water which contains phreatobia.
Speleology term. Ref JJ
INVERTEBRATE An animal without a backbone. eg Annelid (worm), Mollusc (snail) & Arthropods. The main life forms found in caves.
Fauna. Ref AC
INVERTED SIPHON A siphon of U-profile.
Cave - Parts of. Ref JJ
ISOPOD An animal of the order of Crustaceans having 7 pairs of legs. Includes slaters. Commonly found in caves.
Fauna. Ref MM

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